GIN has been sold to some new wannabe scammers. All but 3 staff let go. Trudeau moved to Martha Stewart type prison!


So after much speculation the sale of GIN has been finalised. You can view the Docket Entry here.

The sale also saw the firing of all GIN staff but three. Those three are the creative developer, one software developer and Lisa Munchowski – customer services.

Not altogether unusual for such a thing to happen. New owners rarely take over a company in its present state and prefer to just piggy-back the name of the brand for a while until they get their feet planted. And to ride comfortably, they often shake-off excess baggage, so to speak.

But can the new owners rebuild GIN to its former glory? Probably not, although they’ll no doubt have some minor success as the GIN rats follow the brand into its new beginnings. Not that I think there will be a long life with the new owners. GIN has lost its edge and now has close competition from previous members, running a similar scam called WIN – World Information Network.

Give me a freakin’ break!

During this interim changeover, Kevin Trudeau has been moved to his new ‘home’.

It seems the USA has gone soft on criminals. While some undoubtedly deserve to be inside for harsher crimes such as murder, armed robbery, rape, masquerading as a doctor without any real credentials…those who scam people and steal money should undoubtedly not be treated with indifference.

However, it seems Trudeau has been moved to a luxury style prison, similar to the one Martha Stewart stayed in. Cosmic Blogger Connie Schmidt has more on this story over at her blog.

And while he’s been relatively quiet of late, probably due to being highly embarrassed from being caught up in his own bullshit and lies concerning the suing of Salty Droid, Loony Leonard Coldwell, managed to muster up enough of a squeak to call the owners of, uneducated trailer trash losers.

Again, ironic coming from a man with no real education himself!


I’ve also received the GIN Financial accounts regarding the last 6 – 8 months of GIN and will be posting those up for your research, ahem…soon.

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