Kevin’s Covid Con!

We live in tumultuous times folks, and in such times, the con-merchants come out in droves, even when they’re still in prison! As you are probably aware by now, the world is experiencing an alleged pandemic (at the time of writing), via the now well-known Coronavirus outbreak.  I’m not going to discuss that here, as […]

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Are you ready to be scammed again?

It seems as though there’s never any shortage of gullible people ready to be scammed. And this is clearly something Trudeau is aware of, and preparing for upon his eventual release in perhaps 2 years. Yes folks, he’s at again! Prison isn’t enough to keep some people from breaking the law again upon their release, […]

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Kevin Trudeau prepares for release and a new scam he planned while incarcerated for an old scam!

The new scam will be bigger and bolder than the old scam! It was only a matter of time before KT would be released out into society, and it looks like our favourite scammer may be out soon.       In her most recent blog post, (since updated, and it appears that it is […]

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Trudeau loses his conviction appeal!

It was a long wait but finally we have the court’s answer to Kevin Trudeau’s appeal to quash his conviction of 10 years! [dropcap]I[/dropcap]n case you missed the original story of Kevin Trudeau’s sentencing, he’s in jail for fraud and that’s a good thing. While many of his supporters are still crying out on social […]

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Peter Wink’s NEW Scam & hate filled resentment of his critics…& those pesky LazyMan’s that he swept under the carpet!

Peter Wink hasn’t been in the spotlight much in the past year or so. But he’s recently resurfaced with a new scam, even though he has yet to pay back thousands of dollars for the LazyMan Program from his GIN days! Next time you hear someone criticise someone — all you have to do is […]

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Kevin Trudeau’s BusinessInsider Interview behind bars – by V. Kaine

All posts by guests are guest opinions and or writings. does not agree or disagree with guest posts but believes in the right to freedom of speech and expression. If you haven’t seen Kevin Trudeau’s interview behind bars, now is your opportunity. I cancelled soon after I saw Kevin spouting even more of his […]

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£355,000 in 5 minutes – A Developing Scam by David A.

All posts by guests are guest opinions and or writings. does not agree or disagree with guest posts but believes in the right to freedom of speech and expression. If you attended a GIN event and had your doubts, you certainly weren’t alone! I witnessed £355,000 written out in cheques and credit card transactions […]

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It must be true…because Lenny says so!

It never ceases to amaze me how many people blindly take Leonard Coldwell at his word and don’t even think to ask for proof. His latest claims? He’s on a hit list by Merck! [dropcap]T[/dropcap]here’s a lot been going on recently in Scam World, some of which I’ll try to cover in this post, albeit […]

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Fools Turn, Diagnose, Fall In Love & offer Fool’s Gold!

HAPPY NEW YEAR GINTruthers! Okay, enough of that…back to business. Scamming never stops, indeed it is more prevalent than ever! [dropcap]I[/dropcap] sincerely hope you all had a great festive season holiday. Or for those of you that had to work, like me, you found some way to enjoy yourself one way or another without having […]

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The Scam rolls on off of the back of Trudeau’s prison garb…

In a further desperate attempt to milk the cash cow, those who can’t let go of the lime-light, are milking it for everything they can get using Kevin Trudeau’s prison dilemma and family loss as a catalyst. In a sad turn of events recently, Kevin Trudeau’s father sadly passed away while Kevin was incarcerated. I […]

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