GIN Sold! All but 3 staff fired! Trudeau moved to ‘luxury’ style prison! Loony still dumb.

GIN has been sold to some new wannabe scammers. All but 3 staff let go. Trudeau moved to Martha Stewart type prison! So after much speculation the sale of GIN has been finalised. You can view the Docket Entry here. The sale also saw the firing of all GIN staff but three. Those three are […]

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Trudeau found in contempt of previous court orders and incarcerated indefinitely.

Kevin Trudeau has had his cell door slammed shut by the Honourable Judge Gettleman (civil case), after being found guilty of Contempt of prior court orders, and will be held until he can purge himself of the $36.7 million fine imposed on him, not withstanding further sentencing coming soon. The courts have had enough of […]

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Trudeau going back to Jail, after attending a D.C. Fundraiser – while Abe Husein continues to deceive about his less than honest past, himself!

UPDATE: Trudeau back in jail. See the ABCLocal October 22nd news article here. Trudeau ordered back to jail for further contempt, but allowed to go to a fundraising event in Washington D.C. first. Abe Husein in the meantime, has been a little less than honest (again) about his involvement in GIN. As reported recently by […]

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Abe changes ‘Angel’ to ‘Sarah Smith’ in an effort to cover his tracks, and makes YouTube videos for Private viewing only. While Coldwell, Wink and Abe continue to delude you with dazzling bullshit!

Since reading my story on his aliases, which he uses to bolster his self-esteem, Abe has changed his ‘Angel’ account name to ‘Sarah Smith’. But as usual, he’s absolutely no good at covering his tracks. See below. Abe becomes Angel becomes Sarah He changed the name but didn’t realize that the information stays on the […]

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Self-Delusion knows no bounds with Leonard Coldwell believing he cures everything!

Picture and update added below 30/10/13. Loony Lenny Coldwell is making new claims that he and only he produces results like no other human being. In more desperate attempts to bloat his already over-inflated ego / stomach, Loony Lenny Coldwell, that fake doctor who ludicrously claims, without a shred of evidence, that he has personally […]

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ALL of Trudeau’s assets, including GIN, now under tight control of a court appointed Receiver! Assets FROZEN!

They say every dog has its day in court, and Kevin Trudeau has definitely had his day! The court has decided and Trudeau has had his leash reigned in! Every single entity owned, managed or operated by Trudeau, has been frozen and a court appointed receiver issued to recoup funds owed to consumers. Husein & […]

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41Action News Follows Up – “Pauper Prince” Ordered to Appear in Court!

Award winning investigative journalist Ryan Kath of 41Action News, Kansas, MO, has lived up to his word and done a follow up report on the deceptive practices behind GIN involving Kevin Trudeau. You can see our previous story here and the latest 41Action News full story here. (Please wait for the ad to finish playing). […]

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The Documents Kevin Trudeau Doesn’t Want You To Know About – Part 4

  As is usual with court proceedings concerning Trudeau, his new legal counsel, Winston & Strawn LLP, have filed for a MOTION TO STAY THIRD-PARTY DISCOVERY AND APPOINT A SPECIAL MASTER FOR THE PURPOSE OF ESTABLISHING A CONSUMER REMEDIATION PLAN. This basically means that Trudeau is looking to avoid jail by hoping to work out […]

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