From Conspiracy Theory to Conspiracy FACT!

============= BREAKING NEWS!! After all the rumors and debacles about whether or not the November 2020 USA election was rigged or not, it now appears that news coming out of Fulton County, GA, can confirm that the Conspiracy Theorists were justified in their claims of voter fraud by the Democrats! More than 42,000 votes were redacted from […]

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They’re going after the children – It’s time to take a stand, the law be damned!

=========== As I sit in a coffee shop writing this particular post, I’m looking out of the window, across a park, in awe of the beauty of green grass, trees, children playing and people going about their daily business. My focus keeps returning to the children. I’m a father to four children. Two of them […]

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Hypocrisy and Absurdity of the US Democrats – Part 3…

=========== It’s hard to know where to start with this week’s blog post. There’s been so many just absurd claims and statements from the US Dems, that it’s become a tornado of fast-spinning bullshit! In America, MLB has taken a hit (no pun intended) after the All-Star Game was moved from its long-standing home in […]

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