Kevin’s Covid Con!

We live in tumultuous times folks, and in such times, the con-merchants come out in droves, even when they’re still in prison! As you are probably aware by now, the world is experiencing an alleged pandemic (at the time of writing), via the now well-known Coronavirus outbreak.  I’m not going to discuss that here, as […]

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Peter Wink’s NEW Scam & hate filled resentment of his critics…& those pesky LazyMan’s that he swept under the carpet!

Peter Wink hasn’t been in the spotlight much in the past year or so. But he’s recently resurfaced with a new scam, even though he has yet to pay back thousands of dollars for the LazyMan Program from his GIN days! Next time you hear someone criticise someone — all you have to do is […]

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Kevin Trudeau’s BusinessInsider Interview behind bars – by V. Kaine

All posts by guests are guest opinions and or writings. does not agree or disagree with guest posts but believes in the right to freedom of speech and expression. If you haven’t seen Kevin Trudeau’s interview behind bars, now is your opportunity. I cancelled soon after I saw Kevin spouting even more of his […]

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Coldwell starts a new libel case. Says we’ve all been ‘served’…

So in recent postings, Loony Lenny Coldwell, our favourite lying scumbag fake doctor, states under his false Facebook name – Rudi Kauder – that I’ve been served with court papers or something, along with Cosmic Connie, Saltydroid aka Jason Jones and a couple of other well known critics of Lenny’s. There’s only one thing wrong […]

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Ryan Kath follows through on his GIN story…

Award winning reporter, Ryan Kath of 41 Action News, Kansas, has been following the saga of Kevin Trudeau and the GIN scam and brings this latest report. True to his word, Ryan Kath has followed up on the ongoing saga of GIN and Kevin Trudeau after bringing us this original report back in 2012. You […]

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GIN Sold! All but 3 staff fired! Trudeau moved to ‘luxury’ style prison! Loony still dumb.

GIN has been sold to some new wannabe scammers. All but 3 staff let go. Trudeau moved to Martha Stewart type prison! So after much speculation the sale of GIN has been finalised. You can view the Docket Entry here. The sale also saw the firing of all GIN staff but three. Those three are […]

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Trudeau still bleats his lies from jail, while Trinidad residents remain unaware of Loony Leonard’s lies and deceit!

So while the sale of GIN has yet to be confirmed, Trudeau is still trying to bullshit people from jail, and fake-doctor Loony Leonard Coldwell tries conning Trinidad residents out of their money, with his IMBSingU Club scam. So, while sitting in his jail cell, Trudeau hasn’t yet taken to the concept the judge is […]

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And the beat goes on…and on…and on…as Lenny’s rope gets tighter and tighter…

Lenny is up to his usual shenanigans, while Wink spam emails everyone on the old GIN lists and Abe continues to spout feeling successful between flipping burgers. I’ll keep this one short, as I am in dire need of sleep from working more than 14 hours today, but happy to squeeze in a little schnippet […]

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