From Conspiracy Theory to Conspiracy FACT!

============= BREAKING NEWS!! After all the rumors and debacles about whether or not the November 2020 USA election was rigged or not, it now appears that news coming out of Fulton County, GA, can confirm that the Conspiracy Theorists were justified in their claims of voter fraud by the Democrats! More than 42,000 votes were redacted from […]

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Elitist Double Standards And Bumbling Joe slips further into dementia!

============= What a week it’s been!  We just saw the G7 Meeting happen in the UK – you know, that thing where the world’s elite leaders get together and discuss how they’re going to fuck  up our lives even more than they already are doing. The internet was ablaze with pointing out the hypocrisy of the […]

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So desperate to get you vaccinated, you can win prizes!

======== You know what they say –  Play stupid games, win stupid prizes And it’s usually attributed to people who do stupid things with painful or embarrassing outcomes. From what we’re seeing a lot of lately, people are being coerced into getting vaccinated against Covid-19 with special rewards for doing so. Different States across America are […]

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The madness continues and liberals are still crying…

===================== There is a lot to write about but not enough time, so I’m putting together a short update on some of the ongoing issues surrounding USA politics and the (in my opinion) fake Covid plandemic. Quick updates: Liz Cheney: In my last post, I mentioned that Liz Cheney would likely be booted from her […]

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Is the tide turning against the Democrats? And is BLM starting to crumble?

======================================================================== In recent days, it seems more Democrats are speaking out against the idiotic polices and rhetoric of Not-the-real-President Joe Biden, as well as some of the unsavory and moronic groups that have been a thorn in the ass of America recently. Namely, BLM.  Even the GOP are speaking out and sounding off about the […]

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How much longer will Americans whine about Biden and do nothing?

—————————————————————————————————————————————— There was once a time when fraud, corruption and outright lies by a POTUS, would have been called into question and dealt with swiftly. It seems those days are gone and Americans are content to let Joe Biden and his jackals, ruin America in only a way that they know how.  What’s more absurd […]

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Hypocrisy and Absurdity of the US Democrats – Part 3…

=========== It’s hard to know where to start with this week’s blog post. There’s been so many just absurd claims and statements from the US Dems, that it’s become a tornado of fast-spinning bullshit! In America, MLB has taken a hit (no pun intended) after the All-Star Game was moved from its long-standing home in […]

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Democrats show their hypocrisy and absurdity – Part 2

There must be some kind of world record for the most ignorance by a political team, and if not, then there needs to be one, because the Democrats of the United States government, would be world champions! The level of hypocrisy and absurdity – hence the title – just continues to grow and astound. Although […]

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