Well, Loony Leonard Coldwell didn’t remain quiet for very long! Seems like he’s back to his usual, full-o-crap self and this time he wants to teach you how to abuse the law.

Leonard Coldwell should remember this!
Leonard Coldwell should remember this!

You will likely remember this post where Loony fake doctor Leonard Coldwell who can’t back up a single, solitary claim of curing anyone of cancer, claimed to be suing Jason Jones, aka Salty Droid, and didn’t even bother to turn up for his own court hearing!

And despite not turning up for his own hearing and making pathetically moronic claims that he had Jason on the run, (no insult to morons of a lesser nature), he is now trying to tell others how to abuse the law and sue others!

Doesn't turn up for his own court case but tells others to sue!
Doesn’t turn up for his own court case but tells others to sue!

The idiot couldn’t even get his claims correct and based his entire desire to sue – via a $30/month legal advisory service, which after receiving basic advice, he paid a fee of around $350 to pursue, and failed, even more so after the lawyer he tried to use, decided not to follow through on his ridiculous charade – and didn’t even know that Jason Jones and Omri Shabat are two completely different individuals, in two completely different countries!

He would of course, have known this had he bothered to use one of his fake-degrees and done some research! Instead, he chose to believe in his own delusions and hung himself with his own actions, or lack thereof.

It’s probably a good thing that Lenny went quiet after failing to follow through (again) on his threats. People obviously now see him for the deluded liar he really is.


Sadly it seems that silence has lasted only a short time and now just as the summer heat is starting to settle in, Loony is getting back to his usual lying self as the sun beats down on his rotund little bald head and matching belly.

Obviously not taking his BePureCleanse that he was peddling last year.

I guess some people just enjoy wasting their entire life trying to be smarter than their IQ. Which is understandable when you’re a low-life liar like Coldwell.