The new scam will be bigger and bolder than the old scam!

It was only a matter of time before KT would be released out into society, and it looks like our favourite scammer may be out soon.




In her most recent blog post, (since updated, and it appears that it is nothing more than wishful thinking on Trudeau’s part, as well as his loyal minions.) blogger CosmicConnie, who has been keeping up to date on the whirlings around KT’s scamworld minions, informed me that KT is due for release very soon, and he can be expected to be greeted like a celebrity, by those who have continued to follow him, and those who just don’t know any better!

Interestingly enough, Connie notes that there are many who do not even know that Turdeau is even in prison!

This in itself shows just how stupid and gullible people can be when it comes to believing that parting with vast sums of cash is equal to gaining greatness. I mean seriously, don’t these people know how to research a possible investment scamatunity?

It would seem not.

On the Kevin Trudeau Teachings page on Facebook, Connie asks several questions, but the gleefully blind, don’t seem to want to answer her, or are choosing to ignore such dream shattering reality questions.

Over the last couple of years, people have been asking me to get back to blogging here. But for the most part, life has been busy doing what it does best – stomping all over people. A few years back, I lost my younger brother to cancer and approximately 16 months later, my mother to COPD.

Life does however, give you prizes just for participating, and if it feels guilty for doing you over, then it will on occasion, reward you with treasure. In my case, I was rewarded with a new wife and a new addition to the family, with a note from life which read…

“Sorry for kicking you while you were down, but I do have better plans for you. Here – have a new family! Lots of love, Life. PS) There’s pizza in the fridge.”


I let it slide and so far, life has shown substantial improvements.

So will be back on a regular basis?

This is something I have pondered for a while, and I guess it will be to a certain extent. It doesn’t have the popularity it once did, mainly because it served it’s purpose in exposing the fraud behind GIN and shyster fake doctors like Leonard Coldwell, so once it reached its dizzy heights of revelations, there was nothing more that needed to be done really. And I probably won’t be writing about Coldwell like I did before, if at all. All the information you need on him is easily found on this site by clicking on his name above or at the top of the page.

But one major difference might be that I am thinking to include a recorded podcast of future posts, for those of you who prefer to listen while you work, drive, sleep or can’t be bothered to stare at the screen. So keep an eye out for that…I’m undecided yet, so don’t clap your hands in glee just yet.

Safe to say though, I will be following events on Turdeau’s release and his very likely next scam. Remember, I also called it several years ago, that he will likely abscond from the USA, depending on his parole conditions, to go and swim naked in his mountains of money he had moved to the Ukraine and Switzerland.

I also hope to bring new content to the site regarding various other scams, scammers, etc…or maybe even just give some reviews on products, businesses and people I actually care about.

Meh. Wait and see. Now I have to go change a diaper on my 6 month old – who still has yet to fill one with as much crap as Leonard Coldwell and Kevin Trudeau minions talk!


Trudeau will be swimming in money!