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Not only did Donald J Trump, 45th (and greatest) POTUS win the Iowa Caucus on January 15th 2024, he won by THE biggest margin EVER!

The largest win ever held by a Republican candidate in the caucus, was previously 12%. Donald Trump’s win was more than 52%! A record unlikely to every be broken again!

No sooner had Trump won, the left also won!

Yes, they won the what has to be a world record, for losing their absolute minds, in record time! Rachel Maddow just couldn’t help herself, citing that:

A third of Iowa Republicans still do not want Trump to return to the Whitehouse!

Damn…it must really hurt her whiny liberal ass that the majority have made their choice!

She further went on to claim:

“They’re going to nominate him nationwide?” Maddow asked. “When even a third of Iowa caucusgoers say, ‘No, he can’t be president if he’s convicted’?”
“I’m sorry,” she continued. Then, in a whisper: “But he’s gonna be convicted.”
The comment prompted laughter from the panel.

Source: Yahoo News

Rachel Maddow just cannot help but reveal the level of her TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome), every time she opens her manly looking mouth!

Conservative attorney, George Conway, also jumped on the TDS bandwagon and claimed that if Trump loses the primaries, he won’t support anyone else running for POTUS:

“He is not going to let anyone else win without trying to destroy them,” the lawyer said. “And I don’t see what the end game is for any of the challengers to Donald Trump frankly because he’s not going to let anybody else win.”

This of course, like Rachel MadCow Maddow, is nothing more than Stage Whispering. Remember when the left claimed that Donald Trump would not leave the Whitehouse if unelected President in 2020?

Of course, MadCow is not alone, with her like-minded friends over on The View spouting out their own puke-filled hate for Trump, too: You can read what Joy Behar had to say here. Needless to say, she and her old-bitch friends, have a total meltdown!

Hosts over at #MSNBC compared Trump to the likes of Hitler, Mussolini and others, in a pathetic attempt to claim that Trump would put his political opponents in prison, as all dictators do. Ironic that this not only falls into the category of made up facts, but ironic that the Biden regime is doing exactly this but does not get called out on it by the lunatic liberals!

Remember when they claimed that if Donald Trump became the 45th POTUS, he would start “endless wars“? And of course they claimed he would bankrupt America, people would lose their jobs, money, homes, etc.

None of which actually ever came to fruition and much of which we are seeing happen now under current (and fraudulent) sorry excuse for a president, bumbling Joe Biden. Everything the left claimed would happen under Trump is clearly happening under the current incompetent administration.

#DavidGilbert a reporter for Wired.com, immediately accused Trump supporters of spreading conspiracy theories because Trump lost ONE county by one vote, to Nikki Haley. #DavidGilbert likes to refer to anyone that doesn’t agree with his liberal opinions, as a “far-right conspiracy theorist“. Gilbert lives in Ireland, far from the shores of the USA and well, basically, his uneducated and biased opinions mean about as much as a dog-turd at a cake shop!

You see, Liberals – some of whom we’re seeing turn against their own party and ideologies in recent days – don’t even realize they come across as raging commies. Basically, they rant, they rave, they cry, they scream, and all without reason other than “Get Trump!” or “Trump is a racist!” or some other obviously deluded rhetoric that gets them hard in the morning.

To date, not a single shred of evidence exists that Trump is a racist. Not one. Yet liberals ignore reality and facts. Have you ever watched some of those videos on YouTube where someone asks the public: “Trump or Biden?” ? It usually goes something like this:

Interviewer: “Trump or Biden?”

Joe Public: “Biden”

Interviewer: “Why?”

Joe Public: “Because Trump is bad.”

Interviewer: “How?”

Joe Public: “Well….he..erm…Trump erm…. oh fuck off! I haven’t got time for this shit!”

They can never give a valid reason with facts. They can never give a valid reason, period! They just parrot the same old rhetoric because that’s what their liberal colleagues spout out too. Gee, let’s just forget about facts and reality shall we, just so long as we hate Trump!

Anyway, back on point.

This is a massive record-breaking win for Trump and indeed, Republicans.

The coming days are going to be interesting for sure and we’re likely to see more and more hate coming from the left as well as the ridiculous ongoing shams in the courts with Peekaboo attorney Letitia James, the ongoing (and ridiculous abuse of position) by Jack Smith, and the 2nd trial against E. Jean Carroll.

They’re really doing whatever they can to keep Trump out of the WH. And none of it with ANY evidence!

Here’s what I predict will happen if they succeed in keeping Trump out:

The elite, and that includes many of the Hollywood pedos, will believe they can return life back to how it was previously before they tried to throw monkey shit on Trump to get rid of him for wanting to reveal their perversions.

That’s not going to happen because we, you, everyone who sees the truth, will not allow it to happen. They think they’re going to come back at us and tell us how life is going to be. Nope. WE have the real power and there’s a reason why Civil Wars happen – when governments are corrupt and shit on the people, the people fight back with whatever they can, whether that be financially or with sticks and rocks. Although I doubt the latter would be the case given that in 2023, Americans purchased a massive 16 million guns, despite Biden pushing to ban as many weapons from the public as he can.

So, in closing for this particular monologue, because I need to get coffee wash my hands from typing the world “liberal” too many times, I’ll be keeping a close eye on the events surrounding DJT and giving my two-cents’ worth along the way.

Expect more ranting from the liberals (eek, my fingers are getting sticky) as we see the ongoing courtroom farces trudge along; more wins for Trump; more facts that the left just can’t take, etc.

We see absolutely nothing new coming from the left, ever. Just the same old ranting and raving as I mentioned earlier, the lack of facts and a plethora of wishful thinking.

Buckle-up folks, it’s going to get interesting.

There are only TWO genders, Trump was right all along and #DavidGilbert is a dick!


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