• Mon. Jun 24th, 2024


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Over the last several months and then some, it has become so abundantly clear and obvious that Democrats in America, give a crap about nothing but themselves and will stop at nothing to implement a two-tier justice system.

The whole time they are writhing around in their TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome), making up facts on the spot and acting as if it is real. This has never been more evident with the likes of Jack Smith and Peekaboo-Letitia pulling whatever criminal abhorrence they can, out of thin-air and trying to make it stick. The problem is, their absurd lies have all the consistency of a wet fart!

Yet, they are allowed to continue to sling shit at Trump and see what sticks. So far, nothing has.

The entire January 6th ‘insurrection’ hearings have long-since been known to have been mostly made up by warmongering douchebag Liz Cheney and her cohorts. They’ve even go so far as to destroy evidence, yet the courts are still allowing for proceedings to be carried out, in a vain effort to do whatever they can to destroy Trump’s reputation and keep him out of the Whitehouse in 2024!

America has become the laughing stock of the world, with its chief clown Joe Biden at the helm. You wouldn’t let this guy drive your family to McDonald’s on a Sunday morning, as he’d likely never even make it out of the driveway! So why the hell are you allowing him to run America into the ground?

All the things Democrats accused Trump of prior to the 2016 win for the POTUS position – endless wars, fraud, the loss of billions of dollars, homelessness, unemployment, high prices, etc – are in fact, being brought to fruition, by the Democrats! Under Trump, there was NO war, the lowest gas prices in over 50 years, more affordable mortgages, lowest unemployment in decades, more savings and earnings in peoples’ bank accounts, etc… all of which the Democrats still hate to admit to.

As for the border – what a complete and utter shambles! Literally 100’s of 1000’s of illegals crossing in to the USA every single week, mostly unvetted, mostly fighting age men, and not just Mexicans! Now we have African and Chinese military age men crossing illegally over the border. My guess is that before too long, likely in 2024, we’ll see the sudden appearance of camps or cells, pop up all over the USA, and multiple acts of terrorism being carried out. Just a guess though. The problem for them is, they haven’t really counted on the millions of armed Americans, ready to do whatever is necessary.

Will Colorado’s recent effort to keep Trump off the presidential ballot stick? My guess would be not likely. The entire judgement has been made on the assumption that Trump is guilty of insurrection for January 6th. A charge that has not yet been declared as factual one way or the other. Although in reality, we all know that he is totally innocent of any insurrection activities, with Democrats still choosing to ignore the recorded audio of Trump asking protesters to remain peaceful and non-violent. And, given that we now know Ray Epps and others were planted to start trouble and make it look like the MAGA crowd were responsible, how long is the clown show of ignorance going to be allowed to continue?

Are American democrats so stupid that they actually believe their own lies? Are they so ignorant of reality that they don’t care for the truth just so long as they get what they want? Are they willing to forego their own freedom in order to spite their own faces?

Yes, they are. Because they’re just so unbelievably deluded.

With 2024 just around the corner and the likes of Hillary Clinton in panic mode in case Trump wins again, America is going to be an even bigger circus shit-show, with Democrats and the likes of The View, spewing whatever vile hatred they can to sway people from voting for Trump. The accusations have already been flying, with Democrats trying to lay claim to such idiotic statements like..

Trump will never leave the Whitehouse if he wins in 2024!

Of course, they accused him in 2016 too, stating that he wouldn’t leave the Whitehouse if he lost the vote. Yet, he left as he was expected to, without hesitation or incident.

But then again, the loons on the left have accused Trump of multiple things in the past and all without anything other than their own bias and hatred for the man, as credibility for doing so. The funny part is, they are always baseless and without true justification, and always results in the entire world laughing at their pathetic attempts at pulling the man down.

Hopefully the votes will not be rigged this time and hopefully Democrats won’t be allowed to get away with hiding adjudicators from watching the vote counts. Hopefully, this time, Democrats will lose so badly that’ll it’ll be another 160 years before they’re even close to holding any resemblance of power ever again!

And if you’re a Democrat – I truly hope you’re one of the decent ones with good morals and a penchant for truth, justice and the law. Not like your counterparts who live only to subvert the course of law, society and reality.

There are only two genders!


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