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Clearly been a while since my last post went up, lost in family issues, health, summer, book writing, and other events that were unavoidable. But the whole time, keeping track on events happening in the USA, chiefly in the halls of what is inarguably the worst administration to serve the American people since Jimmy Carter.

Democrats have continually lied, manipulated the rule of law, cheated and splurged billions of dollars on assisting the Ukraine, rather than dealing with the ever-growing pandemic of drugs, homelessness and illegal aliens.

It seems that Democrats are inept at doing the job they were put in place to do. America, to the outside world at least, has become a cesspool of deceit, ignorance and hatred for anyone who disagrees with them.

There are only two genders.

Billions of dollars wasted on a war in the Ukraine that has absolutely nothing to do with America while Americans struggle to feed their families and pay bills. Seems the only people not struggling are those in the halls of Congress and The Whitehouse.

Nancy Pelosi lost her position as Speaker of the House and that couldn’t come quick enough. But not before she placed new laws that forbids the investigation of external income that has netted her and others in positions of power, millions of dollars. Millions of dollars made on a $174,000 a year salary!

We should all be so lucky! Ask Martha Stewart.

Bumbling Joe Biden just continues to decline into an oblivion pit of mental destitution and stupidity. It didn’t start recently, the guy has been an habitual liar his entire life and continues to spew one lie after another and expects us to believe him! So far ol’ Joe has been a trucker, a soldier, a professor and much more. That’s quite a resume Joe!

There are only two genders!

I could write a long spiel here about how bad Bidenomics really is, but to save time and to present the liberal morons with some cold-hard-facts, you can see everything you need to know right here.

America continues to fall and is being tarnished from within. Men pretending to be women and vice-versa. Liberals trying to make their points by doing nothing but screaming as a means to stop anyone from debating them. It’s just lunacy at this point, and it needs to be stopped!

At the time of writing, some good news comes in the form of Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, being ousted from his position. He’s dragged his feet on more than one occasion concerning the Biden Crime Syndicate, taking a very slow approach to dealing with the facts for impeachment. Guaranteed if it was Trump still in the WH, impeachment would have been made to happen faster than you can say “Biden is a liar!” More on McCarthy’s removal, here.

Love him or hate him, and I know my liberal friends absolutely hate him and are still believing in the now proven lies of the Russia, Russia, Russia, hoax, unfounded racism allegations, money fraud allegations and much more, Donald J Trump warned America and indeed the world, what would happen under a Biden regime. So far, he hasn’t been wrong.

Social media is a weird thing to say the least and it seems there’s a never-ending stream of leftist-power-hungry keyboard warriors who are willing to do anything to suppress the voices of those who do not agree with them. And to that end, I personally have taken to erasing all of those platforms other than Telegram and LINE. Telegram does not censor free speech. More’s the pity for Instagram which lately has become a hotbed of liberal trolls.

I mean, what is it with liberals that they feel the need to spout the same rhetoric about Trump over and over and over? Calling the man a ‘rapist’ based on some bullshit allegations, it’s at least comforting to know these trolls are not selected for jury-duty, because they’d condemn a person just for being there!

Back to Biden.

Some facts that liberals refuse to accept include but are not limited to:

  1. Afghanistan Withdrawal: The withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan in August 2021 has been a source of significant controversy. The manner in which it was executed resulted in the rapid takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban, leading to a humanitarian crisis and concerns about national security.
  2. Inflation: The United States has experienced an increase in inflation during Biden’s presidency. In August 2021, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) showed the highest year-over-year increase in inflation in decades, raising concerns about rising prices for goods and services.
  3. Border Security: The Biden administration’s immigration policies have contributed to a surge in illegal border crossings. This issue has prompted debates about immigration reform and border enforcement. A massive increase in drug running, rape, murder and burglaries is partially the result of an open-border.
  4. Energy Policies: Biden’s emphasis on transitioning to clean energy and reducing reliance on fossil fuels has faced opposition from those who believe it may negatively impact the energy industry and lead to job losses. Ultimately, a transition to clean energy needs to invoked over a long-period of time with constant monitoring for its impact on society and economics.
  5. Foreign Policy: The Biden administration’s foreign policy decisions, particularly in relation to China, Russia, and Iran, have been rightly questioned by critics who argue that they may not effectively protect U.S. interests on the global stage. As we are seeing more recently, the world is laughing at the US under Biden and taking advantage of a weak administration.
  6. COVID-19 Response: While the Biden administration has made significant efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, critics have raised concerns about vaccine distribution, mask mandates, and school closures, suggesting that some measures were inconsistent or overly restrictive. In more recent months over 2023, scientists, CEO’s of pharmaceutical companies, doctors, health professionals and many more, have provided evidence that the vaccines are unsafe and do nothing to stop covid, yet liberals continue to ignore the science and data, and are still pushing for every single person to be injected with this crap.
  7. Crime and Policing: Biden’s support for police reform has contributed to a rise in crime rates in multiple cities, leading to concerns about public safety. But if Joe Public dares to fight back against any criminal who may invade that person’s home for example, the victim is pounded with lawsuit after lawsuit, while criminals under the Biden regime, are set free to commit more crime.
  8. Communication Style: Biden’s communication style has been criticized for occasional verbal gaffes and challenges in public speaking, leading to questions about his ability to convey a clear and consistent message. So far he has yet to convey anything of any real meaning.

The list could go on and on, but you get the idea. Biden is an absolute moron and his supporters are worse than cockroaches.

  1. Liberalism promotes an expanded role of government in people’s lives. It can lead to one-sided bureaucracy, inefficiency, and overregulation, which stifles individual freedoms and economic growth.
  2. Liberals typically advocate for progressive taxation, where higher-income individuals pay a larger share of their income in taxes. Critics argue that this can discourage economic investment and job creation, potentially slowing down economic growth. And if you’re rich because you’ve earned it, no one would blame you for moving your money out of the country.
  3. Liberalism sees nothing wrong with a welfare state. But ultimately it will ensure that individual responsibility and hard work, become things of the past, with liberals relying on dependency on government assistance.
  4. Liberals prioritize identity politics over individual rights and responsibilities. This can create divisions within society and hinder the pursuit of common goals.
  5. Liberals are overly focused on political correctness and love to restrict free speech in an attempt to avoid causing offense. They care nothing for the 1st Amendment.
  6. Liberal economic policies, such as minimum wage increases and extensive labor regulations, have faced opposition from those who believe they can be detrimental to small businesses and job creation. Not a surprise considering the number of rising unemployed.

Again, the list could be longer, but I just wanted to make a quick point or two about why liberals, Democrats and those with a serious case of TDS, need to be controlled before America collapses in on itself. Because it’s pretty close to doing so.

As I come to close this article, which is somewhat rushed, the news that Acting Speaker, Patrick McHenry, has ordered narcissist witch Nancy Pelosi, to vacate her hideaway office in the Capitol, by Wednesday October 4th! She’s currently in California for the funeral of Dianne Feinstein who passed away at the age of 90. I have zero love or respect for either of these two old bitches who have both made the lives of many millions of Americans, unbearable and unlivable!

If McHenry can work this fast on his first day as acting speaker, I say give the man the job! He’s clearly better at it than McCarthy and Pelosi, combined. But there appears to be a push to get Trump in the seat! Can you imagine the outcry from the left if this happens? Either way, McCarthy is gone. Thank you Matt Gaetz for getting that useless turd off the seat.

There are only two genders.


I like truth. I like honesty. I like seeing people get what they paid for. I hate scammers.

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