Elitist Double Standards And Bumbling Joe slips further into dementia!

============= What a week it’s been!  We just saw the G7 Meeting happen in the UK – you know, that thing where the world’s elite leaders get together and discuss how they’re going to fuck  up our lives even more than they already are doing. The internet was ablaze with pointing out the hypocrisy of the […]

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The Video ‘They’ Don’t Want You To See!

If you haven’t heard yet, or if you haven’t seen the news, you’ll need to read this post to see why the three giant media companies of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, are suppressing free speech and an inalienable right to know about medical data from leading experts in their field. At least they claim to […]

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It’s a bigger world than just Kevin Trudeau and his ilk…

8 years ago, give or take a month or so, I started this website with a view to bringing to light, the shady dealings of Kevin Trudeau, fake-quack Leonard Coldwell, wannabe stuperstar Peter Wink and several others that were connected in the Global Information Network. Hence I came up with the name GINTruth and have, […]

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