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Trump’s Triumphs, From A – Z, and Biden’s continuous failings.


Apr 26, 2023

Well folks, it’s been almost 6 months since putting any posts out here and on other platforms. Mostly due to health issues and family events.

But, I’m back!

There’s been so much going on with the Biden Crime Syndicate, and Democrats in general, and you don’t need me to rehash old stories. Suffice to say, Democrats and indeed, ol’ Joe, are doing a phenomenal job of fucking up the USA while simultaneously dragging the rest of us ever-closer to WWIII, just as Trrump warned he [Joe Biden], would.

Democrats continue to blame Trump for everything and anything – gee, get over it already. You’ve had power for almost 3 years and successfully screwed up everything!

Here’s a comprehensive list of everything Trump successfully achieved, and everything Biden has managed to screw up:

Trump’s successes vs Biden’s Blunders

I’ll be posting more regularly – nice to be back!


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