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America HAS fallen!


Jun 11, 2023

Now, more than ever, it should be obvious that there is a bipartisan witch-hunt upon Donald J. Trump!

Folks, America has fallen!
It has fallen for the first time in its 250 year history, and you can thank both Democrats and some of the Republican Party.

To indict a former POTUS, the first-time ever, on trumped-up (No pun intended) charges, whilst allowing a current sitting POTUS, get away with fraud, lies, THEFT, deceit, aiding foreign enemies and countries, allowing millions of illegal immigrants to enter the country, while raising the cost of living as much as 40% in some areas, killing jobs, and continuously defrauding both the American people and the world, is shameful. It is corruption at the highest levels we’ve ever seen! This is stuff Ian Fleming himself couldn’t write up!

Government departments and agencies being used illegally to hide deception and crimes committed by the current sitting POTUS as well as others in government, should be investigated and dealt with by those with the power to do so.

This has been a continuous witch-hunt against former POTUS 45, and if it’s not clear now, then it never will be! They have vilified and hounded the man over Stormy Daniels in a case that was already dismissed years ago!

  • They have impeached the man for as much as a phone-call to get the TRUTH about Hunter Biden!
  • They have vilified and hounded the man over Stormy Daniels in a case that was already dismissed years ago!
  • They have questioned his business dealings, even when he wasn’t involved with government!
  • They have continually pushed their claims that he colluded with Russia to oust douchebag Hillary Clinton from the Presidential race! Claims that we now KNOW are 100% FALSE!

There is an endless list as to the Dumbocrats’ dealings since Biden took office.

Consistently lying to the American people and throwing BILLIONS of their tax dollars into Ukraine to help Douchebag Zelensky in his fight against Russia. Yet they won’t spend the money required at the border with Mexico to finish what Donald Trump started – The Wall!

The evidence is clear and Democrats are continuously ignoring it, covering it up or pushing it to one side and trying to distract you with anything they can to take your focus off them. Well, it’s not working!

Even at Twitter, it appears the new liberal CEO Linda Yaccarino has already gotten her sweaty mitts on the inner workings of Twitter. GINTruth.com’s account was suspended in February and upon reinstatement, has zero followers despite having approximately 14,000+ beforehand. Now there’s just 32 and we’ve been suspended again for speaking out against the douchebag in France that tried to kill BABIES and toddlers!

Whilst Twitter appears not to be silencing conservative voices (anymore), it does seem from the plethora of complaints, that their tweets are being seen by far less audience members, with a lot less interactions. Could someone at Twitter still have a grudge against anyone who supports No.45? It would appear so.

Democrats continue to warble on about this, that and the other, as far as Trump is concerned. Citing old and now disproven stories, false claims of racism and much more. None of which is true and none of which hold any relevance.

Donald J Trump is not a stupid man. Far from it. So far he has beaten the lies and defamations at every turn. They are continuously trying to silence him and now trying to threaten him with possible JAIL TIME, for ridiculous charges that clearly won’t stick, relating to 100+ documents he held LEGALLY, at Mar-A-Lago, Florida. All whilst the current and completely FAKE POTUS No.46, has THOUSANDS of boxes and documents in his home and other locations, that he has absolutely NO LEGAL RIGHT TO!

Yet nothing is done, because Biden and his administration are raping the DOJ and FBI to collude AGAINST Donald J Trump to come up with ANYTHING they can, to stop him from becoming POTUS No.47.

This witch-hunt has been going on for years, and the Democrats STILL try to blame No.45 for the problems that exist in America today. Yet, it was No.46 who armed our enemies with $80 Billion worth of military equipment in Afghanistan. It was JOE BIDEN that killed over 70,000+ jobs on his FIRST DAY as president! It was Joe Biden that has continuously LIED about his own family and his own past and thought no-one would know any different!

It was Hillary Clinton that deleted over 30,000 emails from her servers and destroyed the servers. SHE should be arrested and tried for destroying government documentation and information!

It was Nancy Pelosi who became worth MILLIONS of dollars on a $174,000/ year salary, from insider-trading!

There’s a long-list of both Democrats and Republicans that have allowed this to happen and each and every one of them needs to be held accountable!

Donald J Trump is the rightful POTUS and if the two-tier justice system that exists in the USA right now has its way and sends him to jail – then America can no longer be considered a free nation. You have better freedom in North Korea!

There’s so much more I want to write on this matter, so please be sure to come back soon for another instalment.


I like truth. I like honesty. I like seeing people get what they paid for. I hate scammers.

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