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We live in tumultuous times folks, and in such times, the con-merchants come out in droves, even when they’re still in prison!

As you are probably aware by now, the world is experiencing an alleged pandemic (at the time of writing), via the now well-known Coronavirus outbreak. 

I’m not going to discuss that here, as there are now literally billions of pages on the internet covering that disease. I will say however, that I have my own reservations about the situation, none of which I can confirm as factual. Let’s just say – I’m not concerned and that I think the media is doing a great job of spreading misinformation. 

Another spreader of misinformation is of course, our beloved Kevin Trudeau. If you’re a first-time reader of this blog, no-doubt you immediately jumped to the conclusion that I’m going to sing his praises for revealing truth to the world. Well, you’d be wrong and I would implore you to read other posts on Trudeau (lovingly referred to as ‘Turdeau’), both here and on CosmicConnie’s blogspot. You can also view her latest take on the Trudeau debacle on her front page.

Too many people blindly follow others and take everything they say as absolute truth. I’ve explained this before somewhere in this site, and I’m not going to bother linking to any info, I have too many posts and besides, you’re in self-quarantine like most of the western world, so you have time to find it for yourself. 😉 Fortunately, not all of us are blinded to Turdeau’s deceit, which he happily applies even while incarcerated. 

In his latest post on his website, Turdeau has been offering nuggets of wisdom, or at least his take and advice, on the pandemic that is sweeping the globe at the moment. 

I’ve only managed to throw-up through “This is Coronavirus Update #8” so far and feel no-need to crawl through the septic aromas of the previous 7. Suffice to say, Kevin Trudeau is the least qualified person on the planet who should be parting any advice on what to do about the situation at hand. Sadly, he just doesn’t know when to shut up and stop acting as if he’s the world’s foremost expert on everything to do with success, health and wealth!

This update of his starts off with an immediate self-gratifying first-person appraisal of being contacted by thousands…about how this pandemic..relates to a possible “Globalist Agenda”. And naturally, he wants you to swallow that line whole-heartedly! But not as much as he wants you to gorge yourself on the rest of his sanctimonious claptrap!

His first ignorant claim is that:

This is a LONG-TERM process where changes happen slowly – so most people don’t notice.

Well I guess time goes much slower when you’re incarcerated for contempt of court. You’d think he’d have learned how to tell the truth after his first time in prison for credit card fraud. But no, he just can’t help but embellish the facts!

After some rambling about how other people on video, podcasts, readable material, etc, are wrong about global doom, he laughably says:

Every one of their predictions has proven false. Yet, people still believe their “next prediction”.

That’s laughable because Trudeau himself desperately wanted us to believe his 2012 predictions, all in an effort to have us part with our fistfuls of cash to be saved by only information he had!

He then goes on to claim that there is a ruling-class of people that contribue nothing to humanity, having a special dig at the Royal Family of the UK, calling them parasites and saying that they do add nothing to society. Yeah, okay Kevin, they add nothing except representing centuries of history, reform, culture, global change and a very large contribution to tourism. 

The other points he makes are benign at best and he links to Update #4 of his crapfest, as a post where he names some of his sources of information. I’ll leave you to  peruse it for yourself, but he claims that some of his sources are of the very same royalty he hates so much, as well as members of elite groups like the Bilderberg Group, Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, etc. Look, if any of that pile of dog matter was true, they’d have kept him out of prison at all times. Or at the very least gotten him out years ago!  

His update on the Coronavirus pandemic is nothing more than a regurgitated bleating for the gullible to get their wallets out and start sending him more money! And as usual, he attempts to make you feel like you cannot survive the current world crisis, without him, his secret clubs, membership to a private live-aboard ship (something I feel is a scheme he’s come up with so that American agencies cannot arrest him in international waters with, or take his wealth that he hopes to avoid paying taxes on, and will likely store in a private vault on said ship.), and opportunities such as GIN. 

My advice would be for you to do your own due diligence and get information for yourself. Don’t listen to anyone but your own gut feeling and that includes taking my info as you see fit. It’s not rocket science. But it is your money!


I like truth. I like honesty. I like seeing people get what they paid for. I hate scammers.

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