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What does my son’s pet bird and a jailed conman have in common?
They both sing a pretty tune behind bars but are desperate to get out of the cage.

It's easy to carry a tune when no-one can hear you

Due to outside circumstances, I’ve been spending quite a lot of time away from the computer and interwebz. So I’ve been catching up on events, knowing that there really weren’t that many to catch up on until KT’s next trial anyway, so here’s a short synopsis of what’s been going on in the past month or two. You can also catch up on more news via Connie’s blogspot posts as usual.

Kevin Trudeau is now so desperate to get out of jail that in his latest court hearing, he even told the judge that he would rather be water boarded than spend another day behind bars!

It was a pretty desperate plea, in an attempt to persuade the Honourable Judge Gettleman, that [Trudeau] has no assets hidden overseas and therefore should be let out of jail. Judge Gettleman was having none of it and even referenced the plausibility of Trudeau having assets in the Ukraine and other countries. And rightly so. I wrote on Trudeau moving money overseas here.

“I desperately want to purge myself of this contempt of court,” said Trudeau, dressed in an orange jail jumpsuit and peering through thick eyeglasses. “I don’t want to spend one more day in prison than I have to.”

But the judge wasn’t fooled:

But Gettleman wasn’t convinced, saying he would keep Trudeau locked up at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in the Loop until he decides to come clean about his assets. The judge referred to what he said was the best-selling author’s decade-long history of lying to the court as well as his documented plan to hide his wealth in offshore accounts beyond the reach of the Federal Trade Commission.

He reinforced his belief with this statement, which you can see on the Chicago Tribune link above:

“Maybe I’ll never be convinced that one day when this is all over Mr. Trudeau won’t go to the Ukraine or St. Kitts…or wherever else he’s buried his treasure and enjoy it,” Gettleman said wearily. “That certainly was the plan.”

This would definitely tie-in with my earlier writings of predicting that Trudeau was indeed moving money overseas. And I have no doubt, if he’s released, he would absolutely flee the US and go into hiding. It wouldn’t be hard to find him though. You’d just have to look for the cigar-smoke plumes coming from a Yak farm, or follow the trail of crying Yak farmers who would likely be swindled out of their yearly Yak wool harvest after cutting a deal with Trudeau, as he lives a luxurious life in someone’s apartment.

I realise that last statement was somewhat exaggerated, but the latter part is not. At least not according to a recent Facebook posting:

The man who wants to make you rich - needs a room for him and his "cloths".
The man who wants to make you rich – needs a room for him and his “cloths”.

Like many others, I don’t buy the “penniless and homeless” crap either. The judge was right in his thinking that Trudeau likely has assets overseas, including luxurious homes in Switzerland, the Ukraine and possibly even Australia. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of dollars he moved into his Ukrainian mother-in-law’s bank account. And if he’s such a good cook, why did he need to hire two personal chefs? Is Swiss cheese on toast that hard to make?

Of course there are those that are jumping up and down with glee at the latest events, namely those other conmen idiots – Wink, Coldwell and Abe. (Yes, I put Abe in that category now given that he is nothing more than a regurgitative mouthpiece for Coldwell and Wink. And the fact that he lied about his Angel account on Facebook, trying to con people into believing he had outside support. And the fact that he tried to con the GIN system and lost, hence his butt hurt rants.).

Wink was in the courtroom at the latest hearing, and had this to say on Facebook – although I think the only people who read it are the morons in the IMBSingU club.:

Peter Wink calling someone  "stupid" - although this time he's not looking in an elevator mirror.
Peter Wink calling someone “stupid” – although this time he’s not looking in an elevator mirror.

As for his pathetic and dumb-ass comment about most prisoners being heavily medicated – I’m just beyond belief how anyone of his age can be so stupid. Kind of like when he tried to say he knew what he was talking about prisoners having no contact with the outside world because he “spoke to someone who works there”. Well, as was proven in that case, he was obviously making it up to sound clever. Wink, you failed miserably. Again. And yet, it’s not unexpected.

Abe has been ‘bloking’ people from his feeds on Facebook again. I say ‘bloking’, as that’s another Abe-ism. Never ceases to amaze me how people try to sound smart without using there spellcheck…oops…their…my bad.

No love lost with haters.
No love lost with haters.

More importantly, he’s been omitting text from some of the quotes he’s spouting from the court documents, joined in unison by a few douche bags who are certainly not material for encouraging others, with comments like:

Glad to hear that GIN membership has dropped over 45%. And the GIN staff are VICIOUS! They would eat their own children if they could. If you say anything they don’t like, You Are Terminated from GIN. They are like the Mafia! I’m Glad the Leader of their Gang is sitting in a Prison Cell! – Daniel West

I thought you were better than that Daniel. I really did. And as a business owner, if anyone talked bad about my business but was a part of it, I’d fire their ungrateful ass too! What do you expect? Flowers and chocolates with a sorry note? Grow up!

I heard kt got ass raped in prison and he’s loving it. He wouldn’t have it any other way….His words. Lol. – Ryan Williams


Very classy Ryan, but from what I’ve seen of you on Facebook anyway, it seems you have all the class of a starfish – not the kind that lives in the ocean, but the one that sits between your butt cheeks.

I still say fuck brandy! she’s a slut. – Tony Robin

Wow! Another wisdom warrior, hiding behind his keyboard, too cowardly to even use a profile picture on his Facebook account. If it’s even a real account. Which I personally suspect it isn’t. The bad grammar and use of name calling is a bit of a giveaway, but unfortunately folks, no prizes for guessing which fake German doktor this might be.

All this as addendum to Abe’s usual dumb shit. Gloating over GIN firing one idiot who thought he had what it takes, to take over GIN. Truth is, he didn’t, and if he had bothered to research the law, and the previous court documents as I’ve posted on this site in the past, he’d have known that while under receivership, a business cannot conduct business outside of anything the receivers do, and nor can that business be transferred, sold, rented, given as a party present or whored out.

Abe stated that he received a letter from the receiver threatening legal action him, when they took over GIN, because he was making their actions known to the public.

Get over yourself Abe. Seriously. You didn’t do jack shit outside of Facebook, while myself, Connie, Salty Droid and Omri, and many others not directly involved with us, had the guts to get news out to the world via our individual blogs. What have you done? Nothing except repeat whatever Loony Lenny the fake doctor tells you, alongside womaniser and dumbasshit Peter Wink – a Trudeau wannabe. Furthermore, you STILL spout false information to people and have continually shown that you know as much about the law as you do about building the I.S.S.

As I’ve said before, I obviously have to say again – you cannot do a Chargeback with your bank while GIN is under receivership.

Just keep enjoying the show! All this and the FBI hasn’t even stepped in yet! Just wait till that happens LMAO!!!! VIVA LA RESISTANCE!!! – Abe Husein

Abe and Yak farmers...A resistance all their own!
Abe and Yak farmers…A resistance all their own!

What? What do you mean the FBI hasn’t even gotten involved yet? But you said last year they were getting involved! So did Loony! So did Winky! You all said so…this is disappointing!

And quit with the “Viva la resistance” crap – there is no ‘resistance’, there never was. Do you even know what a ‘resistance’ is you dumb schmuck? It’s certainly not something you try to claim exists after you’ve lost your money on swindling the GIN system.

As another poster noted:

What “resistance”? Who is resisting what? I lost track, LOL. I agree that the scrapping between Perry and the receiver is entertaining but you have to read the entire documents to get the whole story. The complete court docs were posted on another Facebook group too (some are missing from the ones Abe shared on his page). Ryan, where did you hear that Kevin got raped in prison and loved it? And Tony, did you take misogyny lessons from a certain phoney doctor who loves the word “slut”?

Glad I’m not the only one that thinks that.

Another advocate for the real truth and information, had this to say in reply to some of the derogatory comments above:

Ryan, I don’t think that really happened to KT. And if it did, which I don’t believe it did, I really don’t think he would enjoy it, and I would never wish that on anyone. And Tony, how can you say that about Brandy? Do you actually know her? There’s no way for sure you can know her personal situation. As far as her sticking by his side through all this, Many of us here did that same thing for years, including myself, even though there was ample information out there about KT for anyone that was willing to look. And Thomas, as far as the receiver being an illegal parasite, Why do you believe that? It is because they stopped the commissions to the Platinums and Inner Circle Members? GIN pulled those stunts on a lot of GIN members well over 2 years ago, starting with the cancelling of the Lazy Mans commissions and then the non payments of the 10 grand bonuses to many GIN members. This all happened long before the receivers or the courts ever had their eyes on GIN. The only difference now is that the GIN members money is lining the receivers and courts pockets instead of KT’s pockets.

Exactly! Well said.

For those of you who want to catch up on the latest events and what’s coming, you can do so by visiting Connie’s latest post here.

You can also see the events leading up to current happenings involving Perry Kiraly and his fight with the receiver, on Connie’s blog.


Naturally, Loony Lenny and co have been their usual selves, spouting their usual hate and gobbledygook rubbish, but I guess you can’t fault them for at least being consistent in being inconsistent.

No doubt many of you will have seen Justin Bieber in the news recently, after his arrest for drag racing on public streets, and for DUI, which has been dismissed due to the fact he was under the limit.

The American public was quick to jump all over this little twerp, and have submitted a petition to the Whitehouse, requesting that he be deported back to Canada. You can see that story here.

A little OTT in my opinion, but as another blogger said, I wouldn’t mind seeing the same thing happen to Bernd Klein, aka, Loony Lenny the only ‘doctor’ in the world that gets joy from seeing people suffer with cancer.


I like truth. I like honesty. I like seeing people get what they paid for. I hate scammers.

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