GIN Store Operators Greg & Wayne Kramer panicking!

Having bought goods from the GIN store when I was on the 2012 cruise, it comes as no surprise that people are waking up to their overpriced rubbish. Moreso, it comes as no surprise that they are now panicking with news getting out of their failing operations, as well as some very dodgy business practices. Their latest scumbag activities involve firing staff without notice, and telling one single mom they will fight her on her unemployment claims!

The saga continues and starts to take fruition, as it reaches outwards towards GIN associated businesses. The Kramers, who run the GIN Store, are literally begging Abe Husein to take down his posts on Facebook, regarding the very recent firing of GIN Store staff. The store is losing business rapidly and the Kramers are still trying to cover their lying asses in the vain hope of continuing to keep money owed to present and past members. (Don’t forget to do those chargebacks folks!)

Here’s a link to the original post with the online texts, from the Facebook communications between Abe Husein, The Kramers, Peter (I was in on the con for a while) Wink, and Herr-not-a-doktor Leonard Coldwell.

Well, I was going to post the screen shots of each conversation, but all the above says it pretty well. Below is a screen shot regarding the firing of the single mom:

Sorry if this all comes out in a bit of a jumble, but this news came so fast at me that I haven’t had much time to go through it all and piece it together in order, but I’m sure you get the picture.

The Kramers are trying to deny accountability, but with staff being fired without warning and their chief accounting officer walking out, they know they are walking a very tight line and a very thin one at that.

As Peter Wink pointed out, GIN Store is a separate entity from GIN, but is under contract to Kevin Trudeau/Natalie Babenko, the owners of GIN. Therefore, the Kramers are just as guilty of fraud.

I was going to request a charge back for the crappy ‘silk’ tie I paid for and the two rings that turned green on my fingers within an hour or so of putting them on, but I think I’ve got more chance of winning the Spanish Lotto without buying a ticket!

To the Kramers: Do the right thing! Give those you fired their unemployment, fix your accounting practices and do business fairly by giving people what they paid for!! Ah, but it’s too late for any of that! The FTC and others will be very interested in looking at your accounts I’m sure. Should have sent Lazyman’s out when people paid for them, instead of holding back. And when people ask for refunds, you really are under a legal obligation to give them back when you don’t deliver your products! Have fun in court boys – I hear it’s a lot of fun in America!

(Oh, and just in case you’re wondering fellas, you can claim libel against me if you like, I don’t give a Rats-In-Your-Head-Ass, mainly because I really hate scammers and partly because I live in a country where opinion is welcomed as free speech! So you guys can kiss my green ring – after all, it’s from your store!)