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Brainwashing, Delusion, Irony and Ignorance


May 29, 2013

As many of you ex-Ginners out there are aware, brainwashing and delusion go hand-in-hand. But for some, their ignorance to accept reality, makes for some ironic verbatim.


There are certain people on Facebook, that get blocked with very good reason. Sometimes however, despite not wanting to see anything from those people, you get messages passed back and forth from true friends, in an effort to stay up to date with the blocked party’s incomprehensible rants. Just a pity that that same blocked party has to start name calling and refer to the messenger as Water Boy. But such is the mental attitude of a certain, let’s cryptically call her Queen Dutch Elm II. Those of you who know her, know who I am referring to. Those of you who don’t, well, we’ll call her Liz Elms! Oops, now I’ve done it! She’ll start to cry victim and how she feels unsafe on the internet because I used her real name!


Liz Elms. From her Facebook Profile.

Here’s a hint: If you don’t feel safe on the internet, don’t plaster your name and pictures all over media social sites like Facebook in the first place!

I’m sure I’ll catch some flak from a few people for using Liz’s name, but let me be clear here: it was not my intention to use Liz’s name, but she got personal and well, it is now, and it’s about those who choose to ignore the cold, hard facts surrounding Kevin Trudeau’s deceptive business practices, such as Liz, and who further tries to add drama to groups and discussions, where it is neither necessary or warranted!

Liz had this to say recently:

Liz Elms

Hi XXXXX You know it’s unfortunate that Bernie has now made a mockery of your page with his ill intent and threats. By his lurking here as admin to collect fodder for his blog and target GIN members, your page is no longer a safe place to post as you intended.

she further goes on to say:

I have said it plain that if Bernie has something to say to me or about me, then he can be man enough to come out here and say it to my face. The fact that he intends to hide behind his blog to say whatever it is he wishes to say speaks volumes.

Okay then! Well first of all, as anyone who really knows me Liz, my ‘intent’ is never ‘ill’ and I don’t make ‘threats’. You might want to get a dictionary and look up the true definition of the meaning of the word. Lurking? Do I lurk? Must be these shoes! And I have no interest in targeting GIN members, and I must remind you and myself at this point, that this post is about delusion and ignorance. And as Liz so obviously fails to recall, I have called her out many times on GIN and said it directly to her face! Problem is, she has chosen time and time again to ignore the facts! I am not hiding behind anything! Or perhaps she forgot about this post, where she could have said her piece along with everyone else? Or she and others could have simply had their say here. Liz and others like her would also do well to answer the questions from this early post. Strange how they like to answer with questions, quotes and other self-deluded snippets of information though.

In several of the links given above, I have already discussed the topic of delusion, ignorance and scammers. I even posted one former GIN Member’s thoughts about brainwashing here.

Brainwashing is a subject that could be discussed in great depth, over many moons. A search of the internet will bring up millions of links to articles, texts, opinions, research, findings, etc, on the subject. Here’s just one.

I wasn’t going to mention Liz’s name at all. I usually don’t work that way unless revealing scammy scammers. But she chose to make this personal by attacking me on Facebook, to my friends listed there in certain groups. Kind of ironic given that she wants me to be man enough to say it to her face! Well come on Liz, be woman-enough to say your piece here or on Facebook. I’ve unblocked you!

But I will have no problem blocking you again if you continue to delude others that the facts surrounding Trudeau are not real. (she actually tried to say at one point last year, that the court documents could easily be fakes!)

I know how you like to argue with basically everyone and have gone to very very great lengths with many people, to put your point of view across. Even in the face of undeniable evidence, you have categorically denied it to be possible and sung Kevin Trudeau’s praises continuously! You choose to ignore the news, facts, court documents and more – that’s your choice, but please, give it a rest with trying to delude those of us in the know, and do yourself a favour and get your head out of Trudeau’s rear-end!

I’m sure there will be people who will bitch and moan at me about this post. But the more intelligent amongst you will easily see that I have revealed nothing that wasn’t already out there and certainly not put Liz in any danger as she tried to suggest on Facebook.

It’s up to you if you choose to live the victim mentality Liz. Fact is, I’m merely responding to your derogatory and uninformed comments about me and to others in various Facebook groups. If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen and get over yourself!

As for anyone else who is still denying the facts surrounding Kevin Trudeau’s deception, take a moment to consider why he doesn’t want you reading blogs like this, or this or this or this. Hint: It’s because you could wake up and he would lose your hard-earned money! But that’s okay according to people like Liz, because in her world, you’re only a victim so long as you believe truthers like me!


I like truth. I like honesty. I like seeing people get what they paid for. I hate scammers.

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  1. It is incredible the such Sociopath like Trudeau are allowed to make what they make.

    In Italy they have made illegal any M.L.M. program especially any program where people have to enroll other people to gain something. They are Ponzi schemes. Network marketing is allowed but not the M.L.M., I wondere what they are waiting in the U.S.A. to stop the M.L.M. By the way in Italy anybody who make something like this Sociopath, and he is discovered to create Multi level Marketing business get from 1 year to 6 years of jail and a fine…

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