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To view the letter, 
please refer to Fig.1page1-3, plus the Notice from the KTRN lawyer, in the slideshow box below.
No contact information given.
Technically it’s posted on my website, not a server alone.
Copyright is under question.
GIN has no copyright on information that is readily available on material already known to the general public.
Nor am I under jurisdiction of the club rules as a non-member. The ‘rules’ themselves warrant some legal analysis due to contradiction of terms and current laws. Further, GIN cannot use US Law in the country of Nevis, which is in the sovereignty of the United Kingdom!
Not a legal representative or owner of GIN.
The Agreement (see Fig.5) clearly states that no member has any rights to represent GIN in any legal matter or make claim to any service or product thereof.
Please note, that in order to comply with hosting requirements and Terms of Service and continue to operate the site as is, the KT 2012 video and audio have been removed, as have the Level Audios until further notice. this is a temporary measure.
Further enquiries are being made as to copyright claims for possible future posting. 
Questions or concerns can be directed to the site owner via the ‘contact’ tab to the top right of this page. 
refunds for any donations given can be requested via email - editor

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