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  1. Bullet Get the latest news and views on what is REALLY happening in the Global Information Network (GIN).

  1. Bullet Views expressed are not necessarily true but are made under the Freedom of Speech rights in ALL nations.

  1. Bullet Views are those of contributors and not necessarily this site unless stated otherwise in the posting.

  1. Bullet The below post has been edited to fit this blog!

  1. 1.     I am not now, nor have I ever been, anti-GIN.

  2. 2.     I have not at any time, asked or suggested that anyone quit GIN based on MY choice to do so.

  3. 3.     The purpose of this site was/is to bring to light, the complaints of both current and ex-members.

  4. 4.     The purpose of this site is to bring awareness to the ignorance of Kevin Trudeau’s handling of such        

        complaints and concerns and bring people together to see if they can be addressed externally.

  1. 5.    The purpose of this site is to allow readers their right to express how they feel and to inform others        

        of their experience(s), suggestions, advice, concerns, questions, etc.

  1. 6.    The purpose of this site is NOT to discredit GIN or be some kind of resistance movement!

  2. 7.    The purpose of this site is NOT to have a ‘Them verses Us‘ mentality.

  3. 8.    All views expressed are those of contributors unless stated otherwise.

  4. 9.    Names and details may be changed or omitted to protect identities where requested or necessary.

  5. 10.   Those of you that rant and hate, especially about me, without knowing me, are quite obviously, not            

        a good representation of what GIN is about. 


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