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  1. Abe Husein

  2. 32 minutes ago

  3. WAYNE AND GREG KRAMER!!! I suggest you follow Dean Andrews lead and talk with the FTC and give them everything they need to know. They are mainly after Kevin but they will no doubt take you out on their way to get Kevin if you do not give them what they need. You brought all this upon yourselves!! The attorney general of Indiana will also be getting involved with this. I suggest you give that x staff member you just fired (without notice or good cause) her unemployment that she deserves!!

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       Peter Wink posted to Abe Husein

  1. 5 hours ago


  3. I talked to Miss.XXXXX today and I was appalled when she told me that Wayne, who claims to be a good Christian, humiliated her and treated her and many of her colleagues so ruthlessly. As a good Christian, I figured he knew better. I won't be surprised if there's a boycott by women against the GIN Store. I really hope what she said is not true --- though her tears seemed real enough to me. There's nothing more important to preserve and protect than a single mother and her children.

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  6. Abe Husein This madness has to stop!! Wayne, Greg Kramer and the rest of the cons need to be put in their place!! And that is excatly what is going to happen! I am makingg sure of it!!

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    Abe Husein

  8. 6 hours ago via Mobile

  9. WAYNE AND GREG KRAMER!!! You lying, con artists, snake oil salesman, fraudsters!!! I have reported u to Judge Gettleman and the FTC attorney's for being apart of all the fraud and for being a place for Kevin Trudeau to hide his money from the government! U will be exposed!! 2 of your staff members have told me everything I need to know to put u away with Kevin!!

  10. Justice will be served!!!

  11. Abe Husein Yes, he runs the GIN store. His whole family does.

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  13. Amy xxxxxx speechless.

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  15. Amy xxxxxxx My mom was a visionary for GIN, can she get her money back?

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  17. Abe Husein I think I will try and make a new news series or story. Featuring Wayne and Greg Kramer!

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  19. Leonard Coldwell Nmd Phd Ever heard of the Rico Act? That is what will hit all of them

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    Peter Winkposted to Abe Husein

  21. 7 hours ago


  23. Miss.XXXXX is a broke single mom with two kids to take care of. No help from anyone. Her family lives hand to mouth. Today when we talked she was hysterical and crying. And she told me that GIN Store owner Wayne Kramer told her that he will fight her measly unemployment. Now I ask all you single moms out there, how do you think this will affect Miss.XXXXX and her family? Just another example of a cold heartless boss screwing over a defenseless, helpless woman who is powerless. Would a good Christian fight a single mom's unemployment? Would a good Christian fire someone for granting a customer a justified refund? We are going to follow this all the way through and she will get her due. Miss.XXXXX the FTC and IL Attorney General await you! You will be fine!

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  27. John xxxxxxxx Hopefully she's in a state where the fired person has good rights, but if not then when word of the FTC and AG stepping in comes, I'm sure she will get the unemployment she has coming to her.

  28. Elizabeth xxxxxxxxx I was a single mom of 2 for years and feel for her. I hope that within this unique, epic case she not only gets her unemployment but other compensation for the stress, poor treatment and criminal atmosphere.

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  30. Abe Husein I will make sure she gets justice!!

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  32. Abe Husein shared a link.

  33. 7 hours ago

  34. GIN staff and leaders seek their own justice!!


  36. P
    eter Winkposted to Abe Husein

  37. 7 hours ago


  39. First off, let's set the record straight. The GIN Store and the Global Information Network are technically two separate entities on paper, until one takes a closer look like the FTC wisely did. GIN is owned solely by Kevin and Natalie Trudeau. The GIN Store by Wayne Kramer.

  40. According to Deno Andrews, the Kramers had no start up capital, and GIN members unknowingly invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and inventory to launch the GIN Store.

  41. Now you may be wondering why the GIN Store was ever created in the first place. Good question. We could have easily sold the GIN tools in house, except for one teeny problem. According to Dean "Deno" Andrews, the GIN Store was only created by Kevin Trudeau because he couldn't obtain a local merchant account for processing all the tool orders. Banks hate Kevin Trudeau. It is also a way to easily clean money and direct it where needed. That is numero-uno here for everyone who wonders why Kevin Trudeau wanted this separated from the rest of the GIN business. Hopefully this makes sense.

  42. In other news...


  44. Abe I was just contacted by someone named Mr.XXXXXX who was just fired from the GIN Store. He told me that GIN Store employees were terminated by Wayne and Brandon Kramer for giving refunds to customers who purchased trash Hot Lead names. He said that employees were instructed that nobody gets refunds even if the names are bad. When I worked for GIN, I was instructed by Kevin Trudeau to give the GIN Store incomplete contact names that did not have all their information like they were supposed to get as well as names of people who got Your Wish added to other orders for as little as $8.00. These are awful leads. Many of the names given to the GIN Store were customers that did not actually order Your Wish but they added it to their credit card. All the FTC has to do is pull the merchant account records and they will see hundreds of customer chargebacks from this. It is all there in black and white. I was also told to write false untested ads that were going to be used in the Hot Lead Generator program. I have the proof of all this.

  45. Any other questions?????

  46. Abe Husein BRAVO!! Bravo!! Well said PW!! The FTC has Kevin and GIN on a silver platter now. They will freeze all GIN accounts and all the current members will loose all their money. This is no joke!

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  48. Roberto xxxx This is better entertainment than the 2012 Mayan Prophecy :)))

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  50. Abe Husein

  51. 9 hours ago

  52. GIN UPDATE!! I was just contacted by yet another x GIN store staff member. This is what they had to say regarding GIN,

  53. "I was working with the gin store last spring to help them open a warehouse gin store in France but they started acting secretive with me and never closed the deal. They were very reluctant to give me reasons why they didn't want to open a warehouse in Europe as planned. I was working with their warehouse manager (name removed). They also said they moved to a larger location in south Indiana but I couldn't verify since I was in ***. I also kept trying to schedule appointments to visit their site but they kept putting me off. It's funny how they acted with me since they knew I was in gin at the time. I first met them at dream weekend. Vegas. I'm glad I cancelled all my auto ships with them last summer when I started hearing from you and dr C"

  54. GIN is crumbling! Those that still remain will be left with their money being stolen away and there will be nothing they can do about it!

  55. Leonard Coldwell Nmd Phd Yes Gin is at the end as well as Kevin Trudeau - everybody still signing new members up will be held responsible too I am sure of this What? Like you were sure Trudeau was going to jail last October? Like you were sure the 2013 cruise wouldn’t happen? Pffft! - Editor

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  57. Gary Carlyle Cook I got an email from them within the last few days saying they have a new baccarat system that 100% makes money. I think that is impossible.

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  59. Abe Husein

  60. 13 hours ago via Mobile

  61. I would like to publicly thank the GIN staff member who reached out to me yesterday and shared some very disturbing inside info with me!! Everything they said confirms what I have been saying all along. So much fraud!! The GIN store is laying off people due to lack of business and they r trying to make it to where employee's don't get unemployment.

  62. They have all the credit card info of GIN member...See more

  63. Rhonda xxxxxx What about Brandy? She seems to be a hardcore kool aid drinker. Will she we sinking with the ship? (Despite knowing what’s been going on all along, she has chosen to stay with GIN and continues to be part of the fraud. No sympathy for her! - Ed)

  64. Abe Husein She is scamming people right along side kevin! I was sent screen shot yesterday of bank account info from the UK where Brandy is telling people to send 15k for a "training seminar" by kevin that isn't going to take place till April! Kevin will most likely be in jail by then! I garentee they won't be refunding the 15k either.

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  66. Peter Wink Send everything to the FTC Abe

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  68. Peter Wink They already have the audio.

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  70. Gabriel xxxxxxx  WTF is KT talking about in his latest recording about making tons of money gambling... I thought he is broke. Which is it? If you can make a much money as he claims, I hope he is doing that now, so he can get himself out of debt, right?

  71. 10 hours ago · Edited · Like · 1

  72. Peter Wink KTs system does not even work. I know exactly what he's talking about. It is actually an old system hes calling his own but will not work or everyone would have been using it.

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  74. Abe Husein The GIN store employee was let go without any notice at all. She was a model employee. Never been written up or anything. And thats how GIN treats her.

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  76. Mike xxxxxxxx If it worked all he would have to do is go to a Casino and win the 37 million to pay the fine.

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  78. Mike xxxxxxxx Casinos keep close watch on people using a system.. counting etc..

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  80. John Ginga Ky is full of it as usual <--- THIS IS SARAH J. BARENDESE with a false FB account!

  81. 8 hours ago via mobile · Like

  82. Natalie Ozga-Lazarz Omg seriously!!! Get a life <-- We have one - it’s called informing others while you do absolutely nothing but sit watching people get ripped off! - Editor.

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  84. Abe Husein Baaaaa... baaaaaa... who opened the door and let the sheep in here??!!

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  86. Natalie Ozga-Lazarz Gin is retarded but must you constantly make it your status update. <-- there’s a button on your’s called the UNFRIEND or HIDE button! Use it before whining!

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  88. Abe Husein Yes I must. People depend on this news.

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  90. Nathan xxxxxx Yea I figured the money from members is drying up since I havent seen any of the print newsletters in my mailbox since Nov.

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  92. Cherry xxxxxx And he's still at it; I received a message about a "secret code" that will cost you.....(drum roll please)......$15,