Democrats show their hypocrisy and absurdity – Part 2

There must be some kind of world record for the most ignorance by a political team, and if not, then there needs to be one, because the Democrats of the United States government, would be world champions! The level of hypocrisy and absurdity – hence the title – just continues to grow and astound. Although […]

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It’s a bigger world than just Kevin Trudeau and his ilk…

8 years ago, give or take a month or so, I started this website with a view to bringing to light, the shady dealings of Kevin Trudeau, fake-quack Leonard Coldwell, wannabe stuperstar Peter Wink and several others that were connected in the Global Information Network. Hence I came up with the name GINTruth and have, […]

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Kevin’s Covid Con!

We live in tumultuous times folks, and in such times, the con-merchants come out in droves, even when they’re still in prison! As you are probably aware by now, the world is experiencing an alleged pandemic (at the time of writing), via the now well-known Coronavirus outbreak.  I’m not going to discuss that here, as […]

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