How much longer will Americans whine about Biden and do nothing?

—————————————————————————————————————————————— There was once a time when fraud, corruption and outright lies by a POTUS, would have been called into question and dealt with swiftly. It seems those days are gone and Americans are content to let Joe Biden and his jackals, ruin America in only a way that they know how.  What’s more absurd […]

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Hypocrisy and Absurdity of the US Democrats – Part 3…

=========== It’s hard to know where to start with this week’s blog post. There’s been so many just absurd claims and statements from the US Dems, that it’s become a tornado of fast-spinning bullshit! In America, MLB has taken a hit (no pun intended) after the All-Star Game was moved from its long-standing home in […]

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Democrats show their hypocrisy and absurdity – Part 1

In the few weeks since my last post, we’ve all seen, if you’ve been keeping up anyway, the growth of the US Democratic absurdity. Not only have they managed to resurrect illegal border crossings on an unprecedented level, but they’ve managed to install multiple movements towards gender discrimination and abuse of our children’s sexuality. It’s […]

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