Coldwell doesn’t know what he doesn’t know…

For months now, Fake-Doctor Leonard Coldwell has been spouting out name-calling like a 6 year-old, all in an effort to make himself sound intelligent. He fails miserably! A man with ‘four Ph.D’s? I think not! As some of you may know, certain news stations are airing their ‘stories’ about serial-scammer Kevin Trudeau, this week. NBC […]

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Trudeau’s telemarketing scam rolls on despite evidence of fraud.

While Trudeau’s infamous Telemarketing scam is old news, it is still continuous news and the complaints just keep rolling in! You’d think by now, the FTC and others would have put a stop to the continuing scam being allowed to perpetuate throughout America. The scam of up-selling on the telephone. The scam of charging 400% […]

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