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Abe Husein

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Abe Husein IS Angel Sharp – proof!

Picture and update added below 30/10/13. Update added on the bottom of the post August 28th ’13 Abe Husein, that infamous 15 minuter, needs support so badly, that he uses…

ALL of Trudeau’s assets, including GIN, now under tight control of a court appointed Receiver! Assets FROZEN!

They say every dog has its day in court, and Kevin Trudeau has definitely had his day! The court has decided and Trudeau has had his leash reigned in! Every…

Abe Husein suggests you don’t answer “…the pigs…I mean the police”.

Like his counterpart, Peter Wink, who once suggested fighting the law, Abe Husein has now taken to giving bad advice and doing the same. Don’t be a clown – running…