Trudeau taken back to jail after being found in Contempt again, by a jury in just 45 minutes.

Informercial kingpin Kevin Trudeau was immediately taken back to jail today, after being declared “a flight risk” by the court, after a jury found him guilty of contempt. In a landmark decision during his criminal hearing, Kevin Trudeau was hauled back to jail, being declared a “flight risk” by the judge, after the jury of […]

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Trudeau going back to Jail, after attending a D.C. Fundraiser – while Abe Husein continues to deceive about his less than honest past, himself!

UPDATE: Trudeau back in jail. See the ABCLocal October 22nd news article here. Trudeau ordered back to jail for further contempt, but allowed to go to a fundraising event in Washington D.C. first. Abe Husein in the meantime, has been a little less than honest (again) about his involvement in GIN. As reported recently by […]

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ALL of Trudeau’s assets, including GIN, now under tight control of a court appointed Receiver! Assets FROZEN!

They say every dog has its day in court, and Kevin Trudeau has definitely had his day! The court has decided and Trudeau has had his leash reigned in! Every single entity owned, managed or operated by Trudeau, has been frozen and a court appointed receiver issued to recoup funds owed to consumers. Husein & […]

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Toy Soldiers (& brainwashed assistants) = Tyranny Busters!!

Leonard and Wink, along with their own version of Charlie’s Angels, want to show you how to defeat the American government. In just one day. For a price. Because only Coldwell has the information – everyone else in the entire world doesn’t know a damn thing! Apparently… I’m not going to go into a long […]

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