GIN store losing business fast. Fires single mom!

GIN Store Operators Greg & Wayne Kramer panicking! Having bought goods from the GIN store when I was on the 2012 cruise, it comes as no surprise that people are waking up to their overpriced rubbish. Moreso, it comes as no surprise that they are now panicking with news getting out of their failing operations, […]

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Charge Back – Your bank is on your side!

  Many people have been emailing us and asking what they need to do to get a refund from GIN for dues, membership fees, event fees and product fees. If you’ve tried contacting the GIN offices recently and asked for a refund of your fees, you have more than likely been passed from pillar to […]

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Award Winning Reporter, Ryan Kath, gets an exclusive take at GIN.

Award Winning Reporter, Ryan Kath, does an exclusive inside report on GIN! 41 Action News of Kansas City, MO, made this exclusive news report. The truth is going global, much to the chagrin of many koolaid drinkers. A 41 Action News team went undercover in Nashville and uncovered some interesting takes on the Global Information Network […]

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