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Just over a week or so ago, Leonard Coldwell, the fake doctor with multiple names (and I’m guessing, multiple personality disorder in tow), stated that he was going to have lawsuits against me, Salty Droid and Cosmic Connie. As usual, Coldwell is all hot air and baloney!

Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 8.27.21 AM

Lenny likes to spout a lot of hot air and make threats to people. You only have to see the testimonies made to the police against him, alleging unwarranted fondling and sexual assault, to see that.

And he’s at it again. (Making idle threats that is…not the fondling and groping part. Although I wouldn’t be surprised to learn of him doing that on a regular basis.)

As the screen shot below clearly shows, Coldwell stated that

Also next week the lawsuits against the cosmic slut, the marinated droid and Malooney will go out. Its a big clean up now.

In case it’s not clear to those of you who are here for the first time, the cosmic slut is aka Cosmic Connie, or Connie Schmidt, who has written extensively about fake doctor Coldwell. marinated droid is the infamous Salty Droid – a very noteworthy blogger who pulls no punches when it comes to twisted little bald fellas like Coldwell. And Malooney is yours truly, Bernie O’Mahony, whom Coldwell once used to call brother. That was of course, until I could hold back no longer and had to reveal him as part of the sick machine that was so readily taking your money via GIN. And now he’s happily taking it via his IMBSingU system.

As yet, no lawsuit has been heard of, nor received. Which begs the question: Can someone in America, please put a wet sock in this guy’s mouth?

Honestly Lenny, (not that ‘honesty’ is something you know anything about), give it a rest for pity’s sake! Your threats don’t worry anyone and you really do come across as a man suffering from multiple personality disorder, with Napoleon Complex. I’m really not worried by a single thing you say, other than the false hope you give to your 20 or so loyal idiots, I mean, followers. That and the false claims you make regarding curing cancer!

Which again brings me to my challenge: Go to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, UK, and cure the kids there of their cancers! If you truly are a miracle worker who can cure any cancer, then you have no reason not to accept this challenge! Do that, and I will remove every bad post I have written about you and publicly apologize!

Alas, somehow I have a feeling I have more chance of regaining my virginity before you prove yourself to be anywhere near a decent human being. Truth is, you’re a sad, pathological liar who doesn’t know that he doesn’t know!

  Screenshot of Loony Lenny’s Lies:


  Lenny blows hot air – as usual.

In case you’re wondering who ‘liked’ Lenny’s comments, that would be Abe Husein.


I like truth. I like honesty. I like seeing people get what they paid for. I hate scammers.

4 thoughts on “Where’s my lawsuit, Coldwell?”
  1. I don’t think you can sue someone for telling the truth. The sad part of this is it is Abe who liked the comment about the lawsuits.
    Coldwell is a sad human. I do pity anyone that believes in him.

  2. At least in the U.S., it would be quite impossible for LoonyLenny to establish a libel case against all of the aforementioned {super-awesome} bloggers. First, he needs to prove that the accusations are false (which he obviously can’t) and second, he needs to prove that the “defendant” had known that his/her assertions were fictitious but posted it anyway (which again, he won’t be able to substantiate).

    Kinda like himself, Lenny simply wields a fake tactic.

  3. One week on and still no acceptance of my challenge for Lenny the Loony to prove himself to be a humanitarian of gargantuan proportions by curing those kids. 🙁

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