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In the Batman movies, one of Batman’s arch-enemies is ‘Two-Face’, the character which is caring on one side and evil on the other. I’m nominating Leonard Coldwell for the next role of this character. He’s a born natural!


Well, it appears Lenny is up to his old tricks again folks! Yep, he’s resorted to name calling again, and for what? Simply because myself and others, have been revealing him for the crackpot lunatic he really is!

In the following screenshots, you can clearly see for yourself, that Coldwell is portraying anything but the image you would expect of a professional “doctor”.

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 12.41.22 AM

It’s a little blurry, but as you can clearly see, he is still referring to Cosmic Connie as a “former prostitute”, which he has been doing for some time now.

And he lovingly refers to me as “a mentally retarded dangerous psychopath named MaLooney or so”. Not sure though that if I was in that state of mind, if I would actually be capable of being “dangerous” or indeed, being a psychopath! (perplexed look)

And all this from a dwarf who used to call me “brother” So-li-dar-nosk! So-li-dar-nosk! Oh, sorry, can’t stop thinking of Margaret Thatcher since she passed away the other day‚Ķjust had flashback to crazy strikes.

Coldwell and Trudeau in happier days.


But then again, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Lenny has turned on me and others. He’s been doing that for years! Most of his relationships don’t last more than 2 years, with the exception of those he’s partnered with to fleece people of their hard-earned cash! As was the case with Kevin Trudeau. All the while he was working for KT with GIN, Coldwell was happily taking approximately $20,000 per month from his former employer and bff (best friend forever)while knowing that the whole thing was a scam in the first place.

Birds of a feather and all that!

And he’s still making claims that Trudeau is for sure going to prison. Even though he has actually not yet been sentenced since October 2012, when Lenny made that claim that he would “for sure go to jail”:


More to come on this story very soon. But I’ll leave you with this parodic-advertisement: (click the image to enlarge if you’re unable to see the one below.)


I like truth. I like honesty. I like seeing people get what they paid for. I hate scammers.

4 thoughts on “Speaking verds ov visdum, or just plain ol’ Bullshit!?”
  1. Lenny is spiraling out of control. I think he and Wink are starting to get desperate they have recently sent their trained monkey to go start trouble with the Pitcocks, in hopes of stealing some of her customers I am sure. I wonder why people aren’t lining up to join the IMBSingU society or their newest vitamin MLM? Could it be that bloggers are exposing them for the sociopaths and idiots that they are?

    Nah, that couldn’t be it, as master marketer Peter Twink says … the negative posts are only making us more successful, people who say negative things are just jealous. This is incongruent with every word out of Lenny’s keyboard of course, unless he is jealous of kt and the pitcocks and plans to get even by making their businesses scary popular. Who can tell? It reminds me of Blutarsky in Animal House “Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl harbor” …. “Let him go he is on a roll”

    Most importantly here, where in god’s name are these 2 idiots buying their suits? Kt’s looks like he peeled it off a dead mobster and Lenny looks like a 1950s ship captain. Is there a Dress For Ridicule program at IMBSing you headquarters?

    Please help us by filling in some of these missing details, Lenny, Wink, Abe and the whole IMBSingU is really screwing up my brainwashing.

  2. Its good to see the fraud exposed on a weekly level as they try and build a new scam club. While Lenny attacks others he’s blinded by hatred it seems by the person who personally made him a pile of money in GIN. Not until he was canned did he start singing like a canary. I guess its the old saying don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Once his meal ticket dried up hes acting like a dog with rabies foaming at the mouth and out of his mind

  3. Great blog…

    This article made me wake up. After reading this article, I learned a lot. I will spread the stories on your blog. I hope everyone like me learns more about this fraud….

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