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Not content with being a revealed liar, Leonard Coldwell (real name Bernd Klein), has taken to posting on Facebook with fake accounts.

rudi4Coldwell writes to a Facebook post as Rudi.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise when you consider that everything about him is fake!

His name is fake.

His nationality is fake.

His degrees are fake.

His new business venture is fake (at least based on unoriginal concepts stolen from GIN).

His claims to cure cancer are fake (no known evidence of his claims in writing of any kind).

His intentions towards his adopted government are fake (Makes numerous threats against Obama).

His ‘Hands on Healing’ is fake (see the molestation claims against him).

Overall, this putrid ball of fat and greasy skin, is an utter and complete FAKE!

Not content with having achieved all the above, Lenny now posts on Facebook under the false name of ‘Rudi Kauder’. This is a name he once used to pretend to be his own brother! (Add ‘fake brother’ to the list.)

In using the false name, he threatened our favourite Cosmic Blogger, but obviously is too stupid to have remembered this. (This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Lenny often forgets about threats he has made to people in the past.)

Cosmic Connie had this to say on Facebook:

Connie Schmidt
I’ve been writing about this for some time now but I don’t think I’ve posted it yet. Here, in three parts, is “Rudi Kauder” pretending to be “Dr. C’s” brother, and threatening me. I split the screen shot into three parts. I am going to try to post the shots so they will show up in order, but if they don’t I think you can figure them out from the designations, A, B, and C. Lenny the Loony sent this to my private Facebook email, which I never check. He could have sent it as a regular PM and I would have seen it right away. Or he could have sent it to the Juno email address that is clearly published on my blog — and again, I would have seen it right away. Instead I didn’t see it until January 10, 2013, though he had sent it on November 4, 2012.

In this post Lenny is referring to my “Bernd bridges” blog post in which I discussed the German documents from the late 1990s. He also brings his mommy into the discussion. Notice the more-than-implied threat to my physical safety, which he lamely tries to neutralize. Yep, this is clearly Lenny’s writing. And he did NOT delete the “Rudi Kauder” account, though he’d said he would.

Here we see Coldwell as Rudi, making threats:

Pages 1 – 3:




Lenny, or is that Rudi?, obviously didn’t count on recipients taking screen shots for posterity! Other writers on other blogs, have noted Coldwell’s fakery too. Take this piece for example, quoted on CosmicConnie.blogspot.com but written by another blogger who did some indepth research into Coldwell’s Walter Mitty lifestyle:

And here’s a discussion about Lenny on a skeptics’ forum, regarding one of Lenny’s videos claiming that “Every cancer can be cured in weeks.” The discussion was initiated in January of 2010, but in February 2012 this commenter summed up Lenny’s biographical challenges quite nicely:

…I’ve been trying to piece together his professional life story from his multiple web sites (he does not publish a chronological CV anywhere that I can find). However, using only information published by him, he has at least 2 “Doctor” degrees (DNM and NMD) and at least four PhDs, yet he practiced as a “general practitioner for 16 years” prior to devoting himself to curing stress related diseases such as cancer. He has cured 35000 patients of cancer, with a cure rate of more than 90%.

Assuming that he began his advanced medical and PhD work at age 20, and that each degree took him 3 years to complete (I have never met anyone who completed a PhD or other doctorate in less than 3 years), the 6 degrees would take him 18 years to complete (minimum age 38). Let’s assume for simplicity that he did not actually work professionally with any of these degrees until completing his multiple educations since that merely extends his age to the absurd. He then spent “16 years in general practice” before devoting himself to curing cancer, which made him 54 when he started his cancer work. (Somewhere in the process he also served as consultant to numerous fortune 500 companies on business matters, getting rich quick and other schemes according to his website, but let’s assume he did that during evenings and weekends since it otherwise adds even more years to his age).

So at age 54 he starts curing 35000 patients of cancer. It is reasonable to assume from his websites that virtually every patient he treated was cured, so he did not need to waste much time with patients who died of cancer. We need to understand that cancer is difficult to treat, so even someone of “Dr.” Coldwell’s prowess could not cure them in a single visit. Let’s assume that each patient required an average of 10 visits before they could be declared completely cured, and that each visit required 1 hour of the great man’s time. 35000 patients x 10 hour visits = 350,000 hours. Assuming that he worked 60 hour weeks x 50 weeks per year, he could handle 3000 visits, and cure 300 patients per year. At that rate, it would take him more than 100 years to cure 35,000 patients of cancer. During this same period, he was also writing numerous scholarly works, giving numerous acclaimed lectures, dealing with “Nobel Prize winners” as his “patients or students”. We can assume he was doing that extra work during evenings and weekends.

Curious that a man of such prodigious accomplishments would be acclaimed on the internet only on his own websites (or those of his partner and “patient”, Mr. Kevin Trudeau, himself convicted multiple times of theft and fraud).

Who would have thought that news of such a magnificent healer and humanitarian could be so effectively suppressed in the age of the internet? I marvel at the “cancer industry” and “tobacco lobby” in all their glorious omnipotence.

It is kind of touching that such a great man would retain the authority of his cute little German accent, like so many of the great scientists (Freud, Einstein, Warburg, Krebs, Meyerhof, Schroedinger, Coldwell). Strange that such an adorable authority with his lovely German accent has such a non German name. (Incidentally, I found a reference in the Amazon reviews of one of his books from somebody who actually went to the trouble to look up four of the European institutions at which he had allegedly served with great distinction, and none of them had ever heard of him. Ungrateful!)

Salty Droid has also revealed Coldwell’s fakery to the world. And we questioned his authenticity as a doctor in this post here on gintruth.com at an earlier date.

Thanks Lenny for revealing yourself as a self-deluded individual, over and over again. I’m sure in the long-term, that’s got to be good for business πŸ™‚

This just in from Lenny the Loony:

Leonard Coldwell Nmd Phd Abe it is so cool that WE know something that all of these idiots dont! We are sitting back and watching it unfold. I think its so funny when we see all these looney’s still trying to hang on to their delusion. By now it pathological denial. No one with a brain could not see what is going on. KT hiding in Switzerland, Gin staff and lawyers subpenaed, 220 million money laundry etc what else do these losers need to wake up and smell the cow dunk?
3 hours ago Β· Like

What’s really funny about this Lenny, is the fact that you come across like a 10 year old spoilt brat! And there’s nothing in the info you gave here that I haven’t already brought to light. Moving on…

Leonard Coldwell Nmd Phd Revenge: The main cause of cancer is suppression of emotions! Is living in denial ( fake forgiving Christians have 4 times – 400%- more cancer ) If you dont get even you suppress the emotions that need to come out that means you close the vent to a boiling water pot so that the steam cannot come out and the result is that it will explode because of the pressure. The same is true for the development of cancer. You suppress your emotions, live in denial and as a victim and you WILL get cancer! I love that actually! All the cowards that camouflage their wimpyness and fear with the lie of forgiveness are dying of cancer.
3 hours ago Β· Like

Wow! Thousands of years of medical research and you’re the first person to suggest that suppression of emotions causes cancer! Perhaps you might pay a visit to Gt.Ormond St. Hospital in London, UK, and tell that to the many children there who have cancer! Go on Lenny, go marching in there Nazi style and tell those negative little buggers that they have cancer because they weren’t happy enough or didn’t express enough emotion when playing with their toys, friends, family members! Go on in there and tell them how it is 100% their own fault! 400% their own fault if they come from a Christian family according to your bullshit!

I’ll make a deal with you right here and now: Let all those people with cancer, line up and punch you repeatedly in the face, releasing their emotions and therefore, releasing themselves from their respective cancers!! You’re such a kind humanitarian Lenny, I can’t possibly see why you wouldn’t allow this to happen if it means curing another 35,000 people of their cancer!!

FACT: You haven’t even cured ONE PERSON of cancer! PERIOD!

FACT: You have absolutely ZERO medical writings in ANY medical journal!

FACT: You are not the only source of news coming from the GIN offices – you’re a completely gullible moron if you believe that to be the case! (Actually, that’s an oxymoron because you’re a complete moron anyway!)

FACT: You talk complete and utter garbage! I think it’s time to start enquiries with the FTC into your business dealings and health claims!

Kind of ironic that he calls people cowards and cowardly, but uses a fake name to post outlandish claims and threats to people on the internet!


I like truth. I like honesty. I like seeing people get what they paid for. I hate scammers.

13 thoughts on “Leonard Coldwell..I mean Rudi..no..I mean..Bernd Klein..what IS your name?”
  1. This is one sick twisted person, who continues to make false claims about curing Cancer. This sick perverted man was kicked out of GIN, by Kevin Trudeau a convicted felon himself. I guess there is no honor when it comes to scam world. If you’re thinking of joining the “I’M BS Club”, don’t walk but run the other way!

  2. Lenny is one of the few people who are lucky enough to have their mental illnesses documented by a court. Read the German court’s description of him below and see if it applies to his current behavior.

    After losing a court case in Germany the court described Lenny/Bernd/Rudi thusly:

    Third Self-representation / handling criticism:
    In the personal letter Coldwells under the above-mentioned method are numerous beyond the usual measure addition to aggressive, irrational, almost bewildered expressions. He cites a letter dated 15/11/99 to critical remarks inexplicably calculated on the product liability law. He claims to have evidence that the critic was working for Scientology, he assumed their “bad faith and fanaticism,” she described as schizophrenic and as a chain smoker, etc. The omissions are not only irrational, they are also redundant, as they should to the readers (in this case the District Court) hammered normal. After a presentation by the ZDF broadcast 2.11.99 he allegedly threatened the broadcaster so that he would ask for criticizing damages in existence hazardous level – after all, one of the public body. Such empty, but excessive threats indicate significant deficits in the perception of reality.

    The irrational attacks on “enemies” is facing an equally irrational ideal image of the self. He had developed the “world’s only integral (holistic) Support System” – a given of the crowd on the alternative psycho-market and the obvious similarities with other offers of positive thinking but very strange-looking statement. Perfect health, cure cancer and AIDS are promised by Coldwell, he himself turns out to be ideal example of these promises represent false references from large companies complete the picture of an illusory self-publicity. One must assume that it is Coldwell is a personality with self-centered, self-perception and perception of unreal, therefore the highly aggressive responding to any form of criticism and questioning. From this insight and ability to compromise is not expected unfortunately.

    1. It was also documented in this same court document that Lenny is lying about just about everything he ever claimed about anything. Specifically that he never consulted with any of the large companies he claims have hired him, has no degrees whatsoever and that his “systems” are little more than plans copied from others in the psycho market.

    2. Excellent find Tom! Please send the original copy of the document to me via the ‘CONTACT’ link on this page and I’ll be happy to put it up for the world to see! πŸ™‚

  3. This message came in from CosmicConnie:
    The first thing I did when I discovered my own little message from “Rudi” was laugh out loud. Literally. It was so obviously Lenny’s writing. And the fact that not only did he use a phony name, but also pretended to be his brother, was just bonus craziness. If he really had been Coldwell’s brother why wouldn’t he use his real name? That real name would be Jens Wilhelm Anskohl, although Jens also has a business card that lists him as Nicholas Coldwell (one of the “famous” Coldwell Brothers Organization, I suppose). It appears that name fakery runs in the Coldwell family.
    Jens Anskohl is actually Lenny’s half-brother, the son of Lenny’s late step dad Lothar. Jens is a poker player and also has his hand in some of Lenny’s businesses in the US (e.g., The Church of Inner Healing), and no doubt in Germany as well. However, I seriously doubt that Jens is spending time writing private threats to critics of his older brother. I have a strong sense that he’s in it for whatever quick cash he can make, rather than for defending Lenny’s honor (not that there is any actual honor to defend).
    But I digress. I did not reply to “Rudi,” but I did look more closely at that bit towards the end of the message, regarding Lenny’s threats to share my personal info with his so-called millions of passionate fans, who supposedly would be willing to die for him. Although I knew it was completely daft, I honestly felt enough of a threat that I reported it to law enforcement the same night I discovered it — just so it would be on the record.
    I don’t really expect Lenny to show up at my door in person (he would have to get past a whole lot of dogs, some firearms, and a very vigilant Ron to get to me)… but you never know what kind of idiots might be inspired to take action on his behalf. My reporting this cyber-threat to law enforcement was not only to protect me, but also to protect people who might be stupid enough to try to commit violence in Lenny’s name.
    Bear7: You can find links to the German documents, as well as a fairly in-depth discussion of what they are about, by Googling “Bernd bridges Whirled Musings.” It was my writing about those German documents that first inspired Lenny the Loony to go after me, and he mentioned as much in the “Rudi Kauder” threat. And yes, blogging about scammers IS a lifetime project. Scamworld is a big planet and Trudeau and GIN are only one small country.

  4. Unbeliavable, now who tells the true is a liar and the swindler are serious person.

    Keep going on GIn Truth. Gin Truth administrator for President !!!

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