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Award winning reporter Ryan Kath
Award winning reporter Ryan Kath

Award winning investigative journalist Ryan Kath of 41Action News, Kansas, MO, has lived up to his word and done a follow up report on the deceptive practices behind GIN involving Kevin Trudeau.

You can see our previous story here and the latest 41Action News full story here. (Please wait for the ad to finish playing).

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The judge ruled that all subpoenas issued to associates, legal representatives and organizations connected to Trudeau must be obeyed, and ordered Trudeau into court May 21st. This means he can no longer send representatives and if he fails to appear, he will be in contempt and liable to arrest.

More information to follow as it comes.

UPDATE:March 09th, 3:56AM (GMT+9):

This latest document released by the FTC:

Judge Gettleman’s Order for Evidentiary Hearing (1 page .pdf document)


I like truth. I like honesty. I like seeing people get what they paid for. I hate scammers.

4 thoughts on “41Action News Follows Up – “Pauper Prince” Ordered to Appear in Court!”
  1. Kevin has a knack for buying more time. I keep thinking they will finally get tired of his games. He tells everyone who has ever read him to play the same games he is with them. For those who don’t believe me, read some of his books about money.

    Someone said just the other day, why would I wish Kevin Trudeau into jail. All he did was write a book. A book about weight loss. That isn’t all he did, he stole peoples dreams, their money, and hopes. He did this with ITV ventures, and he did this with GIN. Yes, he wrote some books, and he misrepresented those books on infomercials and that is the reason he is in trouble at the moment.

    But, Kevin Trudeau has don so much more to people that can be represented in court.

  2. Thank guys, I was really close to loose money and to join this scam. First time in my life unemployment helped me, that was the reason gave me a bit more time to discover the reality and what amazing scam was Trudeau. I am amazing how this kind of systems are allow in U.S.A., I stil can not understand how they are allowed.

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