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Once hired and paid very wealthily by the Global Information Network / Kevin Trudeau, these two clowns have set up in business for themselves, with a similar business model to attain success, wealth and health. But not without some ridiculous and no doubt, illegal, clauses.

The former employees of the Global Information Network are now claiming that they are the only “secret society” that can help you achieve your goals:

The first red flag was raised when they claim to be the only society of their kind! I guess then, GIN, NeoThink and a whole array of other such clubs, just don’t exist! And their system is “patented”! Wow! Must be a new world record for getting the fastest patent ever, considering this site has been up for less than a couple of days! And wait…didn’t GIN have the same claims? And you have to love the confidence that their “process and system…gets to the core of any issue you have….and can permanently eliminate it.”
That’s a pretty [Leonard Coldwell] bald claim to make for a system that hasn’t even had any proven results yet! And just like GIN’s overpriced scam, IBMS is no different and of course, they claim that not one red penny of your money is refundable! There’s a warning bell right there!

But wait! It gets even worse:

Click the picture to view a larger screenshot.

So let me get this straight…there’s only one level but you will qualify for the next level over time? Wait…there’s only one level…what happened to the system you guys claim to have in place? Where are all the other levels? Isn’t that offering a product you don’t have? Thanks to Lenny’s favourite “Cosmic Slut” for the screenshot below:

Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 7.26.52 PM

Click the picture to view a larger version.

In the above screenshot, you can clearly see, in the red circle, this line:

You agree to assign to GIN your right to bring any action for violation of any proprietary rights against any third parties in possession of Confidential Information received by you*.

UPDATE: Having obviously read this blog, one of them altered the above page on their webiste, whereby they took out the sentence quote above. However, as usual with these idiots, they are too late and screenshots are their nemesis.


A very clear breach of copyright and theft right there folks! Yes, these morons can’t even steal properly!! What’s more, they try to illegally assail that you cannot sue them – EVER, for anything!! And, like GIN, you have to pay to join the next level. Even though there is only one at the moment (they need more time to make shit up for the other levels).

See more thoughts on ScamWorld’s latest addition here.

It’s a tired old record, but the message is as prevailant as ever: Stay away from these thieves and liars if you value your money and self-worth!

Kind of ironic that their business address (which is shared with multiple other businesses), is:

They’re hungry that’s for sure – for your money and gullibility!


I like truth. I like honesty. I like seeing people get what they paid for. I hate scammers.

2 thoughts on “Stealing from your former employer is how scammers do business!”
  1. In his latest spam email, which I’ve personally requested to be removed from his mailing list, no fewer than THREE times, Coldwell claims the following bullshit!:

    “Dear Champion,

    Government tyranny is at an all time high right now.

    You will not believe what my intelligence and CIA/FBI connections have reported back to me over the past couple weeks. This is information you need to know right away.

    I have major updates for you on rising gas prices, the dangers of China, the New World Order, gun confiscation, chemtrails, martial law, GMOs, the supposed Bin Laden killing, and much more. I’m also going to separate fact from fiction on some of the more popular government conspiracy theories. And if that is not enough, I’m also going to address the truth about Piers Morgan, who he works for, and his real agenda.

    It is all taking place at my upcoming teleseminar called…

    “Tyranny, Dictators, and Mass Murder”

    Here are the call-in details (no charge):

    Date: Thursday, March XX, 2013
    Time: XXXX
    Call-in Number: 1-XXXXXXX-00
    Access Code: XXXXXX (you need this to access the teleseminar)

    You are going to be shocked and amazed by this call. Call in early as there are a limited number of phone lines. Don’t be left out.

    Special Bonus…

    I’ve also started a new secret society with Peter Wink called the IBMS Master’s Society. Some are calling it “Warrior Training.” I cannot write about it here as there’s too much to tell you. You can learn all about it on the call.

    I look forward to chatting with you on March 7th. Dial in early Champ!

    Your friend,
    Dr. Coldwell ”

    I responded with : you’re so full of shit! CIA and FBI connections? Yeah, and I have supper with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth every Sunday!

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