Coldwell would have you believe he’s a perfect gentleman, professional and a scholar. He hasn’t studied anywhere – not legally anyway, he’s definitely a professional scam-artist and bullshitter, and his gentleman skills only last up to the point of refusing to have sex with him.

Coldwell the ladies man

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]o it’s been 2 whole months since I did a blog post here and many of you have been voicing concerns about that through social media and emails, and asking when I was going to be coming back to writing. Well – life throws things at you without ever looking at where what it throws will land, how or when. And it’s been throwing some crap in my direction, but I have a big paddle and have managed to swim through it reasonably well. Pretty much, life doesn’t care if you’re an adversary for doing good by keeping people informed of the truth, or if you’re a lying fake scummy quack like Coldwell, Husein or Trudeau.

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ith that said, let’s get on to this post, which is going to reveal why Coldwell should not be trusted around women. Naturally I am not going to reveal my sources, for whom I am very grateful for the information they send my way, but suffice to say, the following information was given to me several months ago and I have verified it before writing. As I do with all information for every article. Coldwell’s followers on the other hand, just blindly believe everything he spews forth without checking it first.

He says that his wife would rather have a man who cheats on her than a woman of a husband.

The following text is a conversation between two of my sources which took place some time ago. I have edited it where necessary to preserve their identities:

Word is that within the past few years at least half a dozen women (possibly more) have come forth with complaints of being sexually violated by him — women who in some cases were working for him. Some of them reportedly said he molested them in the guise of giving them some sort of “health exam,” something he is not qualified to do in the first place since he is not in fact a real physician — certainly not a M.D., (though to my knowledge he has NOT claimed to be an M.D.), and almost certainly not a real naturopathic physician (which he is apparently claiming to be, based on the NMD he uses after his name). Similar things may have happened in Germany years ago. People are looking into all of this. Wish I could tell more at this point but must be careful. Too much at stake.

Source A: BTW, apparently no charges have been filed in US cases, possibly because the women were embarrassed or perhaps he intimidated them, which he reportedly is good at doing when the charming bon vivant act doesn’t work.

Source B: I know he always has cute busty women as his assistants. He is very open about his open marriage and about cheating on his wife; his talking on stage at Gin seminars about his adventurous sex life was an issue for a lot of people. He flirts with every woman and is a very professed bourbon lover, so him getting a bit handsy with some of these women wouldn’t be a major shock. I heard something about the Charleston police trying to get ahold of him very recently, do you believe this is related?

Source A: Do you mean you heard it very recently or do you mean the police tried to get hold of him very recently? I do not know details either way but i would be interested in knowing more.

I of course have also heard the buzz about his behavior at GIN events, and honestly that would be no big deal to me personally; I would just avoid him. I would roll my eyes and stay out of his way. I am quite impervious to the “charms” of little tan charlatans, even if they do have a foreign accent and they try to convince me that I am a “champion.” LOL.

I do wonder if his wife agrees with that “open marriage” idea to the extent that he does. I wonder if she parades around with hot guys and brags about it, and if so, how accepting he is of her extracurricular activities. I rather suspect she is not thrilled about their arrangement, the particulars of which were almost certainly defined by Lenny. I sense an imbalance of power in this latest marriage of his. But of course I could be wrong and in any case, that is between the two of them to sort out.

Bottom line is that in most circumstances I am not offended or bothered by consensual behavior as long as nobody is under-aged. I do have a problem with fake doctors (or real ones, for that matter), or therapists or bosses or clergy or other types of spiritual “leaders” or gurus or teachers — or anyone in a position of power or authority — who take advantage of people sexually, financially, or emotionally. So the cute busty women Lenny poses with on Facebook are probably not victims and I do not look at them that way. I think of them more as props to shore up his ego. Some of them may even laugh at him behind his back. But as long as everyone has fun and no one is sexually or financially taken advantage of… NBD.

It is the other women — those who may be afraid to come forth for fear of legal action or worse — who worry me. And it may be that I am over reacting. But in cases like this I have always taken the attitude that where there is smoke there’s fire, and I have rarely been wrong about that. Am always open to hearing other perspectives, though, for I want to be fair and do not want to hurt anyone.

For me, a perfect weekend is in the woods, a bottle of bourbon, two girlfriends, MAYBE my wife. ~ Leonard Coldwell

Source B: To answer your first question, both. I’ve been to 3 of his seminars now and it actually is really funny. One of his quotes made me laugh my ass off- “For me, a perfect weekend is in the woods, a bottle of bourbon, two girlfriends, MAYBE my wife.” He says that his wife would rather have a man who cheats on her than a woman of a husband.

Source A: Well, I guess that quotation could be amusing on several levels. A few folks I’ve communicated with who met him said he kind of got their “gaydar” up (and they aren’t gay themselves). They got the strong feeling that his ostentatious womanizing might be at least partly an act to compensate for his own latent gayness. One speculated that some of the homophobic remarks he has made are also attempts to overcompensate. But whatever his latent tendencies are — and I really don’t care — he seems to prefer the female eye candy, at least in public.

I am curious about how some of the women attending his seminars react when he makes those remarks about his ‘perfect weekend’ — or does he only make such remarks when guys are around?

And when you say you laughed your ass off at that remark, were you laughing at him or with him? [:-)] And in fairness, context is everything. If he were engaging in self-parody, making fun of his own philandering and expecting everyone to be in on the joke, that isn’t so wretched as the quote, taken out of context, makes him sound. OTOH, given what I have seen of him, his womanizing act is more pathetic than anything. But that could just be my bias.

Men, if you’re doing the dishes in your own home and not your wife, there is a problem! ~ Leonard Coldwell

Source B: No, he makes the remarks on stage actually during the seminars. Women also don’t like when he says “Men, if you’re doing the dishes in your own home and not your wife, there is a problem!” Even though I’m a one woman kind of guy, I do think it is amusing when he says those things about cheating on his wife. I’m not one to judge a seemingly happy arrangement, so if that really is how it works and his wife is genuinely happy more power to him. On a consensual basis of course.

Source A: Funny you should say that. I just heard a rumor that the wife is not happy because he is abusive. No word yet on whether he is reportedly physically abusive, emotionally abusive or both. BTW have you met her?

Source B: No I haven’t.

Source B‘s observations certainly did sync with numerous other reports that have been seen regarding Coldwell’s behavior at seminars. This PM from August 2012, regarding Coldwell’s behavior at the April 2012 GIN Dream Weekend in Las Vegas. It’s hearsay (third-hand at that), of course, but still… consistent with numerous other observations:

I have edited out the identity of the person who asked Connie for information.

2012 Conversation from someone concerned about Coldwell's behaviour.
2012 Conversation from someone concerned about Coldwell’s behaviour.

Another account of Coldwell’s behavior at the hotel bar at the Vegas event in April 2012 came from a woman who was there. According to her, Coldwell kept making passes at women but was unsuccessful, while his much better looking little half-brother “Nicky” (Jens) was surrounded by beautiful and willing women. Finally, Coldwell got up and left the bar in disgust, but the whole time prior to walking out, he was still trying to be the ladies’ man. My source told me:

…he grabbed my correspondent’s hand and placed it on his crotch (apparently he had an erection), and he asked her, “Wouldn’t you like to have some of this?” Of course she declined.

At any rate, his behavior at that event was apparently one of the last straws and was instrumental in Kevin’s decision to kick him out of GIN. It wasn’t the only cause but it was a factor.

Over the past four years, I’ve had so much information sent to me from various sources around the globe that have dealt with Coldwell in one form or another. The long and short of it is, it’s no wonder his first wife divorced him. And now he’s managed to pull the deluded Amy into his clutches. How long before she sees him for the true predator he really is and dumps him? Hard to tell because she’s, well…deluded.

And for those of you who haven’t read it yet, here’s the police report regarding Coldwell’s sexual promiscuity under the guise of Hands on Healing.

As Coldwell is currently blocked by Facebook again for 30 days, due to his racist and xenophobic rants towards Muslims, he has taken to writing on his German Facebook page instead. But apparently he’s not very good at doing even that, as some folks who are willing to translate his writings have noted that he is as bad at grammar in his own native German language, as he is in English and is also getting called out by his fellow Germans to provide evidence of his claims.

I’m currently following up on more information sent to me regarding his womanising in Germany, but that’s a story for another time. You can also get more regular updates for the past couple of months over at Connie’s blog. I’ll also be looking into claims he bought a lakeside house, but for now, it appears that the property is listed as a rental only. Probably just another lie in Coldwell’s arsenal of bullshit to make himself appear bigger and better than he actually is.

Suffice to say, if you’re a woman and your gut instinct tells you not to trust this lunatic, go with it. Because you wouldn’t be the first woman he’s hit on outside of his marriages, and you certainly won’t be the last!