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Well folks, if all my other posts on Leonard Coldwell, douchebag, liar, fake quack, overweight-but-tries-to-sell-you-slimming-products conman, and a whole host of other facts, weren’t evidence enough, here’s definitive proof that he just regurgitates crap from the internet as fact, without an ounce of research! Oh, and that he’s a racist POS.

Louisiana Baptist University may want to consider taking their honorary degree back!
Louisiana Baptist University may want to consider taking their honorary degree back!

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]y now you should be no stranger to the absolute sheer bullshit that Leonard Coldwell puts out on social media giant, Facebook. And today was no exception! In his latest post where he continues to show his utter contempt for the Islamic faith as a whole, or rather, the members of that faith – the Muslims – Coldwell clearly has absolutely zero knowledge on the politics of Japan or any of its laws that are for the most part, in place to ensure the longevity and continuance of its own culture and heritage in an ever increasing divergent world.

So as someone who has lived happily in Japan since October 1999, legally and fully registered with a Permanent Residency visa and not hiding (despite Coldwell’s moronic claims otherwise), let me fill you in on the reality of his latest pathetic and uninformed finger pointing stupidity. And in the process, you’ll also learn something about Japan and more importantly I hope you’ll finally start to realise that Leonard Coldwell is undeserving of the title of Humanitarian in every sense of the word! And as a side note there are some people who think Japan hates Muslims because it refuses thousands of applications for asylum each year. Japan has a population of 127 million people and is still dealing with the Fukushima crisis of 2011. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stated earlier in 2015 that giving people asylum in Japan is not on option at the moment, because “We can barely take care of our own people right now, never mind refugees!” And he’s absolutely right. Charity begins at home before you can think about taking care of outside forces. This will likely change in the future, but for now immigration is capped and applies to people of various faith and nations, not just Islamic countries or Muslims.


    Japan keeps Islam at bay by putting restrictions on Islam and ALL Muslims.

  • FALSE – Japan restricts all religions to preserve and ensure that its own heritage and culture remains intact and largely uninfluenced by outside factors, but it does allow other religions to have limited and monitored places of worship. Saint Francis Xavier was instrumental in bringing Christianity to Japan in the 16th century and there are hundreds of churches all over Japan. Likewise, there are at present, some 200+ mosques in the country, too.

A Turkish Mosque in Tokyo.
A Turkish Mosque in Tokyo.

    Japan is the only nation that does not give citizenship to Muslims.

  • FALSE – Here in Japan a person’s religious belief and faith is not a deciding factor in the Ministry of Immigration’s consideration of an application for citizenship. Applications are monitored on period of residency, family status and personal history both within Japan and from the applicant’s home nation. If an applicant has a criminal record in their home country, it is likely that their application will not be successful. Even if said criminal record is for stealing candy from a store when you were 13 years old, it will be an influencing factor in the application for either Permanent Residency or application to become a Japanese citizen. Again, this comes down to the standards set in place to preserve the safety and longevity of the Japanese way of life, it’s rich history and culture, from being dented by the possibility of negative impact by unsavoury characters. So for example, even though there was no formal prosecution or charges, Leonard Coldwell would most likely be refused even a simple tourist visa simply because of the report that was initially made against him regarding sexual misconduct and the fact that that report still exists for the world to see!


    Permanent residency is not given to Muslims

  • FALSE – Muslims are not denied Permanent Residency just because they are Muslims. Again, as in point #2 above, applications are considered based on ergonomic factors and an applicant’s religious beliefs are not pertinent to that process. Citizenship is hard to attain for any foreigner due to the requirements to comply with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs requirements, but only an imbecile like Coldwell would actually believe that only Muslims are denied. And 86 idiots who follow him plus morons like Phyllis Brewer and Peter Heindl (see image)


    Propagation of Islam in Japan is banned

  • FALSE – Like most nations Japan has a history deeply routed in its religion of choice, in this case – Shinto Buddhism. There are other Buddhist faiths here too, but for the most part, Shinto holds the main arena. Other religions are allowed to practice their faith here but as mentioned, it is strictly limited and monitored, to ensure preservation of cultural and historical influences on today’s modern Japanese society. This means that while other faiths can and do talk to Japanese residents about their particular faith, (The Mormons/Church of Latter Day Saints, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Catholicism are just a few that will talk to people in the streets, hand out leaflets or make house-to-house calls.) public speaking or gathering of crowds to preach to is illegal and this is the case for all faiths including Shinto. But it is definitely not banned to talk to others about your religion with the intent to convert.

The Muslim community in Fukuoka lives peacefully with and integrates with their Japanese hosts and neighbours.  While the link (click to open) contains information for a speech by Zakir Naik (known for his ability to stir controversy regarding women, other religions and equality), it shows clearly that Japan will also allow people the right to express their faith and beliefs, so long as it does not profess to disrupt Japanese culture and history, as well as society that is deeply entrenched in its ways.
The Muslim community in Fukuoka lives peacefully with and integrates with their Japanese hosts and neighbours.
While the link (click to open) contains information for a speech by Zakir Naik (known for his ability to stir controversy regarding women, other religions and equality), it shows clearly that Japan will also allow people the right to express their faith and beliefs, so long as it does not profess to disrupt Japanese culture and history, as well as society that is deeply entrenched in its ways.

    In the University of Japan, Arabic or any Islamic language is not taught.

  • FALSE – First of all there is no ‘University of Japan’ but there is one with a similar name but the name is The International University of Japan – IUJ and no, they do not teach Arabic or any Islamic language. But neither do they teach French, German, Croatian, Peruvian, Icelandic or Mongolian! Some other universities here do offer Arabic Language courses. The sheer stupidity of trying to make this statement as an actual Japanese notion towards quashing the Islamic faith on Japanese shores, just goes to show that the original author is totally Islamaphobic and completely complacent in understanding anything about either Islam, Muslims and Japanese history and culture. Like Lunatic Leonard Coldwell, the meme maker suffers from paranoid delusions based on ignorance stemming from too much media propaganda. The IUJ is a prestigious university offering business related courses for higher intellect and like most other universities here, offer both English and Japanese courses. English is an International Language used by people of all faiths and all cultures. Arabic is not but it is a language of growing interest.


    Japan is the only country in the world with negligible number of embassies in Islamic countries.

  • FALSE – Japan has many Embassies in many Islamic faith nations and as such, is host to Embassies for those nations, here in Japan. Here is a comprehensive list of Japanese Embassies in Islamic countries. These same countries have Embassies here in Japan also. Cleary neither the meme author or Coldwell have a single clue between them on how this particular political genome works!

Japan has a good relationship with its Islamic community, as it does with all other religions allowed here.
Japan has a good relationship with its Islamic community, as it does with all other religions allowed here.

    One cannot import a Koran published in the Arabic language

  • FALSE – There are some 130,000+ Muslims living here in Japan with a relatively large percentage of them being Japanese converts. The Koran is available in some good book stores, mainly translated into Japanese for obvious reasons! But the import of a Koran printed in the Arabic language is perfectly acceptable. It is rare that a book will be barred from Japanese bookstores or libraries unless it is deemed viably damaging to the Japanese way of life and here in Japan, and not hidden from news around the world, one will occasionally see stories of books under review or barred from stores and more-so, texts banned from Japanese schools due to their content based on actual accounts of Japanese Imperialism during the 2nd World War. One could argue that such texts are hidden merely because the Japanese government does not want to admit its humanitarian failings during the war and wishes to hide the truth from its people. On the other hand, you could argue a multitude of various reasons why they do this but I really can’t be bothered to get into a political spat discussion about something that quite frankly, has a zillion blog posts all over the internet already.


    Muslims must follow Japanese Law and language.

  • TRUE & FALSE – This is a complete no brainer! Does Loony Leonard Coldwell and the meme author actually believe that you don’t have to follow the laws of the country you are in? Yes, they probably do, Lenny especially because he clearly thinks the laws of the United States of America don’t apply to him. Do I like the laws of my host nation? No, not all of them. 975c59692943cb30e51f293bf087a528In fact some of them just defy complete and utter logical reasoning. For example, if you’re driving your car and someone rams into the back of you, through no fault of your own, you’re still legally responsible for paying 10% of your car insurance to the other party or the party’s insurance company. Go figure. But laws are put in place just like anywhere else, for our safety and well-being. So without exception, everyone has to follow Japanese laws in Japan! As for the language – no one is forced to speak Japanese but it sure as hell helps! What kind of imbecile actually believes that a country forces you to speak their language? Oh wait, Coldwell…


    The Japanese government is of the opinion that Muslims are fundamentalist, and unwilling to change their Muslim laws.

  • FALSE – As already stated, the Japanese system has laws in place that apply to everyone regardless of nationality or faith. Japan does not and will not, change its laws to accommodate Muslims or anyone else that decides to live here, temporary or permanently. As for claiming that the government is of the opinion that Muslims are fundamentalists, there is absolutely nothing to back up this ludicrous statement! However, like many/most other governments around the globe, they do think that radicals are fundamentalists. But no-one believes for a second that fundamental radicals are a true depiction of all Muslims! Only complete idiots like Coldwell, whose clearly obvious hatred for Muslims, believe such nonsense!


    Muslims cannot even rent a house in Japan.

  • FALSE – Landlords do not give a flying monkey nut if you’re a Muslim, Christian, Buddhist Sikh, Martian or Polynesian Coconut herder. All they care about is whether you can pay your rent every month and that you have enough money for the deposit if required and a guarantor. The way it works here is:

    • You look for a place.

    • You enquire at the realtor’s office about the place you like.

    • You agree on details, sign a contract, pay a deposit (where required) and list someone as a guarantor. Usually the latter would need to be a family member outside of your current family home (love your in-laws!) or a someone you know well enough that has a good credit history and background, that is willing to put their faith and trust in you to pay up on time and not leave them to foot the bill!

    • A good credit rating helps but is not necessary.

  • The requirements to rent accommodation in Japan apply to everyone – Japanese or not. There are no exceptions to this and no one is discriminated against because they’re non-Japanese!


    Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 2.12.47 PM

    There is no Sharia Law in Japan

  • TRUE – But then again, there is no Sharia law in America, Britain, France, Germany, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Russia or countless other nations, either! By even making such a pathetic statement, the meme author is clearly trying to imply that the Japanese are unique in not having Sharia law. As I’ve already made clear, no law but Japanese law prevails here, and that’s the way it should be. We see kangaroo courts in some countries like the UK where some Islamic communities implement Sharia Law amongst themselves. However, the Crown and Her Majesty’s government, do not recognise these Sharia law ‘courts’ as legitimate. Neither do other nations where they exist either.

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]y its very title the meme implies that the world should follow Japan’s lead in the points it makes as well as clearly insinuating that only the Islamic faith and the Muslims that live here, are restricted in what they can practice legally and religiously.

Now you know different.

But don’t take my word for it, do your own research. This is something that I cannot emphasise enough that you should be doing! Don’t just take complete idiots like Leonard Coldwell at his word, because by doing so you just make yourself look as stupid, ignorant and racist as he is!

I’ll have another post coming out very soon regarding Leonard Coldwell’s depravity and sexual harassment, as well as looking into some rumours that Leonard Coldwell himself, may actually be guilty of partaking in gay romps*, from an extremely reliable source!

*No offence intended to the gay community – I just don’t want Coldwell doing any further homophobic rants without people knowing the reasons why. Supposedly. 😉

I almost forgot in my haste to show the world what a hate-filled charlatan Leonard Coldwell is (as if you didn’t already know) to give you this link to an article on Barenakedislam.com which clearly shows some credible information regarding the existence of the Islamic community here in Japan. Please note that while I would not normally recommend this website, the article itself gives a fairly balanced view of Islam and Muslims living in Japan. Click Here to view the article.*

*I neither agree nor disagree with the opinions of 3rd party articles unless otherwise clearly stated.

A beautiful mosque in Kobe, Japan
A beautiful mosque in Kobe, Japan


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