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Sarah Julie Barendse is not someone I care about, or care to really write about anymore. But she has compelled me to post up pictures of a recent social media hate campaign against me, some of which contain credible threats of violence from those following her. If you’re doubtful about her claims, you’ll be interested to know this is not the first time she’s played the ‘harassment claim card’.

You sending me a pistol? Okay, but I'm not paying for postage and packing!
You sending me a pistol? Okay, but I’m not paying for postage and packing!

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] recent post on social media giant Facebook, has led to the following events and all from my contacting a Pawn shop in Naples, Florida, USA, regarding their recent new hire, Sarah Julie Barendse, as their “Corporate Branding Specialist”.

It seems that some folks just like to conveniently forget that they post things on the interwebz for the world to see, and they sure as hell don’t like it when those posts are used to show their true nature, especially if a business wants to keep a good image.

Regular readers of GINTruth will have seen this somewhat recent post, where I included this picture Sarah put on Facebook for all the world to see:

I get the theme, but seriously, the glue was just nasty!
I get the theme, but seriously, the glue was just nasty!

The douchebag with the sign around his neck that reads Failed Abortion, started to send me verbal abuse on some of my posts after I sent the picture to FirstPawn (see below), asking them if this is really the kind of person (Sarah) they want to have branding their image. You’re a classy guy, Kyle. Although out of respect, I refrained from correcting your extremely bad spelling and grammar on those posts, and instead, decided to save you from further embarrassment by deleting them. So don’t worry, the world will never know how illiterate you really are – at least not from my pages πŸ™‚ .

Sarah hates that there are people on her ‘Friend list’ that send me shots like this, to the point that she’s telling people to unfriend me or unfriend her. More on that in a moment.

So, regarding FirstPawn, she posted that she’s been given gainful employment – congratulations on that! It’s always a good thing when someone gets a job, especially when they’ve been out of work for a while and posting on social media that they can’t afford to take care of their pets and are requesting $3,500 for an operation their pooch needs.

And regardless of whether or not she got the money for that operation, I do hope the puppy is doing good!

FirstPawn - Corporate Branding Specialist - or should that be 'FirstPorn'?
FirstPawn – Corporate Branding Specialist – or should that be ‘FirstPorn’?

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] think the image and reputation of a business is extremely important when considering your options to spend or make money. Whether that business is large or small, new or established etc. Image is, as they say, everything.

Some of you are probably thinking “It’s a pawn shop, probably not a big deal.” And you could be right. But not all pawn shops are equal and some do pride themselves on their reputation and image.

Whether this store has a great reputation or not, I don’t know. Sarah says they do, but then she could say the moon is made of play-doh and some of the people on her list would believe her. Which will become apparent further down this post.

And all this started simply because I sent the FirstPawn business, the picture Sarah dressed as ‘sex’. I did not harass her as she is claiming and have not contacted her directly in several years, nor do I have any desire to do so. She’s just butthurt because I hate liars!

While contacting First Pawn was perhaps a gratuitous bit of mischief, the fact remains that she seemed very, very proud of that pic — in fact that whole series of pics — when she posted them on her page. It wasn’t as if they were on some private/secret forum, and she certainly was not trying to be anonymous. One might argue, I suppose, that context is everything and that it was simply inappropriate to post that pic on First Pawn’s page. But she pretty much relinquished any “right to be forgotten” regarding her proud participation in Fantasy Fest. Besides, her employer is a pawn shop. A perfectly respectable business to be sure, but not a church or a bank or any sort of stuffy professional environment. ~ Anon

Still, as anyone in business knows, your personal life reflects on your business life and vice-versa, so a company has the right to know if you’re a lascivious toe-rag or not.

Let’s address some of Sarah’s pathetic lies and the statements of those dumb enough to believe her.

Sarah has no evidence that her claim is true. And it isn't.
Sarah has no evidence that her claim is true. And it isn’t.

[dropcap]R[/dropcap]ight from the outset of her efforts to ensure I can’t see any of her posts, Sarah starts lying. “He is harassing me outside of Facebook and this is going too far.” Erm, no.

To ‘harass’ you, I’d technically have to be contacting you directly. Which I’m not, and haven’t done for a very long time. Furthermore, notifying your employer of your very public Facebook pictures that could be considered by some to be pretty disgusting and in poor taste, in order to give them the chance not to tarnish their business reputation/image, is not ‘harassment’. That’s public courtesy. Not something you’d know anything about.

Thanks for the ‘lunatic’ name call – kind of ironic given that you support that well-known whacked out fraud Leonard Coldwell, one of the biggest psychos in existence. Or do you consider his lies about Connie Schmidt to be true? What about his lies claiming that I was beaten up for raping kids? Or how about blaming rape victims for being raped and calling them ‘whores’? Or are you choosing to accept those things as true statements while ignoring the sexual harassment claims he had made against him several years ago?

Comes as no surprise really, Sarah. You’ve ‘liked’ some of those posts and even disagreed with him on his accusations that Connie poisoned his dog, Blue. Yet, not had the (in your case – flat) Kahoonas to stand up against his clearly obvious lies and defamation against us and several others.

Bill Stevens – you ain’t gonna do a damn thing. Just like your other keyboard warrior pals. Like the jerk off holding the pistol in the first picture on this blog post. Here it is again for convenience with the comments under it:

What's a 'twirp'? Oh, you mean 'twerp'
What’s a ‘twirp’? Oh, you mean ‘twerp’

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s many of you know in part because of this statement by Facebook, making threats to harm someone via social media, is now a crime punishable by law. Perceived threats of violence – physical or verbal – are not taken lightly and as such, neither has this one or the others (see below) that were written for all the world to see. And without revealing any information here, I can tell you that screen shots have been sent to Facebook for further information regarding any legal action and if necessary, will be passed on to local law enforcement offices in respective jurisdictions. (Oh yeah, it’s a real thing and Facebook are only too happy to do what they can in such cases).

So, Ken Malarik Sr well done for posting that and thinking I wouldn’t see it. You win today’s Darwin Award nomination!

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 2.12.20 PM

Sarah almost gets the address right, but she’s quite off the mark. Iwakuni is one of the main Marine bases in western Japan. Takes me about an hour or so to get there. Probably trying to be smart and think she knows where I am based off my IP address. That’s kind of hard to do too given that my provider bounces from between Nagasaki to Tokyo to Sapporo. Good old NTT – digitally advanced but still can’t base connection in one damn spot!

Posting a location on Facebook is akin to posting an address if it means the person being threatened can be found easily. Again, Facebook is looking into this as a potential legal threat on my behalf. It takes them forever though, just as it did, and many pleadings, to have a blogger’s address and phone number removed after Sarah’s loony pal Coldwell posted it all over Facebook, resulting in real and credible threats to the safety and well-being of her and her family.

David Viens was on my friend list, despite his claim. But he isn’t now. Neither are Patrick Lindley, Kimberly Cox, Daniel West, Stormie Cantrell and Jill Mws. I don’t think any of them ever were, but with over 1,500 ‘friends’ on my personal list, it’s hard to keep up with everyone at once. No loss if they’ve removed themselves. Saves me having to do it.

But without naming names, I’d like to give a quick thank you to those of you who have messaged me with words of support and true friendship.

She’s off her fu**ing head! Who does she think she is? lol

Sarah just told people to choose between you and her. What’s her problem? I’ve always found you to be civil and only seen you pissed when Coldwell falsely accused you of those disgusting things! I made my choice – she’s someone I can live without.

Bahahahaha Bernie! What did you do to piss Sarah off? Have you been rubbing invisibility gel on yourself again and flying over from Tokyo to stalk her at Fat Camp? hahaha she’s nuts.

glad to have you as my friend Burnie [sic]

And more…

Those of you that do know me well, know I don’t do things by halves, and make a concerted effort to back up what I say. So here are more screenshots…


I like the idea of blocking an entire country, but if I did that, I’d lose touch with all my American friends and relatives. I believe Facebook has algorithms in place that make it so we don’t get flooded with posts from countries we don’t associate with. So if you don’t know anyone in Italy, you will likely not see posts from Facebook in Italy.

Paul S not a problem. πŸ™‚

Steven Meyer – I agree! So why are you putting up with an idiot like Sarah? Well done on the over-zealous assumptions too…troll.

John Weise – never see much of me on Facebook? LOL! I’m on it every-single-day! And after an extensive search for you, we might have had 550 mutual friends, but you were never on my friend list. Please, do push your tongue further up Sarah’s rear end – let us know when you can tickle her top teeth!

Abe Husein – hello douchebag! Don’t worry Abe, I have another post on you coming up soon. As for “lies” – how’d your court case go? Did the judge believe you spent $5,000 or as you later claimed, $10,000 to build a shitty website? Poor Abe, lost thousands of dollars trying to scam people – again. Usually people stop when they lose the 2nd time, but clearly you’re too dumb to know when to stop!

Bill Leibert – I do have problems – it’s -4ΒΊC outside and I’m all out of coffee! – Oh, wait…you mean like Leonard Coldwell psycho problems? Ummm…no, sorry can’t help you there.

Randy Lovegrove – I messaged you personally (below for the world to see), because you have no idea who I am! And I suspect your name is either fake or your parents had a wicked sense of humour!

Randy's comment at the bottom, my reply above.
Randy’s comment at the bottom, my reply above.

Cheryl L. Johnson – when I messaged you to ask about the next part of your post, claiming you had a restraining order done, I wanted to clarify whether you were talking about one on me or someone else, as your post was not clear. As you were on my friend list, I merely wanted to make sure you weren’t trying to spread unfounded gossip and lies in order to come across as a victim. However, you completely read my post wrong and proved you’re nothing more than an ill-mannered drama queen! How the hell did I let you on my list?

Don't ya love people who block you and play victim?
Don’t ya love people who block you and play victim?

The 2nd screenshot with Cheryl’s post:

Liars and more threats...
Liars and more threats…


Rik Fowler – you and I were never buddies as far as I can recall. And if we were, you were clearly so unimportant to me that I’d like to thank you for removing yourself from my list. I have no time for old men who failed to grow up!

This next snippet is definitely getting looked into. Because if Rob is a cop, first of all, I congratulate you for putting your life on the line for others every day. But really, Rob? “All over it?” – there’s nothing to be “all over” and you know it!

Jurisdiction, Professionalism and Gullibility - clearly not your strong points.
Jurisdiction, Professionalism and Gullibility – clearly not your strong points.

This was closely followed by another perceived threat from Jason Steltz of Maxam Publishing/Marketing/Advertising, Naples, Florida:

Don't forget to bring your chopsticks - we're all out here.
Don’t forget to bring your chopsticks – we’re all out here.

Hey! Perhaps Rob can be Supercop and go slap a few citations on these idiots?!

Kyle Bohsancurt – you again…haven’t you got some coat hangers to bend and put over your head again or something? Don’t make me put your bad grammar up here!

I’ll get to the likes of morons such as Rodolfo in a moment. Let’s just skip ahead to*

Jim Bordeau:

Clear sign of a liar...
Clear sign of a liar…

Jim and I were never friends. Never even heard of each other until Sarah brought my name up with him. So, for Jim to state that he ‘unfriended’ me, is a clear and out lie. And nor am I blocked as I was able to send Jim this message:

Since posting this message, Jim has blocked me...I'm so sad :(
Since posting this message, Jim has blocked me…I’m so sad πŸ™

Jim didn’t have the balls to reply.

Rodolfo Plasenciathis guy has his nose so far up Leonard Coldwell’s ass he can taste Coldwell’s coffee before it goes down his throat! Earlier last year, Rodolfo failed to see the humour on a PayPal donation button I used to have on this blog, when I said money was needed for coffee and cookies. He literally took it seriously and asked how I could justify such a thing! Jeez Rudolfo! Cookies ain’t frigging cheap, pal!

When Coldwell was accusing me of raping little boys outside a night club here in Japan – something he likes to accuse male bloggers of doing when they speak out against him – Rudolfo was literally swooning all over Coldwell and believes every word that comes out of his vile little chops!

If I lived in the United States, I would absolutely sue Coldwell for defamation of character, libel and much more. And he knows it. But let’s not go there right now as this post is not about him.

I will say though, that if people think I should just sit back and take all these threats from these keyboard warriors, without fighting back and rightly being pissed off, they have another thing coming! And a long time ago, I made it very clear that I would continue to bring to light, these scammers, hucksters and egocentric charlatans for as long as it takes!

This next clip shows the depravity and stupidity of pretty much everyone listed on it:


Matt Summy – No Matt Summy here, either! What a bummer! We could have been good friends and shared stetson stories!

Paul Bannister – UK resident who I have actually blocked for whacked out posts. Seriously mate, you need to lay off the drugs! But to clarify, you’re in the UK, she’s in the US, and I’m in Japan.

  • There’s nothing to record.
  • If I have something to say, I just say it. I don’t hide.
  • Sarah isn’t on anything because there’s nothing to be on. Except in her f***ed up head!

picking on as [sic] woman is low he must be a real jack as [sic] ~ Paul Bannister

Paul, I’m going to guess you’re an avid fan of Loony Coldwell too? If you really want to say someone is low for picking on women, look at his posts and screenshots right here. Don’t try to be a hero – you sound like a jack as [sic] yourself!

Rodolfo Plasencia – given the fact that you were only blocked by me earlier last year, you’re clearly exaggerating about having me “blocked for years”. And thanks again for proving that choose who you listen to. I’m not going to explain myself to a shit ball low life like you again, aside from the fact the English would be lost on your imbecilic mind, someone like you could have God himself standing in front of you telling you the truth, but it would blow your mind to even consider changing your belief from what you read online. If you learn Japanese though, I’ll be happy to get a copy of the police report with the details of the night I was attacked. Sadly, there’s no mention of a child raping or a nightclub because it didn’t f***ing happen you moron!

Silver Eyelids - because wearable antenna!
Silver Eyelids – because wearable antenna!

Laura L. Perras – Perras, comes from the Greek of old times, which means She who is Gullible and Looks out from twitching net curtains.

Ken Ipox – true, I do. I’m a white guy in Japan so I’m pretty used to people thinking I look strange.

Roberta S. Kurg – Nope, me neither! High-Five!

Jennifer Marto“He looks super creepy.” Really? I’m not the one with silver f***ing eyelids!

Jeff Boyd – err…okay, dude. Beta male issues?

Paul Bannister – again – you got that right! And no, she cannot see my friend list anymore. Last thing I need is that idiot harassing my friends and crying crocodile tears to them as she is now.


Robert Pedranti Jr – nope, you’re not on mine either. Feel free to add me though…we have mutual interests in business success. πŸ™‚

Rodolfo – lost in translation and logic. Better if you just don’t try to say anything.

Brian Treadway – wow wow wow! Some pal you turned out to be! Been friends online with you for a long time and you and I have never had any problem with each other. In fact, I had considered you to be a very decent bloke, but I guess it just goes to show how wrong you can be about someone. Never thought in a million years you were the sort of person to take someone’s word as gospel as you clearly did with Sarah’s! Oh well, I’m over it already.

Proof that online friends are as fake as fool's gold!
Proof that online friends are as fake as fool’s gold!

I will be contacting Legal Shield on Monday. ~ Sarah Julie Barendse

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 4.25.33 PM

Legal Shield huh? Okay, good luck with that! I guess that must be one of those cheap lawyer information services similar to the one Coldwell tried to use to sue blogger Jason Jones and failed. Or is it similar to the lawyer that recently dropped his case after realising Coldwell is a total whack job? What are you going to do, Sarah? Tell them the bad man sent a picture you posted on the interwebz to your boss? Or maybe I should have just sent him the link to your page instead? – Nope, not seeing any harassment directed at you there either. Yeah, good luck. Oh, and let me know if you need a Japanese translator – I know a few that could use the money, and a good laugh.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his is getting way too long and I think you all get the point. Which is basically, I haven’t harassed Sarah directly or indirectly at any time. She has always had plenty of hatred towards me for my posts against Leonard Coldwell and the fact that I just don’t like her. But whether I like her or not, I do not make it a point to harass people. I do make it a point to make sure people and businesses are well informed about who they are dealing with. And I do make it a point to stand up for myself and others.

If any of you two-faced back-stabbing ‘friends’ I’ve mentioned in bold in this particular post had any balls and integrity, you’d have spoken out in my defence. As it turns out, some people did. Amazing how quickly Sarah blocked them and ridiculed them in later posts, too. I guess she’s not as smart as she likes to think she is and clearly knows nothing of how Social Media works!

As for the threats some of you made, I do not take them lightly and you can take this as notice that I have put the wheels in motion to have those threats looked at from a legal point of view.

To my true friends, thank you for the support. You know who you are!


I like truth. I like honesty. I like seeing people get what they paid for. I hate scammers.

2 thoughts on “When ‘Corporate Branding Specialist’ really means ‘Social Media Dummy’”
  1. Reading some of those threatening comments about you, Bernie, caused a sense of deja vu, as you can well imagine. I recall the vicious comments that Coldwell’s gullible followers made about me in the wake of his outrageous false accusations that I killed his pit bull dog, Blue. They were all prepared to come after me, suggesting that I be hunted down, shot, slowly tortured, and/or poisoned so I would suffer as much as that innocent creature that I had allegedly murdered. Along with the accusations against me, of course, Coldwell was busily posting the accusations that you were a criminal hacker and a child rapist, whom I had somehow found and recruited to join in on a defamation conspiracy against him, funded of course by Big Pharma.

    Of course I took screen shots of the threatening posts, many of which had my home address and cell phone number, and reported it all in detail to both Facebook and to my local law enforcement as credible threats. Sarah to her credit took down the ones that I made her aware of, and that she could control. And after several months, Facebook took most of the remaining posts down, though some (complete with my personal information) are still on some of Coldwell’s pages.

    As for law enforcement, they duly took my complaints and then proceeded to do… nothing.

    This is of course old news by now and some say I should just drop it. But I will never drop it until and unless I get a full apology and retraction from Coldwell, and a public admission from him that he lied about me in order to endanger me — and that isn’t likely to happen. I certainly would have brought it up on Sarah’s latest thread about you, but of course I was blocked from doing so.

    As you no doubt recall, Rodolfo P was one of Coldwell’s staunchest, if most English-challenged, supporters on the dog-poisoning threads. He was not one of those who posted the most vicious and threatening comments, but he still clearly believed that both you and I were evil and that poor “Dr. C” was being victimized and nearly crucified by our evil. And I well recall that both you and I contacted Rodolfo privately via Facebook, and in a civil manner related our side of the story. All to no avail, as he ended up blocking both of us.

    I will say that Rodolfo was very polite, almost deferential, to me at first. He asked me to please point out examples where he had written something I found offensive, and apologized in advance if he had offended me. So I shared screen shots of his own words with him. Meanwhile he was no doubt communicating with Coldwell, and in the end chose to side with the lies. Before I knew it I was blocked. I am sure you had much the same experience.

    Even so I was a little shocked to see Rodolfo bring up that “child molestation” lie again on Sarah’s thread. I was even more shocked to see that she “liked” his initial comments in that regard, even though she very well knows the true story behind the “beat-up Bernie” photo that Coldwell stole from your Facebook feed. I know Sarah knows the true story because had she told me so privately.

    Except for her attacks on you (and that’s a big thing), I have no quarrel with Sarah apart from the Coldwell matter — another big issue but something on which she and I had mutually agreed to disagree. I think Sarah is a talented artist and designer, and she and I have a mutual love of animals. And she did defend me a couple of times regarding the dog poisoning allegations, which she knew were false.

    (Speaking of animals, I found it surprising that Coldwell didn’t step right up and just give Sarah all of the money for her little dog’s operation. I totally get that self-employed people have money challenges on occasion and that sometimes when a loved one needs care the money simply isn’t there. I’ve been there. But Coldwell has been babbling for a long time about how wonderful Sarah is, calling her the goddess of the Internet because of her diligent work on some of his web sites and social media pages — and he is also always boasting about how filthy rich he is — so why didn’t he simply fork over right away, so she wouldn’t have had to set up a GoFundMe? Lacking that, why didn’t one of those thousands of IBMS Masters Society “members helping members” folks come through, so she could have kept the whole fundraising thing private?)

    In any case, when push comes to shove I will stand up for my friends, so it didn’t upset me when Sarah privately informed me yesterday that she had decided to block me on Facebook because of my connection with you. That is her choice. My choice is that I choose your friendship, Bernie.

    What Sarah doesn’t seem to realize is that, fair or not, it is going to take a long time for her to wash the Coldwell slime off of her hands — not that she has shown any sign of wanting to cleanse herself in that regard. And by the way, Legal Shield is indeed one of those rent-a-lawyer services, as well as a MLM in which Sarah herself participates. I expect that if the lawyer she contacts has any integrity he or she will let her know she really does not have a case against you.

    1. Thank you for this great response, Connie.
      The likes of Rodolfo don’t bother me. They don’t even know how unintelligible and moronic they are. Anyone with half a brain would ask for real evidence, not just on Coldwell’s ludicrous claims, but on anything else that gets posted. It’s hilarious to see people who think they have some degree of intelligence, fail to use it.

      Sarah could have, at any time, stepped up and publicly declared that she did not believe Coldwell’s claims about you murdering Blue or his pathetic lies about myself and other male bloggers sexually assaulting kids. She did so in a half-hearted manner which does not show the decency of a good person.

      Aside from the fact that Coldwell just has to open his mouth and shit comes out, it’s frustrating to see people take him at his word, without an ounce of research or evidence. Clearly all of those idiots that I mentioned in the blog post are guilty of that.

      Ironically, Patrick Lindley, one of the people mentioned in the post, and whom allegedly blocked/unfriended me according to my source, contacted me on LinkedIn and requested to be added to my friend list there!

      Should her Rent-a-Lawyer even think of contacting me, he/she will get the same responses from me that Trudeau’s lawyer had when they ‘demanded’ I remove my website! Ain’t gonna happen, not now, not ever!

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