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In an amazing turn of events, Leonard Coldwell, scumbag liar and “I can cure zee cancer!” claimant (without ANY evidence whatsoever!), in his most-recent attempt at a lawsuit against Cosmic Connie and other online entities, has his 2nd case shut down!


You’ll remember last year that Coldwell also didn’t bother to turn up for his own case of false claims and bullshit against straight-to-the-point blogger, Jason Jones, aka – Saltydroid. In that case, not only did his then legal representative drop Coldwell like a hot potato, but Coldwell himself simply failed to be a man and show up for his own hearing!

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]nd now, as I and several others had concluded on social media, Loony Len has (or his latest lawyer has), again, dropped the case and wavered every claim he made in his recent legal pursuits.

Coldwell - or his lawyer - decides not to pursue their false claims!
Coldwell – or his lawyer – decides not to pursue their false claims!

Probably because he couldn’t, as we all well know, back up a single one of his claims. He’s good at not doing that, whether it’s a claim for damages that never happened or a claim about curing 35,000 people of cancer, his infamy in the martial arts world as a superstar like Chuck Norris or curing over 100,000 people of the smoking habit, or even claiming that all his books have been best-sellers! (Amazon and other websites that he’s listed his books on, beg to differ. Although Lenny might try and claim that his Amazon page was hacked. He’s good at that claim, too as he’s been saying his Facebook account was being hacked even way back in 2010 – 2 years before I knew he even existed!)

I’m sure Connie will have more to say on this in the next day or so – in fact I know she will.

As far as the other entities go – Lenny clearly bit off more than he could chew again. So did his lawyer. Although I’m postulating that the latter clearly had no idea what he was getting himself into with Coldwell. The previous lawyer saw the light, too.

Will there be further developments on this? Quite possibly, but for now, it remains to be seen if Coldwell’s minions will still be crooning over him, making excuses for him, etc, or if they’re smart enough to start to see through the pudgy little charlatan, once and for all!

I just went to the fake quack’s website to get a screen shot of what he said about fighting and this was what popped up:

An article about attention spans dropping - could have used a better choice of picture!
An article about attention spans dropping – could have used a better choice of picture!

All I’m saying is, you could have chosen a better picture than a group of young girls – all blonde – just like his hero zee Fuhrer preferred too! As for that saying:

I will not start the fight, but I will finish it! – Leonard Coldwell

(Yes, I removed the ‘Dr’ bit, because’s he’s not one). Well Loony, you certainly finished this one by admitting to being a huge douchebag! And the previous case was pretty much finished for you by a smarter-than-you lawyer.

But that’s not difficult. Even a first-time girl guide is smarter than you!

As for my pals Connie Schmidt, Jason Jones and Rationalwiki – CONGRATULATIONS! Truth ALWAYS prevails!

I’d like to think Coldwell has learned from all of this, but I doubt it. As this case was primarily about Connie, you can check her story on this diabolical charade on her blog. And don’t forget Jason’s blog here. 🙂

Coldwell is struggling to keep up his image of a big, wealthy man, even going so far as to post this picture recently:

More computers makes you a real bigwig...apparently!
More computers makes you a real bigwig…apparently!

There’s just so many things wrong with the image he’s trying to portray. The least not being that you simply don’t need that many computers open at once for recording a show of any kind, and having a bunch of computers doesn’t make you any smarter or better than anyone else either. I mean, all that technology and he couldn’t even get the right Robin?! And as one noteworthy person on social media stated:

You’d think that with all of that state-of-the-art technology he would have been able to produce actual proof of so-called harassment of him over the years…

Loony has been claiming he’s been getting hacked since well before 2010 (Which is a couple of years even before I knew him. I was merely a new face he could point his chubby little fingers at with that ludicrous pile of self-proclaiming bullshit!), and as we all know by now, Loony loves to claim he’s constantly hacked as part of the efforts of Big Pharma to do away with him.

By his claims he’s been shot at, had his car bombed, receives death threats every single day, and has bloggers like moi, Connie, Jason and Omri and many others, as paid-hoods-of-Big-Pharma, all in an effort to stop him from ‘curing cancer’.

Given that I’ve written (as has Connie et-al) extensively about Coldwell’s threats and claims, all of which have come to nothing because that’s what they were – nothing; and given that this is the 2nd case he’s had tossed out by the attorney involved (here’s last year’s case too), and given that for the past year or so he’s been stating on social media that he’s had arrest warrants issued, seeking revenge, stated that Interpol was looking for me, and a whole bunch of other lies and bullshit he’s made in an effort to garner support and deflect eyes away from who he really is, surely those of you that follow this deluded crazy moron are starting to see a pattern here?!

Probably not. It’s hard to see the truth when you’re so enamoured by a fraud quack who talks big words (albeit illiterately most of the time) but doesn’t walk the walk! Because if you don’t research and ask questions like myself et-al did, then you will never know the truth!

I will not start the fight, but I will finish it! …Loony Leonard Coldwell

Well Lenny, as is apparent, no – you won’t. Seems your lawyers are more than happy to ‘finish it’ for you once they realise what a complete and utter whack job you are!!

I’m pretty sure we haven’t heard the last of this from Coldwell, and I’m also pretty sure he’ll continue spewing lies and bullshit in an effort to keep his following. (He’s already started trying to bullshit the German people he was happy to leave behind many years ago, as well as other European nations via his plagiarised publications.).

Gotta go…someone’s at the door. Something about Interpol, arrest warrant, child rape and being paid $42 million dollars by Big Pharma. C’mon Lenny – what ya got next? Attaboy!

Here ya go Lenny! Add this one to your other fake diplomas!
Here ya go Lenny! Add this one to your other fake diplomas!


I like truth. I like honesty. I like seeing people get what they paid for. I hate scammers.

One thought on “2nd Case Closed in a Year – by the Attorney”
  1. I don’t even need to go into lenny’s long list of lying screeds. Let’s look at something very simple, and not really even open to interpretation. Look closely at the picture of lenny with all the notebooks. The Sony notebooks have high-gloss displays, as does the Apple. With the displays facing the open blinds on a sunny day, it would be nearly impossible to actually use the notebooks, as the display would be washed out by the glare. But that’s just physics, and we know lenny doesn’t believe in actual science. How many of his sycophants will notice, much less care. In this case, the absurd “Law of Attraction” is borne out, with willful ignorance attracting both cognitive dissonance and even more willful ignorance.

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