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A prior spokesman for GIN who was canned by his long-time friend KT, and now claims to be fighting for justice against GIN and KT’s fraudulent ways. Which he didn’t think of doing while he was pulling in a big fat check every month as a GIN speaker despite being fully aware of the ongoing fraud. And what of the accusations against him for molestation and innapropriate ‘medical’ practices?

If you’ve never heard of this man, don’t be too disappointed, neither had I or indeed, thousands of others, until we were stupid enough to get involved with the Kevin Trudeau scam.
Yet, ‘Dr.’ Leonard Coldwell (not his original name – he was originally born in Germany and went by the name of Bernd Klein. You can see more of his history here.), had to leave Germany after being discovered of multiple frauds. He ‘earned’ his ‘Ph.D’ in a degree-mill, which was later shut down by authorities and it was deemed that any award given from this mill, was in effect – useless.
Bernd Leonard Coldwell Klein, has no wikipedia page – it links directly to his own website. Just go to Google and type in his name and there are plenty of website listings that come under the term ‘quackery’, in which he appears.

A well dressed, well presented fellow, he is known for charming the ladies and trying to instill positive mindset into everyone! Even on the January 2012 cruise with GIN, he had the entire theatre of people jumping up and down, hugging, butt-bumping, feeling good, washing away negativity, etc. Whatever – I put that one down to lack of sleep for three days, GIN hype and over-indulgence. He comes across as mild-mannered, positive and claims to love everyone and wants us all to know peace and good health in our lives. At least most of the time. Even at the start of his seminar, with young kids sitting in the audience, he thought it highly amusing to stare at them and use words like fuck, fucking, shit etc. Had my kid been on that cruise, you’d have seen a Not-a-Doctor with a fat lip.

All-in-all, he’s quite the charmer. Or so it would seem. As the saying goes, truth is stranger than fiction, and Bernd is no exception.
The reality of this little weasel is that he’s a manipulative, lying, mind-controlling, insulting, money-grabbing foghorn sexual deviant!
As soon as people started to leave GIN in droves, he moved quickly to promote his ‘next best thing’ by grabbing as many of the brainwashed GIN sheeple as he possibly could! He even charged $28 for a tele-seminar using software that allows people to call in for FREE!! I don’t have a problem with people charging for something, but it’s like picturing a line of poor people going into the soup kitchen, and Lenny’s on the door saying “Bless you, bless you! It’s alright now, you can have zee soup und some bread und a nice varm blanket, but pleez empty zee pockets of your coat. Ist only twenty dollar! See, vee care about you!”

In a recent post to me on Facebook, Lenny the not-a-doctor, called me a “paranoid schizophrenic” while claiming that he is going to basically sue everyone who insults him and take them for every penny. (Oh he’s very proud of bragging about ‘cleaning’ people out).
Other sites have noted his insults too, such as this one where he is noted for insulting a certain blog writer and meets the wrath of a fellow blogger.
There are other posts on that same site about Herr Lenny here, here and here, and here too. Make of them what you will, but personally, the way this guy writes is straight up and I like that! 🙂
Here’s what he had to say to me earlier today:

Leonard Coldwell Nmd Phd

You know that you are mentally ill right? You have a multiple personality disorder or are manic depressive. Its easy to see in your schizophrenic behavioral patterns. But anyway my friend YOU are now also one that is spreading the defamation. Just because someone created a website with lies that you guys are referring too does the lies they published not more real or true. You fell for a big scheme and that is why all involved get it because their defense is that they got it from some other website and simply repeated it. Okay buddy now the law is different if you state that something is true or right YOU are the one making the false accusations etc. and YOU are responsible. I will pull them apart in a way you have never seen before. Plus some will find out that they have never dealt with a person like me the hard way. Plus all of you guys are so unbelievable naive that is so funny. Just wait its coming and its coming hard. You really thing a man that had 4 million seminar attendees, constuts for the largest companies in the word, has sold 57 million books etc etc is just blowing steam how naive or delusional are you? You dont have any common sense? Cant you put 2 plus 2 together? Where do all the testimonials come from including congress, George Bush, Congressman Joe Wilson, Senator Lindsay Graham etc etc etc Do you have even the tiniest sense of reality left? See how non logical your statements are? Why am I the highest paid consultant for IBM etc ? Just ask for a brain for Christmas and you should really stay out of this – believe me on that one! You have never dealt with rich people like me that believe getting even is the only way to live. You have never dealt with someone that has my contacts worldwide. If I would be you I would stay out of it for 4 month and than write me and apologize. Nothing absolutely nothing they say in their publications about me is true. And the truth will come out and hurt them hard.

I could rant on about some of the stuff he has to say in that post, but you’re all smart enough to know the difference between truth and fiction, especially when IBM has it’s own in-house consultants! I could even write about his books and how they are written by ghost writers, but not because he isn’t knowledgable about much of the content in those books, no, but because while he calls people stupid, he is obviously incapable of writing properly. Sure he can say “Dat ist becuz I am zee German!” but for someone who has a ‘Ph.D’ and an ‘NMD’, you’d think he’d at least have the intelligence to have picked up better English after running away to America, after burning his bridges in Germany.

Well Lenny Bernd Coldwell Klein – you picked a fight with the wrong person this time and nothing you say or do is going to make me want to befriend you again. This is just the tip of the iceberg and I’ll be happily making more posts on your false medical dealings, claims of harrassment from the female members of the public and more. As I stated in my reply to you, folks had asked me to refrain from saying anything, well, just as you buggered yourself in the butt in Germany by taking action without thinking, you’ve just gone ahead and done the very same thing again. It’s high time the world knows you for who and what you really are!
Oh, and I find it highly insulting to my friends past and present who actually spent years studying for a Ph.D in Psychology and have a REAL degree, that you would even remotely think buying one for a few hundred dollars is the same thing! What a strange little man you are! And you might want to look up Napoleon Complex – I think you’re suffering from it in the most unbelievable way!

Fake degrees can get you laid!


I like truth. I like honesty. I like seeing people get what they paid for. I hate scammers.

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