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Exaggeration and embellishment go hand in hand – and Coldwell uses both to his advantage. Pity it’s only always ever to be a lying scumbag!

Exaggeration - Because being honest is more painful!
Exaggeration – Because being honest is more painful!

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]’ve been relatively quiet about our favourite scammer and lying conman – Loony Leonard Coldwell – recently, and that’s not through choice, but because I’ve been working like a Cheshire Horse for the past couple of months! But I have as always, been keeping an eye on Coldwell’s ramblings, self-loving egotistical lies and his attempts at trying to scam more people into believing he’s the man.

A short while ago, he was on Facebook bragging that he finally had “new teeth”. Why anyone would care about reading that on social media is beyond me, but when you think you’re a superhero in your dream world, I guess telling people about your teeth might just get you a few ‘likes’ and thus, make you feel like you’re a good man. As one social media user noted recently on this topic relating to Coldwell’s statement:

In at least one of his books he indicated that multiple illnesses when he was younger were responsible for tooth loss (he wrote that he spent a lot of money on dentists). But as I recall (and this is hearsay; I don’t know if I’d ever be able to find the discussion threads) he has also told other people that his tooth loss was related to his martial arts background. Then of course there’s the rumor that an angry father of a young girl came after him with a baseball bat years ago and knocked his teeth out. In any case, we can reasonably assume he now has teeth; I can’t imagine why he would just write about that out of the blue otherwise. Teeth or no teeth, he is still a moron.

The baseball bat theory isn’t entirely without merit – a few years back I’d heard similar rumours on that story, and even a brief mention of it on the 2012 GIN Cruise from someone who used to be friends with Lenny. But while I can’t verify that particular rumour or the others, let’s just embellish the fact that Coldwell isn’t all that he portrays to be, in looks and in mind!

This fact becomes apparent with one of his biggest whoppers to date!

Exaggerated age and images at 21?
Exaggerated age and images at 21?

After a search of the interwebz for the European Professional Speaker Association a return of over 29 million listings, showed absolutely zero for said organisation. Maybe I’m not looking in the right place, but there’s nothing in the first several pages of Google, Bing or Yahoo. Probably just another made up name by Lenny.

Anyway, going by today’s date – May 16th 2015 – 36 years ago puts us in the year of 1979. I was 11 going on 12 and just about to finish my first year of high school.

It puts Lenny at the age of 21 or thereabouts.

Now, this is very interesting because Loony Lenny has always claimed that he cured his own mother of Hepatiis C well over 40 years ago. That would be 1975 or beyond (depending on which particular lie you believe of Coldwell’s).

Hepatitis C - looks beautiful but exaggerates it's true purpose!
Hepatitis C – looks beautiful but exaggerates it’s true purpose!

However, Hepatitis C was not identified by the medical establishment until 1989! And this dispells any claims that Coldwell was aware of Hepatitis C when he was a young boy! It should also be remembered that he was absolutely not a doctor of any kind in 1979, 1975 or even in 1989!

As the linked article states, Hepatitis C was not known until 1989, or rather, the virus was identified in 1989 and thus prior to it was referred to as non-A or non-B type strain of Hepatitis. Coldwell has at no time ever referred to Hepatitis C as the latter two distinctions. That’s simply because he has never researched the virus. If he had, he’d have quit lying about it a long time ago!

As one reader duly noted:

That may have been “our time” back then but it is no longer “our time”, at least not by most people’s definition….1989 is also the year that medical science first identified Hepatitis C. Of course you were ahead of your time because you cured your mama of Hepatitis C when you were just a little boy, and the way you tell it now, you knew that was what she had, even back then.

Those of you that know Coldwell for the true coward he is, will obviously see the irony in that above quote. 🙂

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]e’s recently been in Europe where he had a guest spot interview at a health expo. However, he does of course exaggerate and embellish his appearance being the reason why so many people turned up.

Coldwell's brief guest appearance at a recent health expo on Germany.
Coldwell’s brief guest appearance at a recent health expo on Germany.

He has a knack of grouping pictures together and exaggerating the facts behind them, as you can clearly see with his group shot of images allegedly from the age of 21 (above) and in the several images below.

Indeed, he embellished his appearance at this expo, by stating it was for hiw own personal book tour!

Coldwell claims a Health Expo as his book tour!
Coldwell claims a Health Expo as his book tour!

While half the audience looks unimpressed and the interviewer appears to be delicately stroking the plant on the table, people could come and go from the event as they pleased. It was a walk-in with multiple guests, booths, trade-stands, etc.

Spirit Expo with 18 other speakers. NOT a book tour gig for Lenny!
Spirit Expo with 18 other speakers. NOT a book tour gig for Lenny!

It most definitely was not about Leonard Coldwell or any of his plagiarised books!

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]alking of his books, he also recently put out a statement or two on social media regarding one or two of them, falsely claiming to have written them in a language not shown on the cover. He’s also claiming a recent book was sold out in just 20 minutes and thousands of pre-orders are in the works. Again, with no proof of either claim.

The language is Czech, not Polish
The language is Czech, not Polish

He later corrected this when someone pointed out his obvious mistake.

On a side note, of the ‘likes’ for that image, you’ll see the top name is Wendy Witchner – she is one of Coldwell’s ex-wives. Perhaps she’s supportive of Loony’s Hands on Healing methods?

A couple of other points on that particular book shown in the above image are worthy of note too:

  • The ISBN code is the old 10-digit type, suggesting then that the new code is related to a reprint or updated version of the book.
  • This book was first published in 1994 – 21 years ago. A lot has changed since then.
  • Why would you put a picture of a semi-naked stable boy on the back of a medical related book? Seriously Coldwell…WTH? More of your perverse fantasies?

After an extensive search was carried out by another blogger, the results for the book were in:

Book not found...anywhere...
Book not found…anywhere…

And it wasn’t because it was sold out either…it just doesn’t exist in over 500+ online bookstores. Which doesn’t back up Coldwell’s claims that it was sold out and that over 6000 copies have been pre-ordered!

Nothing wrong with republishing a book – many authors do, but usually with updated information and anything else that’s relevant to current times.

Coldwell glues together images to portray himself as a more successful candidate in his area of (alleged) expertise. Even using the same picture twice in one collage. But then again, his editing skills along with his literacy skills, are well below standard levels of a first grader.

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 2.47.13 PM

At this point some of you may be wondering why I insult Lenny – maybe you need this reminder? Or any other posting around that time will suffice. So yeah, no punches pulled on that scummy lying piece of shit from me!

I digress…onwards and upwards…

In further lies and gullible stupidity, Coldwell recently had this to say:

Coldwell's gullibility knows no bounds. Nor does his exaggeration of time!
Coldwell’s gullibility knows no bounds. Nor does his exaggeration of time!

Not content with lying about how many years Trudeau received in jail – which we all know is ten and not fifteen – Coldwell catches himself out in a blatant outright lie regarding the above picture, by embellishing on the “facts” surrounding it.

The truth of the picture is Lenny, that she doesn’t exist! Never has and never will except in your gullible head.

That’s right Loony, it was a blatant hoax made to show people just how stupid you really are. The fact that you made up information surrounding the picture, shows the world now just how desperate you are to have people believe in you at any cost! Well, actually, there are a ton of your lies and stupidity all over the internet, so really this is just another piece of icing on the cake in comparison. Nevertheless, you made up more crap and some of your stupid minions actually believe you! James Flournoy had his doubts of course and was correct, you were set up!

It’s not surprising really, given that you never do your research and like to post stuff on the internet as a given, without verifying anything first!

The picture was posted on Facebook in one of Coldwell’s pages as an obvious hoax. I know this to be true because the person who made the picture secretly messaged someone else to let them know what was going on. That message was passed on in seekrit [sic].

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]oldwell makes no bones about his claims on his website(s) and social media pages, including this little snippet from his main site:

blah blah blah...
blah blah blah…

Obviously written by himself (you only have to note the poor grammar to see that) Coldwell clearly loves blowing himself. At least I’m sure he would if his fat gut wasn’t in the way but I digress again…

I couldn’t find any links to the said American Cancer Patient Advocate Foundation, in fact the closest I could find was a link to this website. No mention of Coldwell there, and the foundation was founded in 1913. But as I said, that was the closest link I could find. If there’s one out there, please feel free to post it in the comments below.

Much of the hyperbole in that little description is the same old tired and useless rubbish he’s been spouting for years. Nothing to see there. And he does like to use that $42 million number quite a lot for various statements, the least not being that apparently that’s how much SaltyDroid.info, Glancingweb.com, CosmicConnie.blogspot.com and yours truly, are paid by ‘Big Pharma’ to ‘Ruin the grounds of business’. Again, clearly Coldwell is deluded and has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about!

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen it comes to the law Coldwell has no clue there either. He thinks he can just hire some backwater lawyer or a discounted service thereof, and sue willy-nilly. He can’t, as was apparent in 2014 when not only did his lawyer drop him like a hot potato in a case he was attempting to bring against Jason Jones, aka SaltyDroid, but Coldwell failed to turn up for his own hearing. Why? Because he’s a sniveling fat coward, that’s why!

He is still trying to come across as the superhero, and recently you might remember he had this to say, which I wrote about here:


It was of course nothing more than embellishment and exaggeration in order to appear like the big man he’d like to be. Kinda hard when you’re only 5’6″ and going to shrink with age until you’re pygmy sized. (No offense to pygmies).

I never received anything about being served, and nor would I as I do not live in the USA. I can’t speak for Jason or Omri Shabat (of Glancingweb.com) but I do know Loony Len decided to pursue some ludicrous claims against our Cosmic Blogger and without going into details right now, that’s a situation yet to be resolved. I’ll do my best to keep you informed and up to date when possible. Right now, it isn’t.

You can read some details on that saga over on Connie’s website. (click her name above).

Lenny of course hopes to give the impression that he’s a fair and equal man when it comes to the opposite sex. But that’s kinda hard to keep up when you’ve had an investigation carried out against you for alleged sexual fondling, even if the case never made it to court, and some of your previous female business associations are currently taking you to court for basically trying to steal business from them and slandering them on social media in an attempt to negate their image with a view to ruining their business.

Then there’s the fact that Coldwell likes to give the impression that he’s a against sexual delinquency:

Coldwell - an advocate against porn - only on the web though.
Coldwell – an advocate against porn – only on the web though.

Again, kinda pot-calling-kettle when he wrote stuff like this several years ago. And makes up sick lies like this about yours truly (although I’m not the only one he’s said this about).

The only real ‘wimp’ here is you Leonard. You’re a coward hiding behind his keyboard. You’ve never been in the martial arts world, despite claiming you’re as famous as Chuck Norris in the Martial arts world. You would probably cry like a bitch at the first sign of trouble. Did you cry when you had your face smashed in by that baseball bat?

Never mind, Lenny. You can always get that dumb follower Loretta Mull to kiss you better. Or have one of the other minions sing your praises to help boost your ego. Best keep it down to 2 or 3 a day though…pretty sure you couldn’t handle more than that at your age.

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]nd of course there’s the continued back-and-forth stuff he rambles on about regarding the police and the American government.

He hates bad cups [sic] but would call them in an instant if he came face to face with me or any of his other critics. Or perhaps he’d simply hire a hitman with his revenge insurance:

Lenny hates a bad cup [sic]
Lenny hates a bad cup [sic]

Let’s also remember he had this to say about cops too.


Jason made his whereabouts known to Lenny and his lawyers a long time ago; No-one joined Lenny in his push to gain comrades for the lawsuit; We’re not internet trolls, we’re real people who are sick of perverts and liars like you Leonard Coldwell and want you stopped before someone else suffers at your porky little Napoleon complex fingers; And I’ve challenged you many times and you’ve failed to respond on every-single-count! And removing negative posts and comments on the advice of your lawyer is too little too late. Gotta love the internet for keeping a record on everything! Facebook does that too – even if you delete an image, they keep it. We do too.

This is only the tip of the iceberg of what I need to get out there about this scammy bald liar. But time restraints mean I have to put this post out now and finish with a possible part 2 at a later date.

I’d like to suggest that you nip over to Connie’s blog to see some very interesting and recent posts, especially regarding fake accounts, Hitler supporters and cowards who hide behind fake names.

And for those of you that think the sun shines out of Coldwell’s fat egotystical butt – for goodness sake, do some research on the things he tells you and ask questions! – see how quickly he snaps at you and or blocks you!

As for you Leonard Coldwell – I’m back buddy! 🙂 And I’m here to stay until I see justice served on you for your outright lies and hyperbole!



I like truth. I like honesty. I like seeing people get what they paid for. I hate scammers.

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