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Some people are just plainly unaware of their own undoing as it happens right before their eyes. They just keep going round and round, and don’t even know when they’ve reached full circle. Coldwell is just that person.


[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t was only a matter of time, but not unexpected that Loony Leonard Coldwell, liar-extrodinairre, would come full-circle on his lies and false claims.
The only person who doesn’t see it apart from his idiotic followers, is him.

When he left Germany many moons ago, due to losing a court case against a woman whom he probably couldn’t get in the sack, he opted to go to America. The land of the free, the land of liberty, the land of opportunity. And what an opportunist Leonard Coldwell truly is!

He took the opportunity to change his name from Berndt Klein. Probably to avoid recognition of his sordid past in Deutschland. Anyone with upto 8 Ph.D’s (he claims to have this many), would not need to change their name in order to be recognised as an intelligent individual. Nor would you need to change your name to make it easier for people to pronounce you, recognise you, remember you, etc.

Lenny has various aliases on the interwebz too, so sometimes it’s hard to know what to call him!

But change it he did.

What he didn’t change, is the repetoire of lies and false claims he has continuously used over the years. For example, he claims that Facebook is constantly blocking his posts. This one from 2010:

Coldwell thinks Facebook is conspiring against him.
Coldwell thinks Facebook is conspiring against him.

Make your own mind up about the minion comments.

Compare that shot to a more recent one:

An early 2015 post by Coldwell.
An early 2015 post by Coldwell. Click to read.

We all know from past posts with screenshots how much Leonard Coldwell hates the Jewish people, but he just doesn’t understand why his posts about Adolf Hitler, which basically praise the man with admiration, are blocked and or taken “done” [sic].

This is just one example of his false claims that Facebook has it in for him. You can find many more on this blog.

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]e has also recently started trying to garner support for police officers:

Warmer feelings toward the police?
Warmer feelings toward the police?

However, one can’t help but wonder if this is on the advice of his lawyers with whom he thinks he is building a case against another well-known critic of his. Because when you compare that shot above to the screenshots in the story below, you can really see what he thinks about the police:(click to open)

Click the picture to see the story
Click the picture to see the story

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]ack to his rants against Facebook. So as we can clearly see, Coldwell has always believed that Facebook is censoring him, deleting his posts, rants, hate mongering, etc, as part of some sort of big scheme against him. That’s because he’s a narcissistic little twerp who believes he’s of a higher intelligence than anyone else. Thus, Big Pharma has it in for him.

But, according to Lenny, myself and Connie Schmidt, as well as Jason Jones aka Saltydroid, Omri Shabat aka glancingweb.com are all a part of Big Pharma’s machine to discredit Loony. We’re apparently paid millions of dollars to do so…my check/cheque must be stuck in the mail somewhere then.

Coldwell writes to Facebook
Coldwell writes to Facebook

Not content with that little rant to them, and clearly failing to see that Facebook does give you an option not to accept their policies and usage terms by not accepting them and thus, not signing up to join the site in the first place, he tries to muster support for a lawsuit against them:

Could money be Coldwell's only motivation for a lawsuit? I think so!
Could money be Coldwell’s only motivation for a lawsuit? I think so!

Coldwell is a sue happy idiot, and despite trying to sue Jason Jones last year, and failing because Coldwell didn’t dare show up for his own court case, Coldwell is still blathering about wanting to sue Jason and again offering a reward for information for his whereabouts.

$5,000 to the first person who finds the Saltydroid!
$5,000 to the first person who finds the Saltydroid!

Point in case – Jason has freely offered up this information in the past and all Coldwell did was claim that Jason was on the run and hiding. Coldwell likes to say that people are in hiding, including yours truly.

No matter how much Coldwell offers to pay someone for information of any kind, it’s unlikely that he would pay out a single penny. More likely that he would claim his lawyer, he himself or a ‘friend’, gave him the information for free.

In the previous case he tried to bring up against Jason (whom he also claimed was Omri Shabat of Glancingweb.com fame), the attorney in that case dropped Coldwell for professional reasons. (He wasn’t buying Coldwell’s crap!). You can see the attorney’s motion to dismiss the case here.

Coldwell just likes to play the victim in all scenarios and this is not exception.

Coldwell tries to muster support through bleeding heart strings.
Coldwell tries to muster support through bleeding heart strings.

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]oldwell seems obsessed with suing people and putting people in jail. That goes hand in hand with his obsession about sexual activity between certain individuals. One can only speculate what he would hope happens to someone like Hilary Clinton if she were sent to jail:


While he doesn’t speculate in that particular posting about what sexual pleasures she could receive, he does speculate (or speculated) what he thought might be happening between Kevin Trudeau and the judge last November.

Coldwell's predictions for a lengthy jail term were wrong. Again.
Coldwell’s predictions for a lengthy jail term were wrong. Again.

As some of you are aware, Coldwell loathes the President of the United States. His right to do so as a free citizen of the country he adopted as his own but he’s oblivious to the old saying “Don’t bite the hand that feeds. – but that’s just because he’s an ungrateful POS.


The little twerp is so obsessed with sex he doesn’t believe you should tell the truth about your feelings for someone, or your status, or your intentions, before having sex. This is a widely debated topic on the web at the moment, and I’m not going to go into discussion about it here. But suffice to say, it’s an area that needs clear definition. I do however, think that pursuing someone “years down the road for being jilted” is purely ridiculous.

Does No mean No? Not for Coldwell!
Does No mean No? Not for Coldwell!

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, things come full circle.

Coldwell has spouted for many years that social media is trying to shut him down. He’ spouted that his emails, websites, social media accounts, etc, are continously hacked. He’s spouted that he has to continously fight people like me, Jason, Connie, Omri and others, to save his reputation.

His reputation as he wants you to believe exists.

His rants are not new. They are repetitive and have been since the 1990’s. He claims he will finish the fight. He claimed we have all been served – all of us…still waiting for my summons in the post. He can’t serve me. He thinks I’m hiding in Japan and reckons he has or had a book coming out revealing all about my past.

I find it hilarious that he states all that, claims to have ‘sources’ who know my every move and know all about me, yet he can’t even find Jason Jones in his own country!? Go figure!

Lenny is his own undoing and across the web, people are starting to turn against him. And all because he provides absolutely no evidence of his claims and doesn’t act like the professional he claims to be.

Lenny - a classy guy!
Lenny – a classy guy!

But as we can clearly see, a ‘doctor’ with 8 Ph.D’s (he claims to have that many), clearly failed to turn up for classes in the Degree Mills‘ English and Etiquette classes!

So as Lenny’s claims come full-circle, I’m sure we can expect more rants, more claims of being hacked, more violin-playing-on-the-heart-string victim stories about how his critics are trying to ruin his reputation and business.

If Leonard Coldwell’s business and reputation were genuine, I wouldn’t be writing. But they’re not. So I am. And no matter how much Lenny tries to give the impression that he’s cleaning up his act lately, bloggers and critics like me are not going away until the truth about this sicko is made known to all.

I do need to make some posts regarding Kevin Trudeau’s current ongoing status and that of GIN, which I will try to get to soon.



I like truth. I like honesty. I like seeing people get what they paid for. I hate scammers.

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