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It is now obvious from the below documentation, that Kevin Trudeau and his wife Natalie Babenko, have been laundering money, hiding it, moving it around from GIN to other businesses and actions, in order to lavish his lifestyle.
In the Motion to Incarcerate document, page 11 – well….just read it!
Now I know, some of you Koolaide drinkers out there will find fault with the information, while the more intelligent amongst you, will finally start seeing the light!
Nashville is next week – may be time to place your bets as if to Kevin will even turn up, as he now knows the information has been released. For those of you traveling from overseas – you need to know!
The sad thing is, much of this was going on while some of us were on the cruise and Kevin Trudeau downright and blatantly lied to our faces the whole time!

Some websites reporting the same info, are stating that Kevin Trudeau has been arrested – but this is not true AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME!

The documents are available below:

PDFBabenko Vs FTC



Nevis Document



FTC’s motion to incarcerate Trudeau


PDFFTC Exhibit 1


PDFFTC Exhibit 2


PDFFTC Exhibit 4


PDFMotion to Strike & Exhibit 5



Please do NOT comment or email regarding any of the above documentation unless you have read each one or the one you are commenting on.
Please feel free to download and pass around freely!


I like truth. I like honesty. I like seeing people get what they paid for. I hate scammers.

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