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Lenny just won’t quit with his lies, fabrications about paid bloggers and disgusting accusations about his critics. But the ludicrous thing about it all is, he expects you to believe him while he offers absolutely no proof of anything he claims – whether business or personal. Let’s review his latest rant.

Coldwell's Deceit continues

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]eonard Coldwell expects his dumber-than-a-bag-of-hammers-followers, to believe every word he says, without question. The sad thing is – they all do. None of them question him and those that have in the recent past, have been blocked, kicked off his pages and put down in similar fashion. His guardian angel aka Sarah, calls them/us – internet trolls. That’s not the most derogatory statement you can call us bloggers, but it’s the best some folks can do when they don’t like being called out on their phony claims!

His paranoia about being hunted down is unfounded for one thing. He’s not the big star he likes to think he is and he’s obviously clueless about how technology works and how social media sites like Facebook operate.

That itself brings me to raise a point that was raised in a discussion recently: People complain and whine like the pathetic losers that they are about Facebook blocking posts and links, deleting accounts, changing the design and functions without warning, etc etc etc.

Let’s understand something very important here – it’s Facebook’s website and we get it for 100% free! Ergo, they can do whatever they like with it.

It’s just a pity morons like Coldwell take it personally that they are in cahoots with the FBI, the Illuminati, the NWO, etc, all in an effort to close him down.

Close him down for what? He claims over and over again that he has the answers to cure all cancers within 2 – 16 weeks. He claims he’s cured over 35,000 people of cancer, personally. (A feat that is basically impossible given the number he plucked out of think air!) Thus, he deems himself a threat to Big Pharma, whom he also thinks pays me and Connie Schmidt millions of dollars to blog just about him!

Do you honestly think I’d be sitting here writing about this fat balding liar if they did? Heck no!! I’d be off on a beach someplace warm, sipping ice cold drinks, enjoying the fresh air and looking at my luxury yacht in the water!

Let’s do a quick examination of Germany’s answer to Pinocchio:

For years now they are blocking my posts on social media.

That tends to happen when multiple sources complain to Facebook that your post(s) are either spammy, downright lies about people you know and care for or posts that abuse different religions, races and the opposite sex!

There are many more stories with screenshots from his pages on this site.

They are making posts under my names sending out emails looking they are coming from me

All the posts I’ve ever shown from Coldwell are direct screenshots. I don’t need to use a fake name or even Leonard’s name in order to write a story. I am not afraid to tell it how it is. I do not run and I do not hide, which is more than can be said for Lenny the Loony Liar!

Talking of fake emails Lenny. Thanks for sending out virus ridden emails a few weeks ago and then trying to claim it wasn’t you. Thanks also for sending threats to me at my GINTruth.com email address – all of which, with the headers opened, completely show your IP (thus your location), and have been forwarded to the relevant police department in your area!

Lenny denies that the email sent out containing a virus, was from him. That’s how he tries to cover his lies by denying he ever did or said anything.

We got about 9 hacking attacks on my gmail account this week…

“…about…”? You mean you don’t know the exact amount? Or is ‘9’ just another number you’ve pulled out of your ass like all the other numbers you make up?

Now FB is not just blocking my posts or deleting them they are now even blocking my personal website URL.

A couple of people had complained that Facebook wouldn’t allow the links to his website and with good reason: multiple people have complained about Lenny spamming them with posts about signing up for his pathetic newsletter. And if you take a look at his site you can clearly see that he isn’t writing any of those stories personally. The English is just way too advanced for his level. But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – you’d think a man who claims to have upto 8 Ph.D’s and a Nobel Prize and claims to be highly intelligent, would at least use better grammar, do a proofread before posting his stupid claims and provide actual evidence that he’s being hacked, attacked and shafted from behind. Actually, we can do without the proof of that latter part but I’m sure either Abe or Wink could connect with that.

And hosting with 1&1? Really Lenny? You think they’re a reliable service? LOL

It seems my over 300 million views on my cancer cure and prevention videos (not created to substitute licensed advice or care) …are bothering them.

No proof of that many views and you’ll notice how he slithers that disclaimer in there, fully aware that people are waking up to his phony shenanigans, and starting to question his phenomenal numbers, claims and credentials. As well they should! And no, they’re not bothering me but I do know that they bother people who have lost loved ones to cancer, such as young children and it does bother those that are going through cancer right now either as a victim of it or a relative/friend of someone who has it.

That’s who it really bothers.

…listeners from over 150 different countries…

No, and I’m guessing Loony couldn’t even name 25 countries on his fabricated list!

…the millions of my books that are selling and the huge Europe book tour for my new book in German…

Millions? LOL! Yeah, the rankings don’t lie huh Lenny! And there’s no European tour for a book written entirely in German…unless you’re going to tour Germany. A non-german speaking nation might just be a bad marketing move…but that’s just me!

They pay internet trolls to make absurd defamatory posts and comments to harm my reputation…

ROFLMFAO! Pot calling the kettle on this one, again! Lenny goes on to say (as you can see in the screenshot at the top of the page), that he has a reliable source who tells Lenny that bloggers are being paid millions of dollars to discredit him!

No Lenny…you discredit yourself with your false medical claims, childlike name calling and lies about your critics and without proving what you say.

You discredit yourself by proving you live a complete and utter lie. Your mother must be very proud of you!

They even pay a child molester from Japan a professional hacker with a massive array of mental issues that got beaten up when he was caught molesting a your underaged [sic] child by observes of his perversion approach.

Micheal Jackson once said that when the establishment wants to discredit you, they will make sickening lies up about you, such as being a child abuser. It’s a common way to discredit someone who they want to silence. Someone who is making the truth be seen in the light. Such as myself or Connie, Omri and Jason.

Does Leonard Coldwell even realise how utterly stupid and absurd his statement is? “They even pay a child molester from Japan”!

Lenny of course doesn’t say who ‘they’ are, simply because he’s too stupid to make up a name or organisation, or perhaps he’s playing it smart and making sure he avoids (as usual) any responsibility for citing someone or some entity in his claims and thus, landing himself a lawsuit.

And the very notion that anyone would even remotely hire a ‘child molester’ to hack a website – shit, not even that – that anyone would even think about hiring, contacting, dealing with a child moester – just goes to show how utterly and verifiably stupid and desperate, Leonard Coldwell is!

And if I was a professional hacker, which I’m clearly not, I would be making a lot more money and living a far better luxury of lifestyle than the one I am as a mechanic, translator and wedding minister!

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]or those of you that don’t know anything about Japan or the process you have to go through to be legally registered here (which I am), let me give you a brief synopsis of what it entails:

Before you even get into the country to work, you need a visa to do so. No biggie there, that’s pretty much the normal case for most countries.

If you choose to live here – which I did after I married a local girl and had a son with her – you need to apply for or change your visa to, a Spouse Visa or Permanent Resident visa. Usually you’d get the spouse one first and the Permanent one later. For different prefectures/counties, the rules may be more or less strict, but pretty much the same across the entire nation.

Before you can get either of those visas via application at your local city office, you are required to provide proof of residing in the area and that is given at City Office, where of course, you registered when you first moved here! 🙂

Authorities will keep a close track on you for anywhere between several weeks to several months or even years. I live in a rural area, similar to North Wales in a lot of ways – and thus, the authorities here have an easy time of knowing who you are, where you live, what your job is, etc.

Thus, that puts a dampner on Coldwell’s claims that I’m hiding here and that I’m a known child molester! If I was a child molester, thief, murderer, drunkard etc, do you honestly believe I’d be able to sit here blogging to you about lying pieces of crap like Leonard Coldwell?

[dropcap]NO![/dropcap] I wouldn’t because I’d be in jail, serving a very long and hard labour sentence until I’d be released and immediately deported back to the UK!

Coldwell changes his lie.
Coldwell changes his lie.

Coldwell’s followers however, never ask him to prove his disgusting claims so he has to provide a picture which he stole from my Facebook Timeline, of myself after I was attacked on my way home from a New Year celebration, by 7 thugs.

He has no source, just like he has no real lawyer. But if he did have a real lawyer and I lived in the USA (a country I love going to to visit friends and family once every few years), you can be sure I’d have him subpoened and in court, requesting that he provide evidence of his Ph.D studies (a transcript for example), as well as his evidence that he cured over 35,000 people of cancer!

He also paid some people to make threatening calls and pretending to be the IRS or other Officials.

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]gain, another ridiculous claim that he provides no proof of ever happening. I can barely afford to pay myself anything Lenny, never mind pay someone else! But, why am I not surprised that you would say something like this? Probably because again, you post on social media, like the complete and utter idiot that you are who can’t keep his mouth shut, his lies to himself and uses made up data in order to keep duping the gullible who follow you, you go and post stupid stuff like this on the internet and then wonder why the IRS wants to speak to you!?


You can see the video about not paying taxes, on YouTube, by clicking here.

Lenny posts outrageous claims and lies – I challenge any of his followers to question him and see what happens. Otherwise you’ll be still believing in stupid claims that didn’t come true. Like this one:


So the choice is yours…who do you choose to believe when one party provides absolutely zero evidence of his credibility, while the other one easily exposes said party by providing proof from the party’s own Timeline or website?

You’re smart. You’ll figure it out.


I like truth. I like honesty. I like seeing people get what they paid for. I hate scammers.

4 thoughts on “Coldwell’s life is one continuous lie – what a shame to live and know that you will ultimately die, a liar and loser!”
  1. Another excellent post, Bernie. Hopefully at least some of the unknowing folks who haven’t been following the saga will read it and will have second thoughts about Coldwell’s claims.

    One point about the IRS. What Coldwell apparently doesn’t know is that the IRS (or other government official) phone scam is a pretty common one and has been covered in the U.S. news media numerous times over the past several years. The IRS even issued yet another recent warning about it. This is from January 22, 2015.


    From the article:
    “The IRS has seen a surge of these phone scams in recent months as scam artists threaten police arrest, deportation, license revocation and other things. The IRS reminds taxpayers to guard against all sorts of con games that arise during any filing season.

    “‘If someone calls unexpectedly claiming to be from the IRS with aggressive threats if you don’t pay immediately, it’s a scam artist calling,’ said IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. ‘The first IRS contact with taxpayers is usually through the mail. Taxpayers have rights, and this is not how we do business.'”

    So even though the IRS may indeed be investigating Lenny, due to his defiant and repeated declarations that paying one’s income tax is not required and that he won’t pay his… if he got a “threatening” phone call like he described, it is more than likely a scammer.

  2. I’m also really curious about that European “tour” with the other “cancer heroes” — defrocked doc Simoncini (convicted in 2006 for wrongful death of a patient) and the ever-controversial Burzynski (whose name Lenny can’t even be bothered to spell correctly). To date I have heard NOTHING about that upcoming tour from any source except Lenny.

    And of course I am curious about the “new book in German.” Is it just an updated German-language version of “The Only Answer to Cancer?” Loony doesn’t say, at least not in that post quoted above.

    As for the choice to publish the book in German rather than English (at least initially), it’s not necessarily a bad choice from a marketing standpoint:
    “German is the main language of approximately 95 to 100 million people in Europe, or 13.3% of all Europeans, being the second most spoken native language in Europe after Russian (with 144 million speakers), above French (with 66.5 million) and English (with 64.2 million).”
    Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German-speaking_Europe

    However, some of the tour stops he listed in earlier mentions don’t seem to be German-speaking; I think he mentioned Rome. Maybe that’s for Simoncini’s benefit. And Burzynski is originally from Poland, and I believe Lenny mentioned (again, in earlier posts) that Poland is going to be one of the tour stops. Or maybe he just said something about his mega-bestselling books being translated into Polish.

    In any case I can’t help wondering if some of the seriously defamatory lies about “Malooney [sic] and Horney [sic] Connie and others who have been his critics will be in the new German language book, and if he is using a European publisher to make it more difficult for the defamed parties to bring legal action against him.

    I have an English-speaking friend who is also fluent in German and lives in Germany, and has long been a supporter of my blog and Salty’s, so I think I’ll contact him and see if he’s heard or read anything about this “European tour.” I’ll also tell him to be on the lookout for Lenny’s new German-language book.

    Maybe Lenny really is planning to tour parts of Europe hawking his new book. If so, perhaps he can stop in Belgium and say howdy to LoonyC fanboy Florian, who seems to have disappeared from Facebook but appears to be the one behind that stupid new Blogger blog purporting to expose you and me as Big Pharma whores/puppets.

    One thing we know about Lenny: He’s capable of telling lies in more than one language.

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