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Obviously I don’t know what your career or job is, but I’m pretty sure you enjoy a day off once in a while, or even every week or weekend. Who doesn’t? Abe Husein apparently and he thinks you’re weak if you have time off work.


[dropcap]A[/dropcap]be Husein has become someone we know to be very opinionated of others, especially women and now he’s turning on anyone who dares to have a day off. My guess would be that for Abe to say such a stupid thing (which is becoming commonplace for him lately), his employment must be a low-paying job whereby he feels the need to work seven days a week in order to make up for lost income he’s not reaching otherwise.

That or he’s still trying to recoup his losses after scamming the GIN system and being found out?

Days off are for the weak!
Days off are for the weak!

Either way, he is clearly comparing his line of work with that of many others, and thinks that anyone who has a day off is weak. Does he forget the fact that not only do many people work way way way harder than he ever does or will, but that many people also work jobs that require hard physical labor from which the body needs complete and utter rest?

Here’s a brief list of occupations that work harder, longer hours and in more stressful environments than Abe ever will:

    • Nurse – often working 60 ~ 70+ hours a week, knee deep in blood, spit, shit and Lord knows what else! Deals with the sick and dying on a daily basis.
      Stress level: HIGH.
      Time off: Little to none.
      Firefighter – works various shifts such as nights away from home and family who never know for sure if their hero will return in the morning. Deals with building fires and other various problems that require the Fire Services; Vehicle crashes where there can be decapitated bodies, blood, bones, etc.
      Stress Level: HIGH.
      Time off: Varies according to requirements but many firefighters are known to finish a night shift and go back later in the day for an afternoon/evening shift etc.
      Police Officer – Around 60+ hours a week, more if required. Putting their life on the line to keep bad people from harming others/doing wrong to others; deals with every kind of incident from a lost cat to a vehicle wreck to bank robbery, murders, lost or missing children etc.
      Stress Level: HIGH.
      Time off: Varies according to requirements, may have to do double shifts if required.
      Armed Forces Personnel – Always on duty. Especially if in a war-torn area such as the Middle East et-al. Puts his or her life on the line every single day in order to protect the rights of freedom and liberty for the patrons of his or her country, and does so knowing the risks that they may possibly never return to their loved ones!
      Stress Level: HIGH
      Time off: Varies according to requirements. Possibly none in a given situation.
      International Airline/Cargo Pilot – flies to various locations worldwide with perhaps as little as one night stopover in a destination before moving on to the next location. Flies through various timezones, weather and political situations where airspace may be hazardous. Away from home and family for long-stretches at a time. May have an emergency situation with his or her aircraft at altitude and without warning. Responsible for the lives of passengers and crew.
      Stress Level: HIGH.
      Time off: Little to none according to requirements.
  • [dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou get the idea. I’m sure you could list a dozen to a hundred other jobs that are high-level stress related and which require the human body and spirit to have some time off to unwind! Indeed, to have such a job and not find time to relax and feel human again, can and has, lead to ill-health or even worse, death. In Japan this is knowns as Karoshi and was highlighted in a case against Toyota after the work-hours-related death of one of their employees.

    Working 7 days a week builds character ~ Abe Husein

    Really Abe? Because given that the only character you have is as a lying, manipulating, womanising douchebag tells us that you’re really in no position to be a judge of character!

      Fast Food Manager – deals with low-payed short order cooks, hungry customers and delivery personnel. May work shifts or take extra shifts in order to make-up for low salary. Possible to get free or reduced price food.
      Danger hazard: May get splash of hot fat on shirt. Or ketchup (not hot). Possible blood drop on shirt or pants/pinny when opening fresh box of burger meat. Possible paper cut from shuffling useless amounts of paper around.
      Stress Level: Extremely Low. (Although employees under Manager’s watch may feel stressed out having to listen to said manager spout out useless crap on how to flip a burger and smile at customers.)
      Time off: Plenty, usually 1 or 2 days a week, not including conferences whereby all amenities are provided. May have no time off if required to work to make up extra money, especially after losing $16,000 by trying to scam a home-based business.

    No. Character is when you put your life on the line to help others. Character is when you don’t talk down to people as if they’re nothing. Character is when you treat people how you want to be treated, without ridiculing them. Character is recognising that people have a right to enjoy their free time without being made to feel guilty about doing so.

    Character is a nurse, a police-officer, a fire-fighter, a freedom fighter, a pilot, a mother, a father, someone’s son/daughter. Character is a human being who knows how to balance their work life and home life.

    You might be wondering why I’m writing this article when I should be at work. Easy: I have a slight fever and cold so I took a day off. But please don’t let that ruin the image of my character for you! I’ll be back to working my 50-60+ hours a week, tomorrow!



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