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Having received an email from a site called project.nsearch, I decided to check it out and contacted the owner, one Glenn Lee Canady. Didn’t get quite the response I expected from a fellow truther.

Glenn Lee Canady - claims to be a truther but aligns himself with scammers!
Glenn Lee Canady – claims to be a truther but aligns himself with scammers!

Until today, I’d never heard of this guy, but after checking out his site and seeing that he was seeking fellow truthers, I felt compelled to contact him in order to join forces of sorts, in order to get more truth out there.

I’ll get to the response I received shortly.

But let me give you a quick synopsis of Glenn Lee Canady.

He claims to be a man of God, or rather, a God fearing and following type of man. He says so in his own ebook. Incidently, that very same ebook seems quite legit at first, until he starts ranting about how anyone who is against Veterans Today is basically working for the government!

In my experience, anybody that attacks or censors VT is a government operative because nobody has done what they have done! – Glenn Lee Canady, How To Spread 1,000 Times More Truth, page 7.

Sad thing is Glenn, that’s a complete load of tosh! And you know it! There are plenty of organisations and websites out there that have done just as much if not more, than VT have! To state that they have the monopoly on some of the stories they put out is sheer rubbish!

The thing with people like Canady is, when you call them out, they get defensive or block you. They are incapable of rational discussion or at least offering a reason for their aggressive stance against you!

I’m not against anyone putting the truth out there for the world to see, no matter who they are. The more the merrier in my opinion. But when you pick and choose who is and who isn’t a part of Scamworld, by denying the facts, then basically, you’re part of the problem!

I contacted Mr.Canady in order to help spread more truth by linking to each others’ sites. However, little did I know, Mr. Canady has a soft spot for our favourite lying fake doctor, Loony Coldwell!

Canady responds to my link up request. Has a fondness for Leonard Coldwell!
Canady responds to my link up request. Has a fondness for Leonard Coldwell!

It’s my own fault really. I should have done my usual research to find more info about him. But thankfully our favourite Cosmic Blogger had already written about him in this post and this one.

I find it ironic really, that a man who claims to believe in so much good, like God, Jesus, etc, (and there’s nothing wrong with that) and a man who gives the impression that he actually does some research, would reply in defence of a charlatan and disgustingly foul-mouthed liar like Leonard Coldwell! Glenn Lee Canady obviously didn’t bother looking at the umpteen screenshots of Coldwell’s disturbing rants and accusations!

In the first post I link to above belonging to Connie, you can get the story behind just why Canady defends Coldwell. Even goes as far as claiming that because Alex Jones refused to have Coldwell on his show, Alex Jones was responsible for the deaths of [potentially] thousands of people who died from cancer:

How many thousands of people could have been cured of their cancer through the Alex Jones Show but have died needlessly because of the actions of this selfish, censoring talk show host that has claimed the leadership position of the alternative media? We’ll never know exactly how many thousands have died due to the censorship of Alex Jones but what we do know is that every day this total goes up! Every day that Alex Jones continues to censor Dr. Coldwell, Alex Jones has more blood on his hands! – Glenn Lee Canady.

That’s an absurd assumption. Seriously one of the most ridiculous statements I’ve ever had to read! And this coming from a man who thinks he’s being fair and just? If potential listeners who are also cancer sufferers are listening to Alex Jones’s show, it’s unlikely that they would be relying and waiting on just one show for information on how to cure themselves! No, they’d be out there researching the crap out of possible cures and certainly not relying on one immigrant who doesn’t even provide one single link that could show his list of cancer patients he’s claimed to cure!

In this Chump of the Day story, it’s pretty clear that there are others out there that do not believe the bullshit Lenny Coldwell likes to come out with. It’s also clear that they have to endure the idiotic followers of Coldwell, who are prepared to believe anything he says – facts be damned!

Canady made this claim against Alex Jones a little later:

Christians are proud of their faith and will use every opportunity to share it. Christians sure don’t censor documented natural cancer cures and slander a doctor that has cured hundreds of thousands of caner [sic] without proof! – Glenn Lee Canady.

So I ask you Glenn Lee Canady – what “proof” are you referring to? Seriously, because if you have some I’d love to see it!

As would many thousands of others!

But the fact is you cannot provide any proof of Leonard Coldwell’s cancer cures, because he does not have a single shred of evidence, medical record, medical writing in the American Journal of Medicine (as he claims), or in any other reputable and noted medical journal.

That’s how he and I fell out! I simply asked him for links to his claims and articles and he blocked me, called me schizophrenic, paranoid and more recently, a child molester!

But that’s what people who lie do when questioned, they discredit and make things up. Just like Glenn Lee Canady did about the reasons Alex Jones wouldn’t have Coldwell on his show.

Quite frankly Glenn, if you believe someone like Coldwell without checking the facts first, then you’re definitely not the man you think you are! And believe me, the only thing I’m sorry about is that I made the mistake of contacting you believing you were a man of truth, faith and diligence.

Just shows how wrong you can be when you don’t do your research, so no, I won’t be contacting you again. I don’t do business with charlatans, drama-queens and bloggers who clearly lean only one way in putting ‘truth’ out there!

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I like truth. I like honesty. I like seeing people get what they paid for. I hate scammers.

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