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UPDATE: July 19th 2014: See bottom of this post for additional info.

Leonard Coldwell is still spewing forth his lies, with the assistance of his live in lover, Amy Chappell and website operative, Sarah J Barendese. Still trying to claim that his site is down because I hacked him. No Loony, I followed your hosts complaint’s procedure and they agreed that you were violating their terms of use.

Coldwell offers zero evidence of his allegations.
Coldwell offers zero evidence of his allegations.

If you want to catch up with what the Loony fat bastard has been saying recently, just go back and look at the last few posts on this site.

After I freely admitted in my previous post, that his site was taken down because of my complaint sent to his hosting company, twice, Loony Leonard Coldwell still tries to make out that I’m a bad guy.

Well Loony, what the fuck do you expect when you put out such pathetic allegations? Especially when you steal my image from my Facebook post from January 2013, and cover it with your sick and depraved lies!?

Did you think I would just sit and take it? Or were you hoping I’d just disappear?

Well you were wrong on both accounts!

Loony can’t even get his lies in order!

In this side-by-side comparison, you can clearly see two completely different stories made up by Coldwell:

Coldwell changes his lie.
Coldwell changes his lie.

The picture on the right was posted on one of Coldwell’s Facebook pages, July 17th.

It has since been removed.

But not before screen shots were captured, as always.

In the meantime, he is continuing to use his dog’s illness as a point of rallying support from those stupid enough to believe every word that comes out of his mouth.

They’re stupid because they don’t ask for proof.

Which is just as well, because he has absolutely zero evidence that Connie Schmidt poisoned his dog, or paid someone to do it.

He has zero proof that I’m a child molester/rapist as he accuses me of being. (I’m not btw. It’s just another of Lenny Coldwell’s sick and twisted fantasies.)

He is still claiming these lies as true, which obviously shows his disillusionment. And furthermore, if you thought someone was intentionally poisoning your dog, wouldn’t you go to the police about it? Yet Lenny has not once mentioned getting the law involved in helping him “prove” Connie Schmidt did it! Instead, he’s inciting a vigilante style hatred towards Connie and myself. More-so Connie

Some of his deluded and obviously moronic followers, have come out with statements such as:

OMG! What is wrong with that bitch? How could she do this to Blue?

She should be hunted down and made to pay for what she did to Blue!

Dr.C, so sorry to hear about Blue. We love you and are sorry you have to deal with these psychopaths! Who could do such a thing to a point whereby they pick on a animal?


You get the idea…it goes on and on and on….

Not one of them has asked for proof of any of Coldwell’s claims.

Not even ONE!

Furthermore, Abe Husein, Coldwell’s loyal lapdog, has refused to do or say anything about Coldwell’s posts or statements. Naturally. Because he’s too cowardly to say anything to Coldwell, or defend innocent people.

Because of the fact that Coldwell or one of his equally stupid assistants, Amy Chappell and Sarah Barendese* posted Connie and Ron’s address all over the internet, in order to incite hatred and revenge against Connie, it has become a task to ask Facebook to remove such posts, and a task that is proving somewhat beyond the capability of Facebook staffers, to understand that a civil crime has been committed.

*Sarah admitted in a recent Facebook post that it is she who places up pages, text and images on …”her client’s website.” And she’s equally pissed that the site was removed and is now seeking legal action to have the site reinstalled. Yeah good luck with that ya loser! And well done on implicating yourself in this whole thing! As I said before, you should be ashamed of yourself for posting content that you know is absolutely not true! Even more so for posting Connie’s address and putting her in grave danger!!

Making credible threats of violence or other posts that may harm an individual in the real-world, is against Facebook’s terms of use. Yet while they remove pictures of a baby suckling on its mother’s breast, they won’t remove pictures of screen shots, that clearly show individuals making credible threats of violence!

DAFUQ is up with you, Facebook?

In the meantime, Coldwell is continuing to push the issues at hand, i.e., accusing Connie of poisoning his dog or getting someone else to do it; accusing me of being a child rapist; claiming that I’m “…hiding in Japan.” (Despite the fact that I informed the stupid moron that I’ve lived here for 15 years.) And more.

So, you can clearly see that Loony is making up a book load of lies, as he has been doing his whole entire life!

And you followers of Coldwell, who still believe in him as the real-deal, again, ask questions instead of blindly following like a Lemming!!

Because when Loony the Lemming jumps over the cliff, he’s going to go down with the intention of taking you with him!

They say that when you call someone names or accuse them of doing something you know fine well is untrue, that you’re really reflecting your own inner-self in your words or/and actions.

If that’s true, then we can only postulate what Loony is really and truly like.

Another recent untruth of Loony Lenny’s is that he claims that Kevin Trudeau and Natalie Babenko, were never married, and he can prove it!

Erm…actually Lenny, no, you can’t. Because you have no proof, as usual. And I can prove you’re lying again…as usual…and that KT did marry her. Or perhaps you think this is just made up too?

Abe chimes in with his usual stupidity.
Abe chimes in with his usual stupidity.

His lies never end. – Abe Husein.

Funny how Abe chimes in on this, but says absolutely nothing about the lies coming from Coldwell’s mouth and refuses to admonish Coldwell for putting women in danger! But what can you expect from a coward!

As for those of you who believe and will continue to believe, everything Coldwell is saying without a shred of proof:


UPDATE: July 19th:

It seems that either Lenny, Amy or Sarah, has read this post and now they have changed their story – again!.

Coldwell changes his story - again.
Coldwell changes his story – again.

First of all, I have never heard of a Travis Shafer, let alone contact him or hack him!

However, after being given the link to his Facebook profile, I did send him a message to ask if he’s connected to Coldwell in any way shape or form.

The first link I was given had the wrong name, but was almost similar. I received a reply back from that individual, who was in GIN, but once called Coldwell out on his lies and has been blocked by him ever since. Incidentally, this gentleman is a real doctor, unlike Coldwell.

I have yet to hear back from the actual Travis Shafer mentioned by Coldwell.

And you have to laugh at the “improper pictures?” comment! Coldwell is a fine one to talk about being improper! Just to clear the air – I have sent no such pictures out anywhere. Just another Coldwell lie!

It was so bad that Travis took his FB page down.

Oh, really Coldwell? Because I’m looking at his page in another window on my laptop right now as I type this you dumb fuck!

Coldwell then goes on to claim that Connie Schmidt, whom he has physically threatened and endangered by putting her address on the internet, is also writing under several fake names, one in particular – Anastasha. Here’s what Anastasha had to say to Coldwell after seeing his bullshit:

A reader replies to Coldwell.
A reader replies to Coldwell.

It would seem that several of Loony’s prior supporters are now backing away from him due to his recent spate of lies and hate filled comments. And rightly so.

Obviously Loony or one of his idiotic assistants – Amy and/or Sarah – have read this post and noted that I compared the change in their lies about me. Now they are trying to counteract that by adding the two together:

Here is the picture of Mahoney the professional Hacker. The pic was taken after he got caught molesting a child in front of a nightclub.

I actually laughed out loud when I read that! And my name is O’Mahony you dumb prick! Jeez! It’s right there for the world to see and you still can’t get it right? You’re a fucktard!

If you knew the town where I live – that’s live Lenny, not hide, you’d know that there are no nightclubs here. But that’s not even the point! The fact that you or your dumbass bitches working for you try to spout out lies that anyone would molest a child near a nightclub, is just so unbelievably stupid in its concoction, that it goes beyond the levels of absurdity and stupidity!

And I’ll ask this again about your poisoned dog: Why have you not reported it to the police if you’re so fucking sure Connie did it?. Oh! That’ll be because you’re making the whole fucking thing up and have absolutely no proof.!

You’re such a narcissistic psychopath, you probably kicked the dog out of frustration or anger at being discovered to be a complete fucking liar about your entire life!

I love the fact that also now, there are several real doctors starting to take note of your claims and looking into having you investigated! (More on that as it happens, folks!)

And once again, you continue to spin the sexual advances yarn about Connie.

Given that you’ve never met the woman, and the fact that she’s very happily married and an animal lover and rescuer, I guarantee you, she has not now, and never has had, absolutely any sexual interest in you whatsoever! In fact, the only interest she has in you is the same as mine – to expose you for the complete fraud and charlatan that you really are!

The fact that you think any woman other than that disgusting, ungrateful idiot Amy Chappell, would have an interest in you sexually, is in itself, laughable!

So keep on spewing the same old lies Lenny. It’s getting kinda boring now, but you can rest assured, we’re not going anywhere until legal justice is served on you and the world sees you for the true moronic ass-hat you are.

And as for your ‘radio show’ Loony, I vaguely remember you having something you considered a ‘radio’ show, even though it’s on the internet. As for claiming that I hacked into it and ‘shout it down’, – just another one of your pathetic and narcissistic lies as usual. Even if I knew how to hack, I wouldn’t waste my time on a show which barely scrapes a handful of listeners! And claiming that I actually told you I was going to hack your show? Pathetic. You Leonard Coldwell, really are a sad old man. Look at yourself in the mirror. Do you feel proud about yourself when you see yourself? You claim to be a health advocate, but you’re an overweight liar with several mental diseases!

And using an old 2010 badly photoshopped photo of a false claim by a doctor who basically has nothing to do with you? Even more evidence of your mental capacity. Ron Kaye had this to say regarding that.

More likely your dog caught this nasty disease – your area is rife with it. All I can say is, it’s a pity your dog got it and not you bunch of scumbags who have to lie to feel good about yourselves!


I like truth. I like honesty. I like seeing people get what they paid for. I hate scammers.

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