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Despite receiving a warning from his hosting company just two weeks ago after posting these lies and more, and having his pages removed as a result, Coldwell tries to repost and loses his entire site! 😀

Coldwell's site removed for violation of rules.
Coldwell’s site removed for violation of rules. *This is NOT an actual screen capture from his site.

Coldwell is up to his usual tricks of lying, deceiving and bullshitting.

In his latest rantings, he claims his dog – a Pitbull named Blue, was deliberately poisoned, and is pointing the finger at none other than his favourite Cosmic Blogger, despite the fact that she lives in Texas and he in South Carolina.

First of all, I really hope the dog makes a full recovery. I have absolutely zero malice towards animals, and if the dog was poisoned deliberately, then I hope the true (sic) culprit is found soon.

But it certainly wasn’t Connie – herself an ardent lover of animals and animal rescuer with her partner, Ron.

For pending legal reasons, I cannot go into further details here, but suffice to say, Coldwell posted Connie’s address online, and the matter is now being dealt with legally.

Coldwell has absolutely no fucking morals when it comes to the safety of women, as we saw in my previous post which contains screen shots of his post on his ‘drleonardcoldwellbio.com’ webpage, where he posted without care, the picture of a former employee and her kids/family members!

And now he posted Connie’s address online, in his latest hate-fueled campaign to have her, her husband Ron, myself and other bloggers silenced.

It just makes us louder!

Dogs can easily get food poisoning from such things as chocolate, some vegetation and fruits (grapes especially are highly poisonous to dogs! NEVER give your dog grapes!) So perhaps Blue ate something he shouldn’t have. Could even have been rat poison. Either way, Loony’s claims that it was for sure, but not for sure, with proof requested from people on Facebook, with a $10,000 reward offered (yeah, okay Lenny. You couldn’t even cough up $500 reward when you requested info on Jason Jones and his whereabouts! When you got it, you refused to pay up! Or was it because you got it from Jason himself? LOL), because he has no proof whatsoever, as usual, just goes to show how desperate he is to keep his scam and fake-image, alive!

Given that he has posted some disgusting allegations against myself and Connie, it is obvious that the vile fake quack, has serious problems mentally and emotionally!

Connie will be making her own thoughts on recent events known soon enough.

Part of his hate-filled campaign to discredit us, involved re-posting the very pages he had removed a couple of weeks ago!

And, just to clear things up, before he has chance to bleat again, we’re sure he’ll say something like:

my site haz been hacked again. I sink it voz zat man in Japan or zee cosmic schlut. Zose paid bloggers who destroy grounds of business for forty two million dollars paid for by zee big pharma unt peepul ooh vant to shut me zown fer being a lying sexual pervert!

This is the screen shot of the actual email I received from Wix.com – Loony’s website hosting company – they have also had enough!

Email response from Coldwell's hosting company.
Email response from Coldwell’s hosting company.

So, Lenny, it was ME that reported your site, with screen shots, and requested it be removed or legal action taken. ME, Lenny. No hackers, no conspiracy theorist haters, just ME.

No doubt he will blame Connie or myself for ‘hacking’, as I stated, but now you have the proof that he wasn’t hacked at all.

And for those of you still stupid enough to believe the absolute shit that Coldwell comes out with – at least be objective and ask questions about what he is telling you. Don’t just take him at his word! Although it’s obvious some of you believe him without questioning. And Sarah, we now know that it is YOU doing Coldwell’s dirty work on his website! You should be fucking ashamed of yourself – you just proved to the entire world, just how biased and ignorant you really are!!

The gullible and downright fucking clueless just don't get it!
The gullible and downright fucking clueless just don’t get it!

We dared to ask questions. That’s how Connie, myself and several others, lost contact with him – we questioned his credentials and asked for proof of them. Coldwell became abusive and started trying to discredit us.

That was two years ago.

Ask questions and you get ignored, then hated. The more we reveal about Loony, the nastier he gets with his claims.

And even as I type this blog post, it appears that his dog is recovering and at home. That’s great news for the dog! 🙂 But Loony just doesn’t know when to stop bullshitting and thanks to our sources, I have this screen shot of his disgusting accusations, lies and bullshit, as well as showing some of his followers for the absolute complete MORONS they really truly are!!

And again, Sarah J Barendese, you should be fucking ashamed of yourself for ‘liking’ Coldwell’s money comment. You are just as fucking sick and mentally deluded as that fat balding sexual pervert! Coldwell wishes Connie was even remotely interested in him sexually. She isn’t and you fucking morons who believe Coldwell’s bullshit about her going after him for sex, are just disgusting, vile and absolutely stupid excuses for human beings!

Coldwell continues with false allegations and claims.
Coldwell continues with false allegations and claims.

That rope is tightening, but not fast enough!

I sincerely hope Blue makes a full recovery.


I like truth. I like honesty. I like seeing people get what they paid for. I hate scammers.

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