Coldwell proves again, just why he’s an absolute moron!

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So I wasn’t planning on doing any posts for a while. Not until the weekend at least, but then Loony Coldwell just gives me ammunition to write stuff about him.

So what’s he been saying now?

In order to save face in the recent light of his new website being given a good and well-earned erasing from the interwebz, Coldwell has once again resorted to trying to convince people he’s a leading source of information regarding cancer cures and news the government and big pharma doesn’t want you to know about.

He isn’t.

In fact, he’s just outdone himself in the Stupidity Sweepstakes, once again!

Coldwell and another moronic statement!
Coldwell and another moronic statement!


Had the bald little perv done his research, before spreading his bullshit across the web as gospel, he’d have known that this has already been debunked as a complete hoax.

Anyone with half-a-brain who is capable of researching on the web, can easily find this information for themselves. But here’s a couple of links just to get you started:

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Make of those what you must, but there are many more links pointing to the fact that this is complete baloney.

We know that Coldwell thinks the folks that run are idiots and have no idea what they’re talking about. Which is why they have one of the most successful websites ever to have existed on the internet since the 1990’s.

Coldwell in his usual disillusioned state of existence, will always believe in his own bullshit as reality.

He still claims to be the leading know-it-all for curing cancer and still offers absolutely no evidence to back this claim up. Something that I personally think should be investigated.

Can’t “proof” it in the US, but ran away from Europe where he could still be working!

As a reader noted on this posting of his, why would he leave Europe where he boldly claims he cured so many (yet no one has ever heard of him there), and could still be curing people for free, (he could literally do this in the UK, where I’ve challenged him to cure kids in Great Ormond Street Hospital. A challenge he has refused because well, he’s a no-morals liar!) and in doing so, would add some credibility to his name.

But he has no credibility, no proof of his claims and absolutely no frigging clue as to how transparent he is! This guy should either put up or shut up, and Coldwell, I don’t mean your phoney baloney claims on Facebook!

After all. If an investigation into Kevin Trudeau’s claims that a diet he talked about was “easy”, then surely a fake-doctor claiming he has cured more than 35,000 people of cancer, should be called to provide evidence as such, and not just taken at his word through Facebook pages and a website where he likes to abuse the very government that gave him his American citizenship?

(He does know that it can be revoked with good reason, right? (Point 7, anyone?)

I’ll have to dig up my links to his rants about fighting the US government etc, later. Unless someone has them, then feel free to add them in the comments section, below.

In the meantime, I’ve found the perfect description of the type of person Coldwell so obviously is:

The personality traits of Loony Coldwell.
The personality traits of Loony Coldwell.

By Bear7

I like truth. I like honesty. I like seeing people get what they paid for. I hate scammers.

One thought on “Failing at discrediting others, Loony Coldwell tries to re-polish his image. And fails. Again.”
  1. Another hilarious post, Bernie. Here’s one of numerous links to Coldwell’s “let’s fight the U.S. Government” campaign.
    Permanent link here: Coldwell Pro-gun!added by site admin.

    You might find some more useful links here.

    And then of course there is this much-cited Disclaimer on Coldwell’s main web site:
    (Clearly, he hates the U.S. government agencies but didn’t hesitate to try to use them in his campaign against his ex-b.f.f. Kevin Trudeau.)

    He has also preached against voting and being involved in politics (though at the same time he has supported Abe Husein’s political ambitions). I remember a November 2012 conversation on Abe’s page (now long deleted) where he said people who register to vote are foolish because the only thing voting will do is get you on a list for jury duty. And since the U.S. legal system is a joke in his eyes, you need to skirt your jury duty obligations if at all possible, said Lenny.

    He has also preached against home ownership, which he said just gets you on tax rolls that you don’t want to be on. He apparently owns no property, at least under his own name, in the U.S. On the other hand, in April 2013 he bragged about buying land for his “health resort,” which he planned to turn into its own sovereign city…
    And in September of 2013 he boasted briefly on Abe Husein’s Facebook page about “the Dr C Mansion,” which he said was 17,000 square feet of luxury, adding that he hoped to have his VIP pals there very soon for a big party. Whether the party ever happened or the mansion even exists… who knows. Almost certainly he didn’t own it, and besides, the pic he posted was of a generic looking upscale home which could have been anywhere and was not a mansion by the usual standards.

    And as many may recall, Coldwell has also preached against paying income taxes and has even made videos saying that there is no law that you have to PAY income taxes, only that you have to file your returns.
    Permanent link here: Coldwell accuses the USA Government of fraud!added by site admin.

    He attempts to cover his calls for sedition by saying that he loves the U.S., loves the American people (well, with a few notable exceptions), and loves the Constitution (or his own twisted interpretation thereof). It’s just the “criminals” in the U.S. gummit and NWO that he hates. And he also hates all of those bloggers all over the world who call him out on his lies and deceptions.

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