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UPDATE: July 3rd – Coldwell’s bio page removed by his hosting company due to abusive, false and libellous statements! Coldwell is under surveillance and screen shots of his previous slanderous efforts kept on record! This is just the beginning Coldwell!

So you thought Loony Leonard Coldwell, who thinks he’s a real doctor but isn’t, couldn’t get any lower than calling cancer sufferers idiots, but you’d be wrong. Very wrong!
August 10th – strong language edited out. Feeling much calmer now. 🙂 .

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Before I get started, you might need to make sure you’ve got a cup of coffee, or something. This is going to be long.

So I woke up this morning, with my blurry-eyes from sleep, slowly prying open. And the first thing I see when I pick up my cell phone off the floor? 91 Messages!

I never get that many messages in one day, let alone in one night. So I mustered up the morning energy and opened my phone, and what I found was nothing short of vile, disgusting and despicable.

Moreover, it was from our not-so-favourite resident Not-a-real-doctor, Loony Leonard Coldwell.

Albeit, he’s posing as his ‘brother’, Nicholas Coldwell.

And that’s a good place to start before we get to the nitty-gritty-shitty. While Lenny the Loon obviously changed his name, I’m almost certain that anyone else in his family, pretend or otherwise, hasn’t changed theirs.

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 9.37.45 PM

As most of you well know, Leonard Coldwell is a chosen name, back from when the fat balding little fuhrer, had to do a runner from Germany, having been found out of sexually harassing someone over there, under his original name – Bernd Klein.

There can only be one or two genuine reasons for wanting to change your name so badly. Usually to start a new life after your old life was a complete balls-up! Or you need to disappear because someone could ruin your plans to scam people with your false claims, that you can’t back up.

Just like Loony Lenny does with his claims of curing more than 35,000 people of cancer. Without a shred of evidence other than some dodgy looking testimony from a doctor that has virtually no standing with your ordinary lay-person.

I’ve been over this many times before, so no need to go into it again in this particular post. If you want to know more about Loony Lenny the Lying Fake Doctor That Molests Women, just click on Leonard Coldwell in the category list on this site.

Okay, let’s get to the crap that he posted, under the guise of his ‘brother’ (whom someone who contacted me earlier today, seems to think could be his half-brother or nephew).

If you’re one of my followers on Facebook, and have been for some time, you will no-doubt remember this story I posted at the start of the New Year in 2013.

7 Japanese thugs attacked me on my way home from a party.
7 Japanese thugs attacked me on my way home from a party.

In short, I was on my way home from celebrating the new year and had an incident involving a car full of drunk Japanese guys. When the driver took a swing at me, he and his buddies thought it would be tough to all jump out and have a go. A few of them went home with fat lips – and I went down fighting. And laughing.

It was completely cowardly but as has been pointed out to me since then, today’s younger generation of Japanese, have no code of ethics when it comes to kicking the ever-loving shit out of someone. And it’s not uncommon for 6 or more of them to take out just 1 person.

Anyway, the police were involved and staff of a nearby hotel witnessed the whole incident and helped me get on my feet, gave me coffee and called medical staff to take care of me, as the police took an incident report.

My wife came to the hospital at 4am to pick me up and the police explained what happened, to her.

Leonard Coldwell’s version of events are nothing short of sick, twisted and depraved.

This is a screen shot taken from his bio page with his version of what happened:

Leonard Coldwell sets himself up for a defamation lawsuit and doesn't even know it! Ph.D? Yeah, sure...
This picture taken from my Facebook story and labled with Coldwell’s lies.

Let’s correct a couple of things here:

  • I’m not a paid blogger. I blog for free because I believe in sharing truth with the world. Coldwell lives in a fantasy world where he thinks bloggers like me, Connie Schmidt, Jason Jones (whom Lenny tried to sue and didn’t even bother turning up for his own court case!) and Omri Shabat, are paid by the government and big-pharma of the USA, to shut him up. Strewth Lenny – I’d happily shut you up and pay for the priviledge of being able to do so and not even bat an eyelid about it!

  • I’m not hiding in Japan. I live here you moron! I live in Yamaguchi, over on the west side of the country. It’s a nice place. Too nice for pieces of shit fake doctors with no morals like you.

  • The only source you have that sends you anything, is that moron Abe Husein, who is so far up your rear end, if he spits it’s coming out of your mouth!

  • You clearly stole this image from my Facebook page and tried to deprave my character as something I’m clearly not. This is more likely an oversight on your part, as you mirror your own depraved and perverted sexual desires, through your allegations. It’s Psychology 101.

So, now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s move on to your other defamatory claims, for which you clearly show your neuroticism!

And I just received this picture, sent to me by the same ‘source’ that Loony thinks sent him the picture stolen from my original Facebook post in January 2013:


Let the complaints begin…

☆ Quick sidenote: even as I write this post, Loony Lenny is desperately trying to convince people on his facebook page, that the Pharmaceutical industry is out to get him, and people like me etc, are trying to defame him. Lenny, I’m not trying to defame you mate, I’m trying to make sure the world sees you for the pot-bellied, lying little fuhrer you really are!! You’re a disease that has no care who he hurts, molests, rapes, robs of money, and so on. You’re a greedy, sweating little excuse for a man whose entire life is a lie! You’re a joke and wasting good oxygen that is needed for the other maggots in this world.

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 10.37.59 PM

Loony Len - desperate to have you like him!
Loony Len – desperate to have you like him!

I just realised that you posted this shit on June 20th, Lenny. And you’re still falsely claiming that Interpol is looking for me! LOL. Oh my word! Coldwell you really are a completely stupid deluded moron who believes his own lies!!

Okay, back to your website crap.

He goes on to state:

Accusations abound...even when they make no sense.
Accusations abound…even when they make no sense.

Hope you’ve got popcorn or something – this is getting deeper…

  • Any woman who would go out of her way to want to have sex with Leonard Coldwell, would have to be either completely stupid in every sense of the word; or love humping fat fuhrers with small appendages with premature ejaculation problems, so much she’d stoop to any level to do so. She’d reach new levels of lowness wanting Coldwell’s stumpy crab-infested tool! It was probably more likely that Lenny made a pass at some woman, as he’s well known for doing, and she rejected him, so he was all butt-hurt and responded the only way he knows how. With hatred.

  • I’m confused – so Loony Lenny claims that this woman spent hundreds of hours, making false Facebook pages, websites, pretending she was Coldwell, without being paid for it, because

    …since she does not even get any money or benefit out of the hundreds of hours’ worth posting hateful posts.

    – yet, according to Lenny the Loony with the Small Penis, she and others like her, i.e., yours truly, are paid bloggers. Which is it Loony? Seriously, if you’re going to accuse people of made-up shit, at least get your story straight so that even someone of your low mental capacity can at least seem half credible instead of a half-wit.

  • And low and behold, in the next paragraph, you state:

    …false accusations and lies are usually based on the payments from the enemies …!

    0ec12dccba4feeabe1b21e3c1893ef7e5f38180ae5593764958c4493244ca7b8 So if that’s true…who is paying you?

  • And I almost laughed like Eddie Murphy when I read:

    One of the usual accusations they use are sex related accusations, so they created a false police report to destroy small-dick-and-brain’s reputation…

    Absolutely hilarious when you consider that the report is real and still on record at the Mount Pleasant SC PD.

  • Loony then goes on to state that one of the women who made the report, retracted it in court, and later took her own life because she couldn’t live with what she’d done. Funny that Lenny, because she’s still posting on Facebook you stupid imbecile!! And you write it, under the guise of a false family member, as if you’re actually really happy that someone would take their own life! Hardly surprising given that you’re a low-life piece of dog turd with no regard for anyone living or dead!

I would implore anyone reading this that isn’t up to speed on this piece of crap, to seriously read the posts on this website and others, regarding the truth about Leonard Coldwell.

Especially with regards to posts like this, this and especially this.

Despite his pathetic and sad attempts at trying to rally people behind him, it appears that previous supporters are taking big steps away from him. And who can blame them? Should have done that a long time ago, people!:

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 11.42.00 PM

That comes from an ex of Coldwell’s who eventually saw the light and high-tailed it out of Dodge!

Coldwell hates women that reject him and it’s not like I’m the first blogger to note this fact. Indeed…

Coldwell is downright vicious and dangerous. When Coldwell broke up with (name withheld for the person’s well-being), he was so angry he wanted to see her murdered… He talked about it a lot… It was very disturbing. – Shortened version, same words.

They go on to say:

…”Good Life Foundation” run by [the fictional] Dr Thomas Hohn. Evidently, there really is a Dr.Hohn in Germany, but Coldwell is using his name and credentials to run a scam operation. He was running the scam out of his mother’s home in Germany. This way, it would look like people were emailing Dr.Hohn, but they were really emailing Coldwell. He did all this via Germany, to avoid lawsuits in America. No one in America would file suit in Germany and Coldwell knew this. He’s a dangerous and manipulative human being.

It’s easy to agree with 95% of the above information, except the part about him being a human being. He isn’t. He is lower than dog shit – no offense to dog shit.

Loony posted pictures of a lady and her kids/nephews on the bio page with his own deluded comment:

Never met Coldwell but she used to work for you!
Never met Coldwell but she used to work for you!

You sick bastard, Coldwell!

Clearly she’s a family woman with kids. Why the heck would she want a short-arsed balding fat fuhrer like you to rape her?! Clearly she doesn’t want to be raped by you or anyone else for that matter you sick bastard! And you went full retard when you posted pictures of her kids on your site! You never go full-retard!

The page goes on to list his “credentials”, which will be discussed shortly on another blog.

Safe to say though, none of the ones he has listed have accredited him with anything he’s studied for in order to get a title of ‘DR’ on his name.

Anyone can go to college or night class and walk away with a nice certificate after a course of study. The name printed on it is the one you register with – not the one you get from the course of study for which the certificate concludes.

But as most of you know – Lenny gained his allegedly four Ph.D’s from a now defunct degree mill.

In a bold (no pun intended Lenny, keep your hair on! Oops!) effort to seem credible, the short fat alleged rapist, is employing all he can muster from his lie-filled, hate-filled, pervy little brain, and hopes you’ll have the impression he’s some kind of demigod.

Maybe he believes that he is god – when he walks into a room you can hear “Oh God! Not you again!”

In conclusion, you’ve crossed a line Lenny, and without giving too much info away, you’re going to need a paddle, armbands and that rope around your neck to help you climb out of the creek.


Accusing anyone of being a child molester is downright evil, and certainly not the behaviour of a ‘doctor’.

You’re butthurt because myself and others blog about your lies and scams. You’re butthurt because you were part of the scam that Trudeau was running and he fired you. You’re butthurt because we ask you to prove that you’ve cured people of cancer – and yet you can’t prove anything. You’re butthurt because I’ve exposed your lying ass and low-level thinking. You’re butthurt because you’re a neurotic and habitual liar.

And anyone who still supports this vile disgusting excuse for a man, you’re either seriously deluded or a complete moron!

Coldwell, your entire life is a lie.

You’re pathetic.


I like truth. I like honesty. I like seeing people get what they paid for. I hate scammers.

2 thoughts on “Leonard Coldwell – a real life Walter Mitty and a vile excuse for a human being!”
  1. Oh, Bernie, why mince words? 🙂

    Since this little lunatic has told other people, including a reporter, the egregious lie that I tried in vain to have sex with him, I have reason to believe that I am the unnamed woman — make that “Woman” with an unnecessary capital initial — to whom he refers on his new web site, which incidentally is atrociously designed. (On my computer, the graphics obscure half the text. On my phone, the text shows up fine but half the graphics are missing, and the ones that do show are all clumped together at the bottom of the screen. Score another point against Coldwell’s credibility. Make that ten points against him — he gets points off for his usual illiterate rambling, and more points off for pretending to be his brother.)

    He even posted that lie about me — the lie that I made sexual passes at him — on Facebook in November of 2013, and yes, I do have a screen shot of that (in the same rant, he also called me an AIDS-infected prostitute who got cancer because I am jealous of his success). He may try to get out of it by saying that since he didn’t actually mention my name, I have no cause to complain. But everybody, even his buddies, know to whom he is referring.

    Alternatively he may try to slither out of any blame for that or any other screen-captured rants by falsely claiming that I (or someone else) hacked his account or posted under fake accounts pretending to be Coldwell. But I have NEVER done anything like that, despite his lies to the contrary, which also appear in the screed on his new site. I think many of us learned long ago that Coldwell has a longtime habit of accusing people of the very things that he does or has been accused of doing. It is a perverse form of echolalia, perhaps a sign that he is indeed “a psychopath with an inadequate personality,” as a shrink friend of mine conjectured (not an official diagnosis of course; he based his opinions upon reading Coldwell’s rants). My husband Ron calls it the Pee Wee Herman defense: “I know you are, but what am I?”

    Despite threats and indirect bullying from Coldwell, who tries his best to talk behind his critics’ backs on Facebook so they can’t even defend themselves, I have continued to post what I see as the truth about him UNDER MY OWN NAME. I have made no false accusations; I have only raised questions about him, his credentials, his name change, his mysterious history in Germany, and his general credibility. Everything I write is based upon things he has said and written in public. This is in marked contrast to Coldwell, who continually uses other aliases and makes up outrageous, actionable lies about people to boot. (For years he has co-opted Dr. Thomas Hohn’s name (and reputation) to further his own vile causes. That’s just one of numerous aliases and proxies he uses.)

    You are absolutely correct, Bernie, that even his lies are inconsistent. Anyone who fails to notice this is either stupid or just not paying attention. For example, he started out his attacks on me back in October 2012 by falsely claiming that I was being paid by Big Pharma to discredit him. (He threw in the gratuitous and actionable lie that I am a former prostitute with bad STDs — I guess to further discredit me. Or maybe he just has fantasies about hookers.) Yet even as he was spreading the lie that I am being paid by Big Pharma, he was also saying that my being paid by Big Pharma was the only reason that I would spend hundreds of hours writing blog posts that nobody reads. Which just raises the question: Why would Big Pharma pay me big money to write stuff if nobody reads it? They’re smarter than that!

    I guess he got bored with the Big Pharma lie, though, and decided to indulge in his warped fantasy that I made sexual passes at him. Again, anyone who knows him, and knows whom he’s lying about — and yet actually believes him — is beyond stupid. I do not think even his loyal sycophants (those who rushed to his side to gush over his new website when he announced it on Facebook on June 20) believe that I would have bad enough taste to want to even consider having sex with that little monster (no offense to monsters). The sycophants certainly did not believe I was an ex-hooker; at least that’s what they told me. Why do they continue to excuse him when he clearly is so full of crap? Wait, don’t answer that… it’s because some of them are either total failures at critical thinking, or they have business deals with him. (Bepure, anyone?)

    His sexual obsession with his critics is disturbing, but even more disturbing is the fact that on his new web site he invites people to write to him at a certain email address, and he promises that he will give them all of the names and full contact information of everyone who is involved in this purely imaginary “conspiracy” to “destroy grounds of business” and “defame” him. I believe this includes the numerous women (there wasn’t just one) whose accounts appear in that infamous police report, as well as bloggers such as myself who have done nothing more than raise legitimate questions — which he has still not answered with anything except another round of ungrammatical lies, though admittedly this time those lies are enhanced with jpegs of spurious credentials and old German newspaper clippings.

    By promising to share our contact information it seems clear that he is trying to incite vigilante justice — one step below actually posting all of the names and info on a public web site, as, for example, certain extreme groups have done, with the results that some of the groups’ targets have been stalked and murdered. The fact that reportedly Coldwell has also — with apparent seriousness — talked about sending hit men after people should also be considered. Ron and I take his invitation to his fanatical fans as a bona fide threat and, rest assured, we are taking appropriate actions.

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