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January 6th: Note for Sarah: Thanks for reading the post and admitting in a Facebook post that you’re stupid enough to think you know more than qualified doctors. If you align yourself with scammers, expect to be pointed out as a narcissistic buffoon. Furthermore, I’m glad it makes you happy to think that people like me have nothing better to do than talk about idiots like you. You people are a danger to society.

As if the fake doctor claiming to have cured 35,000 people of cancer, with no evidence, isn’t enough; now his untalented overweight sister from a past life, (her words), is not only claiming that she is being harassed and stalked by others online, but that the ONLY cure for cancer is spiritual and that all cancer comes from a spiritual source!

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Sarah, for those of you that don’t know, is part of the IMBSingU group, run by fake doctor Coldwell.

She claims to have been his sister in a previous life.

I could stop there and let you go with your own thoughts on who this person claims to be, and I’m pretty sure you can guess already, the kind of thinking that she tries to vomit on society.

Sarah claimed that I ‘harassed her’ through email, or some web-based source, as well as accused another blogger of stalking her, despite the fact he hadn’t had any contact with her since August 2012. And even then, it was minimal.(see comments below this post)

Claims I should contact her first hand.
Claims I should contact her first hand.

Well, Sarah, I would contact you directly, but you’ve got me blocked on every level, and I have no idea what your email is, so I’m puzzled as to how I allegedly contacted you. Not that I would need to contact you seeing as you have nothing I deem of any value. But I digress, you can take this posting as a direct contact. Or not. I don’t really give a crap.

Anyway, back to the point.

Sarah claims that cancer is not caused by physical changes in cellular levels of the human body, despite a zillion years of research, medical findings, etc.

No, it comes from a spiritual base:

All the doctors in the world are WRONG!
All the doctors in the world are WRONG!

Not surprising this is her line of thinking, given that she aligns herself with Coldwell and the rest of the bullshitters in that group.

And she’s probably right on anyone, not just me, needing a translator to read her book. I don’t speak fluent Bullshit!

Sarah J Barendse - believes all cancer is spiritual.
Sarah J Barendse – believes all cancer is spiritual.

People have tried questioning her, respectfully, on her credentials to make such ludicrous claims, but Sarah starts spitting and telling people to go fuck themselves. I guess the IMBSingU training is going well in that department then. (Scammers hate being questioned, remember!)

Try to debate anything with this Friesian heifer and you’ll be met with a barrage of insults, told you’re not a nice person and to go forth and multiply. Only not quite so eloquently. Because of course, Sarah is a real professional like her IMBSingU pals, and that’s how you come across when you’re professional…as a moron.

And if Trudeau can be hauled in front of a judge for saying a diet is “easy”, and allegedly making false claims on it, etc…how soon before idiots like fake doctor Coldwell and Sarah, get hauled into a courtroom for making medical claims that are based on nothing more than self-belief, delusion and dollar signs, and that throw decades of scientific fact out the window?

One can only hope it’s sooner rather than later, before someone dies as a result of their airy-fairy beliefs!

Need some fairy soap to wash that mouth out Sarah? Start with this, I've got a larger order coming from Cosco just for you.
Need some fairy soap to wash that mouth out Sarah? Start with this, I’ve got a larger order coming from Cosco just for you.


I like truth. I like honesty. I like seeing people get what they paid for. I hate scammers.

7 thoughts on “Sarah J Barendse joins the cancerous scammers claiming to know how to cure cancer.”
  1. I’m apparently the other “staker” that Sarah refers to. Kind of difficult, since I blocked her after a brief attempt at civil discourse last year. Here’s the comment I posted to her e-booklet promo page, which got her so upset that she ultimately deleted it and her angry response:

    “Just curious… What is the author’s background? Is she an oncologist? If so, with what hospitals / cancer treatment facilities is she affiliated? Or is she a medical researcher? If so, could you please point us to some of her publications, and identify the research facility where she has done her work. Like most prudent individuals, I prefer to vet those who make significant claims. Thanks in advance.”

    I bet she’s a real joy in a job interview. 🙂

  2. this Abe and Leonard are just ridiculous.

    Now, I want to clarify something. I am 26 years old and I listened to YWIYC when I was 23. It changed my life, for the better. It gave me immense amount of clarity on many aspects in my life, and has lead me further and further down a path of passion, excitement and joy, on many levels. So I will always have a soft spot for KT no matter how the media tries to paint him.

    Another thing is, while I was going through the process of trying to figure out whether or not KT was genuine or not, it was really tough. I wanted to believe him, but with so many people doubting him, it was a real challenge. It outcasted me, made me feel like I was gullible, and it made me feel a bit psycho at times. But that’s not the point. The point is I would go to his website, and I would leave a lengthy post in the comment sections, and he would NEVER, EVER , EVER , EVER delete them. They NEVER deleted them. In fact, one time I even asked the question “Kevin, it doesn’t make sense, you release YWIYC, and you tell people that joining GIN will give them a life of riches and wealth.. Yet when I email GIN support I get a real human response. My question is, if they work for such a guru like yourself, why on earth would they manifest a reality where they do a 9-5 job typing responses to random people” The VERY NEXT SHOW, he answered my question. He didn’t just beat around the bush either, he gave me 2 or 3 very intellectual answers that really helped me understand. Not only that, he was not afraid to dive right into it, he didn’t deflect, he answered honestly. And truthfully, I think KT is an honest man, I just don’t think he is quite aware of a higher more unified truth, however his truth is more unified then many.

    [Claims about cancer causes, from non-qualified persons, will not be allowed on this site due to the fact that some of us have lost loved ones to cancer and the information given, clashes with that of medical professionals.] – Editor

    Someone who believes in them self, can talk at a deeper level, than someone who doesn’t. Now this DR. LEO and ABE are quite inexperienced in this task. They have an ego that keeps their energy projecting outwards. The thing about that is, it means you don’t believe in yourself. You use other peoples faults and failures to justify why you are better. That is an ego. When you don’t have an ego, you don’t look outwards, you look inwards. You look inwards because you are strong and confident within yourself. It is within that strength and confidence when things will begin to manifest and be pulled towards you. It’s the law of attraction and repulsion. What Leo and Abe are doing are not only projection their energy outwards, they are repulsing the energy, and repulsing anyone and everyone who has ever heard of them.

    Mentally speaking, if you are the type of person that is always constantly looking at others for their faults in order to make yourself feel valid, then you are projecting energy outwards, constantly. It is that mental stress and exertion of energy that tires many people. The thing is, when you sit calmly, and listen to your favorite music, and retreat your energy inwards, you can gain many insights into yourself and adjust certain beliefs you have about yourself, which will allow you to stop exerting so much energy outwards. That is when life really starts to become extremely easy and effortless.

    Now again, how do I know this? It’s simple, eventually, after months and years of practice, you can learn to receive a higher bandwidth of energy through your brain. Essentially, the more aware you become, the more energy your brain can receive (your pineal gland to be scientific). The more aware you become mentally, the bigger your perspective comes, the more you can see with your inner eye. Things that you have looked and defined for years, change, because you perceive them differently, they become different to you. And that is one of YWIYC’s lessons. You need a willingness to accept change and a willingness to learn. The thing is a willingness to accept change is one of people’s biggest problems. In north american culture, we have been raised in a physical world, we have been taught that everything is physical, we are taught that NIKE is better than Wal-Mart brand clothes, we have been taught the ideal’s of beauty for god sake……. but the truth is , and everyone will eventually wake up to this, that this world is just as much mental as it is physical, in fact, it is more mental because you create your own reality based off of your beliefs and definitions. Reality is Perspective.

    Sucks KT is in jail considering I get false advertisements spammed on my phone, my email, my tv, my radio, every single day of my life. EVERY SINGLE DAY. In fact, one time bell mobility gave me UNLIMITED TEXT MESSAGING*.. I didn’t see the “*” but when I did, I read near the bottom and it said “* a maximum of 2500 text a month” ..

    Please tell me how UNLIMITED TEXT MESSAGING is 2500 text’s a month. They have since changed that protocol, however, did they try to put anyone in jail? No, they didn’t…. but I can tell you, they made $100,000’s , if not millions, off of that bullshit advertising, because I as a consumer trusted that Unlimited meant Unlimited, and that it didn’t mean, go home and log onto my bell account and navigate my way through 15 minutes of bullshit so I can see that Unlimited isn’t actually Unlimited.

    1. Hi Paul

      I went through the same process of judging whether Trudeau was genuine and decided he was not.

      Have you ever noticed how Trudeau has a habit of calling people who disagree with him, or who left his GIN club “losers”?

      He knows that people considering joining his “club” don’t want to be a “loser” in life. Its a clever technique to make those who are on the fence about joining actually put their hands in their pockets and pay, lest they be considered a “loser”.

      Also, doesn’t going around calling people with a different viewpoint a “loser” directly contradict what he teaches about the so-called law of attraction?

      You may also have noticed that serial scammers like Not-Dr Coldwell have also adopted this technique. If it looks, walks and talks like a scammer, then its probably a scammer.

      For me, the absolute litmus test of whether Trudeau is an honest man is the GIN business model. He claims that GIN is a legitimate business opportunity, not a pyramid scheme, simply because it has a pretend product attached to it (some recycled content available elsewhere and tickets to a cruise ship). However, he knows damn well that the definition of an illegal pyramid has nothing to do with a product being part of the transacation.

      An illegal pyramid is where the commissions are paid out of the money collected from other members who paid to be a member of the scheme. This is an illegal pyramid because, once you get to the point that not enough people are joining, the entire commission structure breaks down.

      The only way the GIN business model would be legitimate and legal, would be if the commissions were paid out of the sale of products, not money collected for memberships.

      This isn’t the case, and therefore GIN is 100% an illegal operation. That isn’t an honest mistake that hes made; its designed that way.

      Regarding the cancer claims, where’s the proof? Someone simply claiming something is not proof. I could start saying tomorrow that I’ve found a way to cure diabetes using turnips, but the statement isn’t proof in and of itself.

      No one would believe me unless I provided evidence in the form of documentation, and studies conducted under controlled conditions. I’d be expected to prove causation (not just correlation) – ie that what I did demonstrably lead to the result, and it wasn’t just a coincidence. If you don’t see any of this stuff, then you’re simply not in a position to judge the claims to be truthful.

      I’m not trying to be rude or anything. I just wanted to share my thoughts, since I’ve been through the exact same process of trying to decide if Trudeau was genuine.

      1. Sorry one more thing I should have mentioned regarding the cancer debate, was to check the disclaimers on Coldwells own website. Here’s a taste:

        “Unfortunately we live in a world of sue-happy idiots and paid destructive groups, corrupt politicians and privately owned media, so I have to legally tell you: This book and its contents do not cure, prevent, diagnose or treat any disease or condition! (Only your own self-healing powers can do that.) The only purpose for this book is educational, for research and entertainment.”

        He freely admits that his books are full of nonsense in order to avoid being sued.

        People who are telling the truth don’t fear courts. However people who are making false and unsubstantiated claims do.

        His books, intended for those facing DEATH are for ENTERTAINMENT?! Well excuse me if I don’t feel particularly entertained by that.

  3. Readers, please note: Please do not offend other readers by making unsubstantiated claims about where cancer comes from, how it manifests and how it can be cured, unless you are a Licensed Medical Practitioner, that can back up your claims with proven results. Some of us have lost friends and family to cancer and do not appreciate the sentiment behind notions of your mere belief, in the face of proven medical facts. Thank you – Editor.

    1. I have had friends and family die of cancer too, and did not appreciate the claim you made that cancer is caused by stress, and that there is no cure. That kind of claim is not only ludicrous, it is very upsetting to anyone who has experienced this terrible disease, directly or indirectly. And comparing me to two ass hats who are not worthy of the mud on my boots, is a pretty shallow thing to say. The rest of your post was interesting and will remain for readers to respond to.

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