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The IBMS Club (affectionately referred to as IMBSingU Club, just had their weekend away in Florida. But after enquiring minds asked about attendance, the deletions, ignorance and bullshit, started flowing. Again. As usual.

Close up shots taken to make it look like it's busy.
Picture taken in a mirrored elevator to give the impression of a large turnout.

Over the past year, the members of the IMBSingU Club, hosted by the two well known liars and scammers, Peter Wink and Loony Fake Doctor Leonard Coldwell – of sexual predatory fame – have deleted, added, re-added, and re-deleted, comments, page members and basically anything that puts them in the truly bad light they deserve to be shown in.

And after their recent weekend in Florida, they’ve been more active than ever. Especially Abe Husein. No doubt ego has played a massive part in his recent blocking of people from his page(s) after this weekend. And as usual, Coldwell is the one to blow him. I mean, blow his ego. Probably. And one blogger stated:

Anyone who would support a sexual predator in hopes of making a profit is probably enough of a narcissist to never get beyond the video game level emotionally. I suspect that it wouldn’t bother Abe that much.

Another Facebook user who tried to garner info on the recent weekend, quickly met with Abe’s interpretation of the First Amendment. Something he has been quite good at doing with anyone who doesn’t agree with him, talks foul of Loony Len or Wimpy Wink. But he’ll gladly leave up comments that are derogatory to women.

Just one of many who have been cut off by Abe.
Just one of many who have been cut off by Abe.

For well over a year, Loony Lenny has been talking about forming a militia, and he took full advantage this past weekend, to use the facilities at the Wyndham Resort Hotel in Florida, to flash guns around and put them in the hands of the untrained.

If these idiots were to try and overthrow the US government, it’d be over in less than 5 minutes, and the rest of us could just go about our business.

Idiots with guns. Abe confuses game killing with reality.
Idiots with guns. Abe confuses game killing with reality.

As the unfolding saga of GIN has occurred, Loony Lenny has had high-hopes of turning his IMBSingU Club, into the GIN equivalent. Albeit, through lies, bullshit and deceit.

Fake certificates abound  with no use in the real world.
Fake certificates abound with no use in the real world.

It would appear from the deletion of comments on his Facebook page, and Abe’s, that turnout at the recent weekend fling was nothing spectacular, especially in terms of numbers. That would explain the lack of pictures and there being no large group pictures of all attendees.

Upon his return, Abe gleefully gloats on Trudeau’s recent courtroom begging to be released. Abe failed to notice that this was old news.

Abe Husein
GIN UPDATE!! I have been out of commission this last week and a lot has happened in the GIN world. Here it is for those that don’t already know. I got word from a current GIN staff member at the office yesterday. KY went to court again last week and literally started balling his eyes out, begging the judge to let him go. Ya what a great leader.

Also, 1500 members dropped out December 1st! Also, there has been a MASSIVE amount of chargebacks made by members who left. GIN had their merchant account threated to be taken away this month because of all the chargebacks. That is no joke! That is the ONLY way to get your money back at this point. Do a chargeback from your bank.

Several people have contacted my asking me how to do a chargeback. I have explained it countless times, but I will say it again. Just call your bank and ask for a charge back for your membership dues and any other money you spent on GIN based on the fact that is false advertising and you did not get what you paid for. Your banks will give you the money you spent the last 90 days in GIN. Its very easy to do.

This was when the blocking and deletion of comments began on Abe’s page. As duly noted by Connie Schmidt who has done more to reveal the frauds of Trudeau, Wink and Coldwell over the past several years, than anything Abe has done his entire, miserable ego bloated life. Click the screen capture below to view the link on Connie’s blogspot.

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 2.24.00 PM

Abe, again fails in his ‘advice’, and proves he knows nothing of the law, and has not bothered to read the court documents at any point in time. If he had, he would know that any attempts to do a chargeback will be met with a wall of legal technicalities, while GIN is under Receivership.

When a company goes into Receivership, absolutely no redress can be incurred with the company, until Receivers finish their business. And providing they don’t liquidate the company in question, which hasn’t happened to GIN, despite Abe’s wishful thinking, then and only then, can you do a Chargeback. Whether it’s successful or not, really depends on how you approach your bank and how they judge the situation. After all, they’re in the money business to make money, not give it away.

I could post comment after comment about how posters have had their questions ignored, deleted and then been blocked, but I think by now you guys get the overall picture.

And an interesting point to raise is, How does Leonard Coldwell intend to explain his spammy emails from his .de email account, claiming to be from the GIN Council, now that the Receiver has determined, and GIN has admitted, that there is NO GIN COUNCIL? Lenny? Hello?

Some good questions were raised recently including:

Has anyone else noticed that Werner-Grey has disappeared from anything associated with Lenny?

and this amusing question, with an element of truth behind it:

If Lenny is so sure his BePureCleanse is so great, when will the fat little bastard start using it himself?

I guess a picture speaks a thousand words.

Fat guts, last year's shirts and bad moustaches, including Sarah's, make for success...?
Fat guts, last year’s shirts and bad moustaches, including Sarah’s, make for success…?

But just to show I’m not all about putting people down. I do want to help them…so here ya go Abe…this might help you achieve puberty before 30.



I like truth. I like honesty. I like seeing people get what they paid for. I hate scammers.

3 thoughts on “King of Cowardice, Low IMBSingU Weekend Turnout & Fake Certificates.”
  1. Hilarious post, Bernie. When I first saw that “elevator” pic on Abe’s page a few days ago I did a double take and almost immediately noticed that the heads in the “background” looked remarkably like Loony’s little shiny pate and the heads of those who flank him in the pic. Looking closer I saw I was indeed looking at reflections — both in the background and for that matter on the ceiling. I figured it was one of those elevators with reflective walls all around and above, easily creating the illusion of a crowd. I don’t know if that was their intention or if they just thought it would be a neat pic.

    In any case, when I made a PERFECTLY RESPECTFUL comment on Abe’s page about the mirrored illusion, he deleted my comment, as he did several of my other comments. Then he blocked me from his page — yet again. Granted, my comment about the mirror illusion was in the context of Mike Malcolm’s perfectly respectful comment about how it looked as if there were not many people at the event. Abe wiped away Mike’s comment too. So I guess we hit a nerve.

    And now it appears as if the elevator pic is gone from Abe’s page. The truth is that Coldwell, even with “Wink’s” expert help, will never attract the crowds that Kevin still attracts even from behind bars. And I suspect that Loony knows that, and it has made him an even angrier little man than he already was.

  2. Telling people there were not many people at their event, is bad for their image of trying to fool the gullible suckers into believing they had an extensive turnout.
    They’ve been surprisingly quiet. I at least expected Lenny to embellish numbers like he usually does and claim there were a couple of thousand there!
    Hard to do that when almost every picture purports a number less than 20!

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