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Seems the loony little fake quack (Leonard Coldwell) just can’t stop with the bullshit! And now you can hear it straight from his vile little mouth!

Listen to the audio below to hear the crap this vile scammer says!
Listen to the audio below to hear the crap this vile scammer says!

And the bullshit continues, only this time, you can hear it for yourself! I listened to it, and I didn’t know whether to lol or LOL! I actually ended up ROTFLMFAO!!

I honestly thought the bullshit couldn’t get any worse with this disgusting excuse for a human being, but he really doesn’t know when to quit!

The audio starts off with his deluded assistant Amy, introducing the little perv. You might remember her from this story here. And then, well, the bullshit flows as usual.

Bullshit claims like:

They made it a law..that all TV’s have to be digital…they can now see you through the TV screen, they don’t need a camera to see you through the software in the TV!

Remember, this is the same man who claims that cancer patients bring it on themselves. He had this to say about cancer sufferers:

Leonard Coldwell Nmd Phd Revenge: The main cause of cancer is suppression of emotions! Is living in denial ( fake forgiving Christians have 4 times – 400%- more cancer ) If you dont get even you suppress the emotions that need to come out that means you close the vent to a boiling water pot so that the steam cannot come out and the result is that it will explode because of the pressure. The same is true for the development of cancer. You suppress your emotions, live in denial and as a victim and you WILL get cancer! I love that actually! All the cowards that camouflage their wimpyness and fear with the lie of forgiveness are dying of cancer.

Please do feel free to download and share – or just link to this page, in order to get the story out there. This twisted little pervert has gone too far with his unprovable claims. And claiming to be as well-known as Chuck Norris over the last 30 years, in the martial arts world, is really taking the piss! I mean, who does he think he’s fooling with that dumb claim? Answer: NO-ONE

I even got a phone call from Pinocchio’s father earlier today after he heard the audio. He’s thinking of suing Coldwell for trademark infringement, basically making a mockery out of his son!

Pinocchio's father - can't believe his ears!
Pinocchio’s father – can’t believe his ears!

I vas shocked und saddened, to hear such vile contempt from zis man! Why, Walt Disney himself couldn’t write zis kind of fantasy! It’s very bad for business!

Pinocchio himself couldn’t be reached for comment.

Okay, well obviously I didn’t get a phone call from Pinocchio’s dad. But you knew that. After all, you’re the smart reader. Just thought I’d try my hand at actually making something up for once. It’s hard. Coldwell really is a professional at this. Unfortunately, there are those in the Coldwell camp that are actually stupid enough to believe him – every time!

Anyway, here’s the audio. It’s approximately 70 minutes, if you can bring yourself to listen to the moron for that long. And I’m not responsible for bleeding eardrums or loss of reason as a result of listening to the garbage that spews forth from this guy’s mouth.

All positive thinking cancer patients die!

You’ve been warned.

Click the green icon to listen: But get a drink first: Or maybe a sandwich: Or both: And don’t forget the rubber band around your wrist – you’ll need it to keep yourself awake with a good twang now and then:


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